How to Save Money on Organic Groceries


I understand the desire to learn how to save money on organic groceries.

That is, when my daughters were growing up, I only wanted to feed them the best food we could afford.

It was important to be able to buy organic groceries without busting our budget.

Over time, I’ve learned various ways I could do that and not spend more.

Since readers have asked for advice on saving money on organics, I decided to put together this article.

How to save money on organic groceries

There are two approaches to saving money on organic food.

One, the stores where you shop.

And, two, the products you choose when you do your shopping.

I’m going to start by listing the places where I think you can find the best prices on organic produce and other products.

After that, I’ll talk about brands I think you should add to your shopping list.

Hopefully, by the time you get to the end of this article, you’ll know all there is to know about saving money on buying organic for your family.

Costco organic food

Did you know that Costco is the largest retailer of organic products in the U.S.?

It’s so easy to buy organic food at Costco.

And, frankly, it’s more affordable than other stores selling organic products.

It’s one of the reasons that I renew my Costco membership year after year.

This is even true after we moved and Costco was no longer an easy drive.

Now, the nearest Costco is 40 minutes away.

However, I value the organic groceries I can get there, so I continue to make the drive.

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So, don’t forget to use the coupon code (CJPROMO) with this membership deal.

Saving money on organic food at Aldi

Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of shopping at Aldi.

In fact, I have to give props to my husband who first shopped there and then came home with a ton of affordable organic food.

Getting groceries at Aldi is a lot like getting groceries at Trader’s Joes.

That is, the store footprint isn’t very big so it’s hard to overspend.

As far as saving money on organic groceries at Aldi, this is true for fresh produce as well as frozen.

Did you know that Instacart can shop Aldi on your behalf?

Save money with organic store brands

Another way to save money on organic groceries is to choose a store brand.

Store brands will always be cheaper than name brands, even the organic version.

At both Costco and Aldi, I’ll choose the organic version of their in-house, private label brands.

These include Kirkland Signature.

Even “regular” supermarkets have great organic store brands.

For example, the best known Kroger store brand is Simple Truth. It includes Simple Truth Organic.

You can find similar, affordable organic store brands at Ahold Delhaize-owned supermarkets.

This includes Stop and Shop, Hannaford, Food Lion and Giant.

The store brand our family tends to buy the most here is Nature’s Promise.

It’s their organic store brand. For us it’s an affordable way to add organic food to our menu without spending more–just like Costco helps us to do this.

vertical private label store brands

Even Walmart has its own organic line.

Walmart’s organic brand is Great Value Organic.

So does Whole Foods have an affordable organic store brand.

It’s 365 by Whole Food Market, formerly 365 Everyday Value brand.

You do know that as an Amazon Prime member that you get discounts at Whole Foods, right?

Also, you can buy the 365 by Whole Food Market brand through Prime Pantry.

You can find coupons for organic food

Many organic brands will post coupons on their site.

I’ve seen them for Stonyfield Farms as well as Kashi (for its cereals and crackers) and Newman’s Own (for its sauces, salad dressings, and more).

I’ve seen cash back on Ibotta for organic products, too.

When in doubt, visit the website of your favorite organic product and see if you can sign up to receive coupons.

Also, don’t forget to “Like” these brands on Facebook or follow them on other social media to find out about coupon offers.

Final thoughts on saving money on organic groceries

Have I missed any tips on saving money on organic food?

Or are there other kinds of groceries you’d like to purchase organic and not spend more?

Please post a comment and let me know.

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