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Whereas I once was suddenly frugal, these days I focus on writing about products and services that provide the most value for your time and money–and mine. I want you to be a smart shopper and sophisticated consumer.

peapod will recycle the plastic grocery bags for you.

Is Peapod Worth It? Peapod Grocery Delivery Reviews

I’ve had to significantly update this blog post called Is Peapod worth it? Why? Because Peapod’s parent company is doing away with the Peapod brand. Instead, the supermarkets that had previously partnered with Peapod–Giant Food, Giant Direct, Stop and Shop and others–are taking over the delivery or pick up of your groceries. In the future, the parent company–Ahold Delhaize–will be…

free ritas first day of spring

Cheap and Free Food on National Food Days

I had never heard of a food holiday with free food. That was until one year I wrote a piece on National Coffee Day, and my blog blew up. National Coffee Day is a national food day occurring each September. I knew I’d struck a nerve with that story. More than 150,000 people visited the online version of that story…

wantable style edit review

Wantable Style Edit Review

Why did I decide to write this Wantable Style Edit Review? I’ll be honest. I had no intention of writing Wantable reviews–that was, until an ad for Wantable showed up in my Facebook feed. The ad talked about Stitch Fix customers loving Wantable. So I was curious. In this Wantable Style Review, I’ll explain how Wantable works, how much Wantable…

birthday freebies

33 Birthday Freebies

I’ve just updated this birthday freebies post to add in additional ways you can get something for free at a restaurant or store for your birthday. It’s now up to 13 21 33 birthday freebies. Where possible I’ve updated this information to reflect dining-in restrictions across the country. My birthday is next week, so what better time to update my…

national ugly christmas sweater day

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Ideas

Wondering when National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is this year? Well, for 2020, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is December 18th. You’ve still got plenty of time to shop. This blog post on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day ideas is all about where you can go for a National Ugly Christmas Sweater. I’ve included brick-and-mortar stores as well as online…

best weights for Peloton dick's sporting goods

Best Weights for Peloton

So, what are the best weights for Peloton? Well, it depends on how you plan to use them. As far as I can see, there are three scenarios when you might be looking for weights to use with Peloton classes. Why do  you need weights with a Peloton Firstly, there are weights for the Peloton bike. However, you may be…

How I Made Hundreds Consigning Clothes

For the past eight years, twice a year, I go through my closet and my daughters’ closets, and find clothing that we haven’t worn in awhile. The goal is consigning clothes to declutter and make extra cash to spend on gifts or to pay bills. In the regular times, I would consign our clothes in one of two ways: First,…

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