Suddenly Frugal Seal of Approval: Rice Cooker

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It’s rare for me to give out two Suddenly Frugal Seals of Approval in one week, but it’s been crazy lately, and these two services/products really have made my life easier by saving me money and time. The first time and money saver was ServiceMagic, now Home Advisor. And now today I’m tipping my hat to my rice cooker.

I know that I’d blogged in my “Cooking Without a Kitchen” series about how the rice cooker has been a welcomed addition to my Crock-Pot, microwave and George Foreman Grill during these stove-less times during our kitchen renovation. But last night it really hit home was a huge help the rice cooker had been.

This week I’m finishing up the first half of my Cash for Clutter book (which looks like it will be renamed Keep Toss Sell but we can talk about that at a later date) and I have been working diligently to meet my deadline. This means that I haven’t had a lot of time to make or prep for dinner, but that’s OK.

Two nights ago I cooked up some salmon in the microwave and rice in the rice cooker, and in about 20 minutes, dinner was on the table. Then last night I made pasta with meatballs, and it was a snap in the rice cooker.

Actually, it was so easy it almost feels illegal. Here’s all I did to make dinner:

  1. Dumped a box of penne in the rice cooker
  2. Added a bag of frozen meatballs
  3. Poured a jar of sauce in the rice cooker
  4. Filled the empty sauce jar with water and poured it into the rice cooker
  5. Put the top on and pressed the “cook” button

In 20 minutes we had perfectly al dente pasta with meatballs and sauce. I didn’t have to drain any water, keep checking the stove to make sure the water didn’t boil over or worry that it would burn. What a huge relief this was during this time crunched day when ordering in a pizza would have been the easy (yet expensive) thing to do. Plus, when I’m busy with work like I am now, I often forget to eat during the day, meaning that come dinner time, I was starving.

For these reasons and more, I’m giving my Suddenly Frugal Seal of Approval to my rice cooker.

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8 thoughts on “Suddenly Frugal Seal of Approval: Rice Cooker”

  1. Rice cookers are an attractive mystery to me. Do they come with recipes? For different types of rice? For non-rice dishes?

  2. No paninis yet.

    That’s what convinced me to get a rice cooker–we’d gone to dinner at a friend’s house, and the wife is Chinese, and she was using a rice cooker!

  3. I’m so not into appliances, but I have heard good things about rice cookers. In fact, I understand that many Asian households use them. Have you made paninis on the George Forman grill yet?

  4. I totally concur with your “Seal of Approval”.
    I have the George Foreman Grill, Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, and Rice Steamer, and love them ALL.


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