Peloton Black Friday

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For years readers have been asking if there will be any Peloton Black Friday deals. And since I got my Peloton in 2016, my answer has been, “No.” 

In 2018 and even 2021 the answer continued to be a big fat no.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that in 2022, the answer about Peloton Black Friday is finally, “Yes.”

I almost can’t believe it, but here’s what I found out.

Peloton Black Friday 2022

So, what are the Peloton Black Friday deals for this year? Well, we’re talking discounts, sales and more.

And this will be on a wide variety of Peloton equipment as well as on a variety of platforms. I’ve broken them all out here.

Peloton Black Friday Accessories Discount

On November 14, 2022, Peloton announced the start of their Black Friday discount deals. Here’s what I discovered–right now they are all discounts on accessories.

However, since announcing the Peloton Black Friday deals, the company has upped the ante.

Peloton Bike and Tread Black Friday

There is one offer for the Peloton Bike and Tread for Black Friday 2022. Here it is.

Up to $300 $600 off accessories when you purchase a Bike, Bike+ or Tread

Peloton Guide Black Friday

In addition, there is an accessories offer for the Peloton Guide in 2022. Here is the deal you can get for early Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Up to $200 $300 off accessories when you buy the Peloton Guide

These offers are good through November 28.

Peloton Black Friday now includes the Row

Finally, there is a financing option for the Peloton Row.

Also, there is a Black Friday deal on accessories. You can save up to $300 when you bundle the accessories with a Row purchase.

In other words, with one of these bundles, you’ll pay just $25 more for the Row package.

However, for that “extra” $25, you’ll get:

  • Row mat
  • Sport water bottle
  • Reversible workout mat
  • Dumbbells
  • Heart Rate Band
peloton row from outside the store

Peloton Black Friday for UK, Canada, Germany and Australia

Even though other countries do not celebrate Black Friday the way the U.S. does–or Black Friday has a completely different meaning–there are Peloton Black Friday deals in other countries.

The same accessories offers that I mentioned for the Bike, Bike+, Tread and Guide are also available for Peloton users in the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Finally, like the U.S. offers, these are good through November 28.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any Black Friday deals for the Peloton Row.

Peloton Price Match

One of the biggest holiday specials this year is a Peloton Price Match deal. It started before Black Friday and will end on Cyber Monday, November 28th. 

One, Peloton is calling it the offer match guarantee, not a price match. But potato-potahto.

Two, this guarantee applies to purchases you make at Peloton stores or showrooms, or online at the Peloton website.

Purchases made at Peloton on Amazon or Peloton at Dick’s Sporting Goods are excluded.

Three, so if you buy a Bike, Bike Plus, Tread or Guide from the above-mentioned locations–and you find a better price at those locations after your purchase (or between November 1 and November 28)–Peloton will offer you a price adjustment. (Apparel and accessories are excluded.)

peloton black friday price match guide

This Peloton support page about the price match guarantee does not explain how Peloton will match the offer.

Is it a credit at the Peloton store?

Do you get a freebie worth the value of the difference?

Or do you get a credit back to your original payment?

Definitely reach out to Peloton support to figure this out during this time period. 

Even though Peloton hasn’t included the new Row in any holiday sales, the original “Peloton” of rowers, the Hydrow, is on sale for Black Friday.

hydrow rower best buy horizontal

Black Friday Peloton apparel

Right now it’s not clear if Peloton apparel will be a part of any Black Friday sales. However, here’s a tip you may not know about how to save big all year long.

If you buy Peloton apparel on Amazon, you can do it through the Amazon Try Before You Buy program. 

peloton on amazon try before you buy circled

That is, if you sign up for Try Before Your Buy and then shop on the Peloton store on Amazon, you can get your apparel for free. 

In other words you don’t pay for the Peloton clothing when you buy it. You only pay based on what you keep.

Also, when you visit the Peloton store on Amazon, notice that one of the tabs is called “Featured Deals.”

I would continue to check that tab to see if they load in anything for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Holiday 2022 shopping.

Update: Amazon just announced 48 hours of Black Friday deals, including with Peloton apparel and accessories:

“Save up to 30% off select Peloton accessories and apparel”

Finally, last time I heard about a Peloton Black Friday apparel sale was in 2017.

But who knows–maybe 2022 is the year they bring it back.

Peloton Black Friday sales on other sites

Keep in mind that in addition to Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods, Peloton has partnerships with other brands. This includes Adidas.

Adidas Peloton Black Friday 2022

So, it’s always possible that Adidas will have a Black Friday sale and include the Adidas X Peloton apparel line in that sale.

And, in fact, Adidas is: here is a link to the Adidas Black Friday Peloton deals.

Amazon Black Friday 2022

Also, Amazon is likely to have Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, too. Here is a link to the Amazon Black Friday deals page.

Dicks Sporting Goods Peloton Black Friday 2022

Dicks Sporting Goods is having various holiday deals and Black Friday surprises throughout the month. Here is a link to the Dicks Sporting Goods holiday page.

FYI, while writing this article, Dicks was offering a $100 gift card if you bought the Peloton OG bike and picked it up in store.

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