Lifetime Warranty Gift Ideas to Buy Now

There’s a simple reason why I decided to write about lifetime warranty gift ideas this year: if you’re trying to make your money go farther, then you want to buy products with a lifetime guarantee. That’s because brands with a warranty stand behind the items they sell.

When it comes to gift ideas, I think you should take the same approach of making your money go further. By focusing on brands and products with a lifetime warranty, you’re guaranteeing that the gift recipient will be able to enjoy their present for as long as possible.

lifetime warranty gift ideas

How does a lifetime warranty work

If you’re not familiar with the idea of lifetime warranties, let me explain how they work. Basically, a company that guarantees what it makes or sells usually warrants that the product will last a long time or hold up well over time. Sometimes they call this a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime could be your lifetime or the expected lifetime of the product itself. Either way, one of two things usually happens when you own something with a guarantee.

One, if the products breaks or fails to operate, the company will usually offer to fix it for free. Or, two, if the product fails and they can’t fix it–or don’t offer to fix it–the company will replace it for free.

Sometimes, you have to have the first happen before the second option kicks in. That is, you may have to let the company enact the warranty and try to fix the product, free of charge. Then, failing that, they may offer to send you a replacement for free.

Examples of a brand with a lifetime guarantee

Let me offer up this example of how a lifetime guarantee helped us get the most value out of a backpack. Yes, a backpack.

One year, my daughter Annie chose a pretty purple backpack from Jansport. We bought the backpack from Staples.

I mention where we bought it because it’s important that you buy products with a lifetime warranty from one of their approved retailers. Otherwise, the warranty might not be guaranteed.

What happened when the zipper broke

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Anyway, Annie used that backpack for just one year when the zipper stopped zipping. We tried everything to fix it but eventually I had to reach out to Jansport. Then, they offered to fix it for free, if we would send the backpack back to them, which we did.

A few weeks later, after hearing nothing from the company, a new backpack showed up in the mail. There was a note inside that said, paraphrased, that they’d tried in vain to fix the zipper. But since they couldn’t, they were sending us a new backpack for free.

We got a new backpack for free

Now, the new backpack was a blue plaid pattern–not my daughter’s favorite purple color. But a free backpack is a free backpack. And she gladly took that book bag to school for the remainder of her time in high school.

lifetime warranty

Holiday gift ideas with a lifetime warranty

Now, writing about holiday gift ideas with a lifetime warranty is not new for me. In fact, I wrote this A to Z gift roundup. It offered 27 brands, listed in alphabetical order, with some sort of guarantee.

However, this year, I’m taking a different approach. This year I’ve outlined gift ideas that fit into 6 categories.

Lifetime warranty gift ideas categories

These are the categories of lifetime warranty gift ideas:

  1. Available on Amazon
  2. For cooks and in the kitchen
  3. Gear geared towards outdoor enthusiasts
  4. Luggage and bags
  5. Peloton users
  6. Clothes and clothing brands

Sure, I’m publishing this gift guide in time for the holidays to help with your shopping.

But this is good information if you’re looking for an anniversary gift with a lifetime warranty, a birthday gift with a guarantee or, in the case of Peloton users, a milestone gift with a guarantee.

Finally, at the very bottom of this article you’ll find a roundup of holiday deals for this year specific to the brands mentioned here.

Lifetime warranty gift ideas that you can buy on Amazon

Given our current context, many more people have recognized how convenient it is to buy nearly everything on Amazon. I know. I’ve been one of those people.

However, Target has been doing a really great job of expanding its online offerings. In fact, by using the Target app, we’ve been able to shop online, choose drive up as our pick up option, and then a Target employee loads our purchases into the trunk of our car.

I wrote about stores with buy online, pickup in store options here. But I digress.

When it comes to gift ideas with a lifetime warranty, surprisingly, you can find a ton on Amazon. In fact, I did a whole article on 32 brands on Amazon with a lifetime warranty.

These brands ranged from cookware to clothing. I’ve highlighted some of those finds below. You may want to add them to your gift list or your gift-buying list.

Kitchen lovers gift ideas with lifetime warranty

If your friends and family are like my husband and me, then they’ve been cooking a lot more at home. Since the spring we have invested in a bunch of new cooking utensils, including an Instant Pot pressure cooker and a Cuisinart brand, stainless steel fry pan that we use as a wok.

We always try to buy brands that have a lifetime warranty and that’s no different in the kitchen. Here are the brands with products for cooks and kitchen aficionados that also offer some sort of guarantee.

Lifetime warranty gift ideas outdoor enthusiasts will love

Now more than ever American are enjoying the outdoors. Whether it’s walking with their dogs, camping with their immediate family or hiking at a nearby state park, we have become an outdoorsy society.

So, if there’s someone like that on your gift list, then you’ll want to know about these brands that cater to the active outdoorsman and outdoorswoman–and offer a warranty. I covered some of these brands and their products in my post about outdoor gear companies with a lifetime warranty. I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below.

Gift ideas of luggage and bags with a lifetime warranty

I know I’ve covered the idea of giving the gift of luggage and bags with a lifetime warranty in the outdoor enthusiasts category above. However, I’m not going to revisit those suggestions.

Why? Because, yes, there are backpacks that you can use when hiking and camping that could appear in this section. But I’m focusing on higher-end, dare I say more upscale bags and luggage that also happen to be guaranteed for life–or at least a limited lifetime guarantee.

Lifetime warranty gift ideas that are perfect for Peloton users

I’ve written a number of gift guides for Peloton lovers. These include:

Believe it or not, there are products with guarantees that I use or wear when doing Peloton yoga or riding my Peloton bike. You may be interested in learning more about them, if you have a Peloton person on your gift list. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gift ideas for clothing brands with a lifetime warranty

As I just mentioned, some of the clothing that I wear when riding my Peloton come with a guarantee. This includes my Terry padded bike shorts and my Bombas socks.

But, there are many more clothing brands that used to stand behind the attire they sell. This includes L.L. Bean and Lands’ End. Unfortunately, both brands have since ended their lifetime guarantees. 

I cover many clothing and other brands with a guarantee in this review of products with a lifetime warranty. In the meantime, check out some other brands of clothing that I recommend and that have a guarantee.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Holiday Deals

Many of the outdoor brands that have a lifetime guarantee are part of the Dick’s Sporting Goods holiday deals.

This includes up to 30% off on Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia and more.

Finally, don’t forget to check out deals at Going, Going, Gone stores, the Dick’s outlet.

Final thoughts on lifetime warranty gift ideas

Hopefully, I’ve covered all of the areas where you might be interested in finding gift ideas with a lifetime warranty. If I missed anything, let me know and I’ll be happy to add to and update this article.