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Whereas I once was suddenly frugal, these days I focus on writing about products and services that provide the most value for your time and money–and mine. I want you to be a smart shopper and sophisticated consumer.

5 Tips for Buying Gift Cards

Black Friday is three weeks from today, though you’d never know it. Been to any stores lately? I’ll bet you that they’re fully decked out in Christmas and other holiday decorations. Heck, I ran to the supermarket on Election Day and found employees at the local shopping center affixing giant wreaths and candy canes to the lamp posts. In addition,…

Suddenly Frugal Seal of Approval: Pampered Chef Kitchen Shears

It wasn’t until I moved to a “real” neighborhood almost 10 years ago that I began to experience direct-selling parties. Growing up I knew that my mom went to Tupperware parties, but now that I was the mom, I was going to parties for all kinds of companies I’d never heard about before–Southern Living at Home, PartyLite candles, Silpada Jewelry…

Q&A: Recycling Prescription Bottles

In my house when you finish a bottle of ibuprofen or cough syrup, or a box of allergy medicine, everything goes in the recycling bin. We rinse out the bottles and flatten the boxes, and then put these containers out with the rest of the recyclables on trash/recycling day. I figured it was standard operating procedure just to recycle all…

Holiday Shopping on a Shoestring

Attention K-Mart Shoppers–well, and all other shoppers. It seems like it’s going to be a shoestring shopping season for the 2008 holidays. At least that’s what some experts are predicting, saying that the small increase in holiday spending in 2008 will be the weakest since 1991. And guess what? Technically, our country was in a recession in 1991. I know…

Grocery Shopping on a Shoestring

One of the first things that I always do soon after we get back from vacation is to grocery shop. If you can plan things right before you leave, you can buy just enough food to get you through the days before you leave, and you leave enough non perishables at home so that you can eek out a meal…

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