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It doesn’t take you long, as a Peloton owner, to become familiar with Peloton instructor quotes. For example, every ride with Christine begins “Drop your shoulders, drop your baggage.”

And even though I’ve heard it hundreds of times, every time I smile. That catchphrase brings me comfort, because it’s become so familiar.

I don’t know if each Peloton instructor actively created their quotes or whether they came out organically. But these catchphrases have quickly become a part of their identity.

I mean, if you are Pelo obsessed and you hear Peloton instructor quotes with the term “boo” in it, immediately you would know it was Cody Rigsby. Or Peloton instructor quotes saying something like “Just f&*king do it” or “This ain’t daycare,” you would know that this tough love comes courtesy of Peloton instructors Jenn Sherman quotes and Alex Toussaint quotes, respectively.

Peloton Instructor Quotes Gift Ideas

What’s really fun about the growing body of Peloton instructor quotes is the fact that you can find gifts for Peloton lovers inscribed or printed with these quotes from their favorite Peloton instructor. These make amazing Peloton milestone gifts, or gifts for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

One of the best places to find these unique Peloton instructor quotes gifts and other Peloton gift ideas is on Etsy. Recently, I went down an Etsy rabbit hole searching for the best Peloton instructor quotes on all different kinds of gifts, and, wow, the selection is just spectacular.

I’ve already highlighted some Peloton-related gift ideas in this blog post “Peloton Gifts: A Gift Guide for Peloton Users.” But focusing specifically on Peloton instructor quotes, I was blown away at how many items you could buy on Etsy for yourself or someone you love who loves their Peloton.

Peloton Little Words Project

Also, Peloton has recognized the power of its instructors’ motivational quote. Recently, they launched the Peloton X Little Words Project.

These are bracelets that include some favorite instructor quotes. Plus, they’re super cute. All are available on the Peloton Apparel website, under Accessories.

Peloton Instructor Quotes on Etsy

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Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite Peloton instructors along with their most common Peloton quotes. First, I know there are many more Peloton cycle instructors than the list below. I know that. Second, keep in mind that this article is a work in progress.

Finally, that means this: as I discover other well known Peloton instructors and Peloton instructor quotes–and gifts on Etsy they may have inspired–I’ll add them to this article. Instructors are listed in alphabetical order.

Also of note: right now shopping on Etsy is a great way to support small business owners. Keep scrolling here to find some of my favorite picks for Peloton instructor quotes.

Finally, so what can you expect to find in this article? Well, the best Peloton quotes, of course, but also:

  • Tunde Peloton quotes
  • Ally Love Peloton quotes
  • Jess Sims quotes
  • Alex Toussaint quotes
  • Robin Arzon quotes
  • Cody Peloton quotes
  • Kendall Toole quotes

One of my favorite places to buy personalized gifts is Etsy, whether it be for dog lovers or Peloton aficianados.

From time to time, Etsy offers coupon codes for savings. So, when that happens, I’ll post information right here.

Robin Arzon Peloton instructor quotes

When we got our Peloton in 2016, Robin Arzon was one of the first instructors whose classes my husband and I rode. I loved her take-no-prisoners attitude. My husband found her terrifying.

Let’s be honest–Robin is all about the tough love. I mean, one of her famous Peloton instructor quotes is, “But did you die?” Yup, that’s Robin getting really real.

Robin and her hustlers

She also likes to call her riders “hustlers” because she knows we’re all busting our butts and hustling to get our sweat on. Another of the best Robin Arzon quotes?

“What’s 30 seconds to a hustler.” In other words you can do anything for 30 seconds, so crank the resistance or increase your cadence. Thirty seconds won’t kill you.

Robin is also big into talking about being a queen and how a queen with fix another queen’s crown if it slips. You know, supporting one another. (This is similar to Christine D’Ercole talking about hands on your back.)

In fact, with the Little Words Project, the Robin Arzon-inspired bracelet simply says, “Chin Up, Crown On.”

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Christine D’Ercole Peloton instructor quotes

So many people I know–myself included–who ride regularly with Christine talk about how she speaks to their soul. For me, riding with Christine is often part therapy, part exercise.

I’d never really understood the term of ugly crying until I found myself doing just that on a Christine ride. Who cries during exercise without being in pain?

I know that one of the reasons I love Christine as an instructor is she is so real. First, her attitude is real.

Next, her body is real. Finally, her story is real. How many of us dreamed of being a ballerina, only to be told that we were too short, too fat or our thighs too big?

peloton instructor quotes

Christine is a world-class cyclist

A world-class cyclist in her own right, Christine continually shares the story of how, when she embraced her body, she started winning gold medals, not hiding in the back row of dance recitals. We can all relate to Christine’s story.

It’s why her catchphrases like “I Am, I Can, I Will, I Do” and “Hands on Your Back” and “You Are Bigger Than A Smaller Pair of Pants” really resonate. Because she is just so real.

If you ever get the chance, take one of her Wordshop classes. They’re all about changing your negative, internal chatter.

I’ve found a number of items that include these sayings, including Hands on Your Back, which is so supportive within the Peloton community.

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Ally Love Peloton instructor quotes

Ally Love has great hair and a great attitude. And she’s all about giving her your best, even if you don’t think your best is good enough.

It’s like she’s your best friend and no matter what you do, on or off the bike, you’ll never disappoint her. She’ll always be there for you, cheering you on, supporting you. We all need a best friend like Ally Love.

When it comes to Ally Love and her Peloton instructor quotes, they are all about the affirmation. “Yes or Yes.” Or, “Let’s Go Boss.” How could you not love Ally Love!

Finally, I have it on good authority that Ally Love’s series “Sundays with Love” have survived multiple class purges. Hopefully, that will continue to be true.

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Denis Morton Peloton instructor quotes

Denis Morton may not be a dad but he’s the kind of dad jokes on the Peloton stream. I mean, every stupid dad joke your father ever told–and waited for you to laugh at–Denis probably has in his joke arsenal.

It’s what makes riding with him such a joy. You just never what crazy, face palm but funny stuff is going to come out of his mouth. He is just plain silly.

Despite being silly he is an amazing instructor who not only kicks your butt on the bike but also the yoga mat. People have come to associate Voltron (a cartoon character) with Denis.

Why? Because when he is explaining how the Peloton bike works–cadence, resistance and output–he usually will say, “Cadence and resistance come together like Voltron to create output.”

I was so excited to meet Denis in person when I rode at PSNY.

Denis and his Menaces

You have just got to love that pop culture reference. I guess it should come as no surprise that Denis’ fan club refer to themselves as Denis’ Menaces–another cartoon reference.

Finally, he signs off of every ride, every stretch, every bike class, “If you can’t be good, be careful.” We will, Denis, we promise.

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Cody Rigsby quotes

Those who cycle with Cody Rigsby refer to themselves as the Boo Crew. That’s because Cody’s favorite term of endearment is boo. Used in context, “Love Ya Self, Boo.” Or, “It’s Not That Deep, Boo.”

Cody was one of the first instructors that I recall counting out the cadence as “One, two, one two” to make pedaling easier. It really did.

I’ve pulled together lots of options for Cody Rigby quotes on shirts or t-shirts with his best known sayings. Which catchphrase is your favorite?

Nowadays, Cody has risen to a new level of celebrity. Why? Because he’s been on ABC TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.” XOXO Cody!

Also, people love funny Cody GIFs!

Jenn Sherman Peloton instructor quotes

One of the features on the Peloton is the ability to screen for explicit classes. You know the ones where an instructor might drop the eff bomb or play a song with racy lyrics in it.

If you turn on that filter, then you’ll miss out on Jenn Sherman classes. Yes, she has a potty mouth but it is so worth it

Jenn has a great taste in music, she tells funny stories and, like Christine, she’s just real. She talks about her kids, she talks about her love for Bruce Springsteen, her Philadelphia Eagles and her alma mater–Syracuse.

But she also gets real when talking about her dearly departed dad, especially if you happen to talk one of her Father’s Day rides. Be. Prepared. To. Cry.

Jenn Sherman catchphrases

One of Jenn’s best-known catchphrase has the initials JFDI. That stands for Just F*&King Do It.

In other words no complaints, just ride the damn bike. This Jersey girl, the very first Peloton instructor ever, definitely has a special place in my heart, and I love her Peloton instructor quotes.

Alex Toussaint quotes

When one of the Peloton executives first took a spinning class with instructor Alex Toussaint, he knew this guy could be a star. Not only was he a great teacher, but his voice was out of this world, he told the New York Times.

So I guess it’s no surprise that even though Toussaint is only in his thirties, he’s collected quite a following. Like professional athletes. And why Alex Toussaint quotes like “This Ain’t Daycare” have become exceedingly popular.

For example, one year Cam Newton rode with him live at the Peloton Studios. And recently pro athletes including Baker Mayfield, Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy have been getting together on the Peloton Leaderboard to challenge each other during Toussaint’s classes.

Alex “This ain’t daycare” Toussaint

Alex famously tells everyone that rides with him that he’s serious about working them out. As I mentioned, “This ain’t daycare,” is the best-known of the Alex Toussaint quotes.

It’s also probably the best-selling of his Peloton swag on Etsy. I know that many people who are looking for gifts for Peloton lovers often end up getting something with an Alex Toussaint quote on it.

Matt Wilpers Peloton instructor quotes

I’ve been lucky enough to ride live in the studio twice with Matt Wilpers. Ever since he introduced me to Power Zone training, I’ve been hooked.

While I may not always love Matt’s music choices, I love his professional, straightforward demeanor as a coach. He’s downright adorable because he’s so squeaky clean.

Finally, when Matt has kicked your butt–all the time with a smile on your face–people have resorted to calling it being “wilpered.”

peloton instructor quotes
One of the times I got to ride with Matt Wilpers at Peloton’s old studios on 23rd Street.

Coach Matt Wilpers

He is the quintessential professional when he is coaching on the bike, Tread or the Peloton Row. In case you didn’t know, Matt ran Division 1 track in college.

He also loves his mom, Rita, who often rides live with him from their home in Georgia. It’s just so adorable. And right on brand for Matt Wilpers.

Finally, Matt Wilpers has a company called Team Wilpers that does remote bike fittings. Here is a review of my bike setup experience

Together We Go Far Peloton Quote

One of the overall Peloton catchphrases is “Together We Go Far.” Originally, it was “Together We Ride Far.” But that was back when Peloton was just a bike that went nowhere. Now it is so much more.

In case you didn’t know, Peloton now has a store on Amazon. And it is on the Peloton Amazon store that you can buy “Together We Go Far” swag. This includes a top that Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell models.

Finally, with those bracelets I mentioned earlier, you can buy one on the Peloton Apparel store online that also has this catchphrase Together We Go Far.

Jess Sims Quotes

If you’re a Peloton cycle rider and haven’t taken any bike bootcamp classes yet, you’ll need to boot up the Peloton digital app to get to know Tread instructor Jess Sims. She’s become one of my favorites for strength work and the outdoor walking classes.

In 2022, Jess did a two-for-one ride with Robin Arzon, featuring Lizzo. I wrote about Lizzo’s plus-size activewear line Yitty by Lizzo for Fabletics. 

Anyway, Jess Sims has tons of motivational quotes that I love, including:

You Don’t Have To, You Get To

No Ego, Amigo

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Jess Sims

Tunde Oyeneyin quotes

As you likely know, Tunde Oyeneyin has become a motivational speaker and an author. Her book Speak: Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut, and Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be became a best seller.

Tunde Oyeneyin is one of the Peloton instructors with a consistently upbeat personality and megawatt smile. Also, there are her to-die-for arms. It’s the whole reasons someone created the Tunde Arm Challenge!

So while Tunde Oyeneyin quotes may not be as well-known as other instructors, I’ve included non-catchphrase swag in the roundup here.

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Hannah Corbin Peloton instructor quotes

When we first got our Peloton bike in 2016, I primarily rode with Hannah Corbin. I love her musical taste.

Hannah has many super positive, affirmative sayings that she shares with riders. Things like “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love” and “You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.”

I was so excited that I got to meet her in 2022, when I took one of her cycling classes at PSNY.

These days, thanks to the HCOTF calendar, I’m taking Hannah Corbin’s barre classes on a regular basis. And because those classes work your buns like nobody’s business, when I think about Hannah quotes, all I can think about fire plus peach emoji! ๐Ÿ”ฅ + ๐Ÿ‘

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Jess King Peloton instructor quotes

Peloton instructor Jess King is hardly the only trainer who swears on the bike. I’ve heard plenty of F bombs while riding with Jenn Sherman and Christine D’Ercole.

However, when it comes to well-known quotes and sayings, Jess King is, perhaps, the instructor whose catchphrases are more likely to include a swear word or two. She likes it when things get weird. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Kendall Toole quotes

One of Kendall Toole’s favorite sayings, which she attributes to her dad, is “They can knock you down but never let them knock you out.” No wonder her fan club calls themselves the Knockouts.

And no wonder that Kendall is one of the handful of instructors leading the You Can Shadowbox program.

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Matty Maggiacomo Peloton instructor quotes

When I’m taking an of the Peloton outdoor walking classes, instructor Matty Maggiacomo is one of my favorites to walk with. He’s upbeat, fun and has great taste in music.

Matty, whose last name is pronounced Mah-jock-ah-mo, loves to tell you crack a walnut with your glutes when you’re walking. As a Tread instructor I imagine he uses this saying with runners, too.

Matty calls his workout time the body party. If you like Cher’s music as much as Matty does, you’ll love his classes, on and off the Tread. I could only find a few Matty inspired quotes on Etsy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Adrian Williams quotes

When it comes to no-nonsense Peloton instructors, I think Adrian Williams tops the list. When you take one of his class, you get down to business.

Even so, some of the most hilarious Peloton quotes come out of his mouth. Two of my favorites?

Take An Emotional Lap

If You Don’t Squeeze Your Glutes, No One Else

Adrian Williams

Selena Samuela Peloton instructor quotes

I’ve gotten so much out of the classes I’ve taken with Selena Samuela. I know she isn’t the only Peloton instructor who says “Progress, Not Perfection.” However, she’s the one I associate this quote with.

Also, thanks to Selena, I’m now a Chris Stapleton fan. It was during one of her outdoor walks that I first heard his music. Now I’m obsessed.

Other Peloton instructor quote gifts

At this point, there are so many Peloton instructors that it’s nearly impossible to capture all of their great motivational posts. So, in the interest of not making this article any longer, I’ve rounded up a few extra Peloton quotes from instructors with gift ideas attached.

Finally, feel free to shop the products on this blog post and other ones I’ve written by visiting this blog’s Shop page.ย 

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