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Whereas I once was suddenly frugal, these days I focus on writing about products and services that provide the most value for your time and money–and mine. I want you to be a smart shopper and sophisticated consumer.

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Peloton Bike Pedals: Best Answers to Your Questions

There are so many questions about Peloton bike pedals. I mean, hundreds. I’ve had readers write to me asking questions as varied as “Why are my pedals clicking?” to “Can I ride my Peloton wearing sneakers?” And it makes sense. If you’re new to spinning, the Peloton bike pedals may seem weird and intimidating. I know that when our bike…

jess sims peloton instructor quote

Peloton Instructor Quotes

It doesn’t take you long, as a Peloton owner, to become familiar with Peloton instructor quotes. For example, every ride with Christine begins “Drop your shoulders, drop your baggage.” And even though I’ve heard it hundreds of times, every time I smile. That catchphrase brings me comfort, because it’s become so familiar. I don’t know if each Peloton instructor actively…

Home Air Filter Replacement

I’ve heard how many West Coast residents are looking for home air filter replacement options or air purifiers to use in their homes. I get that. With the fires air quality is poor. This is outside, obviously, but also, inside the home. One of the best ways to improve your indoor air is to replace your home’s forced air filter…

club quarters chicago peloton hotel

Hotels with Peloton Bikes Updated for 2020

I wanted to update this article about hotels with Peloton bikes to let you know this: even though many people are not traveling these days, hotels are open. And many hotel gyms are. Which means that if you’re staying in a hotel with a Peloton cycle in the gym, you can likely get your workout in while you’re on the…

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