Peloton Miami Hotels


I know that Peloton Miami hotels are a popular topic for the traveling Pelo-obsessed among us.

How do I know this?

From queries readers have sent to me.

That is, if they’re going to Miami for business or pleasure, they want to know where they can stay and ride a Peloton.

This article can help.

List of Peloton Miami hotels

This list of Peloton Miami hotels grew out of my initial article about hotels in Florida with Pelotons.

I first wrote that article more than a year ago.

However, since then more Miami properties have added Pelotons.

It helps that Hilton has joined in.

Hilton Hotel Finder

In Fall 2022 Hilton hotels announced that they were putting Peloton bikes in every U.S. Hilton hotel by year’s end.

That’s great news for Peloton users.

However, in early 2023, my husband stayed at an Embassy Suites by Hilton hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and there was not a Peloton in sight in the hotel gym.

So, caveat emptor.

Also, not all Hilton hotels have Hilton in the name, though many do.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a Hilton hotel, you should know all of the brands in the Hilton family.

You’ll find them in alphabetical order here in my Hilton Hotel Finder.

I’ve included a link directly to each Hilton brand so you can book a room directly with Hilton.

Finally, even if a Hilton hotel doesn’t have a Peloton bike, you may want to book a stay in a Five Feet to Fitness room.

These guestrooms have workout centers in them, including 11 different pieces of cardio and strength equipment.

Anyway, here is my list of Miami hotels that currently have Peloton bikes in them.

Peloton bike recall and hotel bikes

Peloton recently recalled original bikes because the seat post has broken a couple dozen times and injured riders.

Which Peloton bikes are affected

So, which bikes are affected?

  • Original Peloton model Bikes sold from January 2018 to May 2023 in the United States.
  • Peloton original Bike sold in the United States only.

It does not affect the following Peloton bikes:

  • Peloton bikes sold internationally
  • North America Bike+ models
  • International Peloton Bikes

I’m sorry to report that many hotels in the United States have unplugged their Peloton bikes, because they are most likely affected by this recall.

Hotels in Miami and Miami Beach area with Peloton bikes

AC Marriott Miami Dadeland

Two people I know were surprised to discover the single Peloton bike at the AC Marriott Miami Dadeland.

Surprised why?

Because they claim that the hotel’s website doesn’t advertise having a Peloton.

However, I’ve learned to click through the gallery of pictures on hotel websites.

And when I did that and selected “Recreation and Fitness,” I spotted the picture of the Peloton bike below.

peloton bike ac marriott miami dadeland hotel

The Betsy South Beach

Check out the two beautiful Peloton bikes in The Betsy South Beach hotel gym!

Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club

The fitness center at the Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club has at least one Peloton cycle.

Clinton Hotel South Beach

You’ll find one Peloton bike in the gym at the Clinton Hotel South Beach.

The Gabriel South Beach, Curio Collection by Hilton

The Gabriel South Beach, Curio Collection by Hilton has at least one Peloton bike in the hotel gym.

Mandarin Oriental Miami

If you book the Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental Miami hotel, you’ll get a suite with its own in-room, private Peloton bike.

Also, it appears there is at least one Peloton bike in the fitness center, too.

Marriott Stanton South Beach

The Marriott Stanton South Beach says it has one Peloton bike in the hotel gym.

However, it’s not clear where in the fitness center you’ll find it or what kind of shape it’s in.

Marriott Hotel Brands

Looking for a Marriott hotel finder for a future stay when you can earn points as part of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program?

Then make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the various Marriott brands. 

These brands many not all have Marriott in their names, but they are all part of the Marriott family:

Finally, many Marriott hotels have amenities worth noting.

This includes Peloton bikes (sometimes the Peloton Tread), Hydrow Rowers or Tonal/lululemon Studio smart gyms, plus electric vehicle charging.

Nautilus by Arlo

There are two Peloton cycles in the hotel gym at Nautilus by Arlo.

The Plymouth South Beach

The Plymouth South Beach says the hotel gym has Peloton bikes–plural.

So, I went searching and found the picture below on its Expedia page.

It shows two Peloton bikes.

Provident Doral at Blue Miami

A Facebook friend told me there is one Peloton bike at the Provident Doral at Blue Miami.

Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove

Like so many Ritz-Carlton properties, you’ll find the fitness center in the spa (not just a hotel gym) at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove.

There is at least one Peloton bike in that hotel gym.

Ritz-Carlton, South Beach

There is no info on the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach website about Pelotons in the fitness center.

However, someone recently reported that, in fact, there are two cycles there.

St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

Technically in Bal Harbour near Miami Beach, the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort is said to have one Peloton bike in the Fitness Suite aka the hotel gym.

While there is no photographic evidence of that Peloton, a friend just got back from there.

He said he used the bike to keep his Peloton streak alive on vacation.

The Standard Hotel Miami Beach

Wondering about Peloton Miami?

Multiple people have confirmed two Peloton bikes at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach.

Recently, I discovered there might be a Peloton Tread in the hotel gym, too.

The Kimpton Surfcomber Miami South Beach

The Kimpton Surfcomber Miami South Beach has two Peloton bikes as well as a Mirror lululemon Studio (formerly the Mirror by Lululemon) in the hotel gym.

This article can help you find other hotels with Mirror and Tonal fitness workout stations.

W South Beach

You’ll have to look closely to find the Peloton bike on the W South Beach hotel’s fitness page.

But it’s there.

Meaning there is yet another Peloton Miami hotel.

Here’s even more good news: multiple reviews on TripAdvisor of the W South Beach say that there are actually two Peloton cycles here, not just the one you see in the picture.

Yotel Miami

Opened in late 2022, the Yotel Miami has two Peloton bikes in the gym, shown below.

Hotels in Miami and Miami Beach Area with Peloton Bikes

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