Grocery Stores that take SNAP EBT online.

Did you know that SNAP EBT recipients can order groceries online for pickup or delivery?

Where you can shop depends on the state where you live. Here are some of the stores and states that allow use of SNAP EBT online.

48 states let you shop at Target, ranging from Alabama to Wyoming.

Aldi is an option if you live in 38 states, including NJ, NH, NY, NC & ND.

Whole Foods is also an approved retailer in 45 locations, including TX, TN and Washington, DC.

Walmart online grocery shopping and pickup is available in pretty much every state in the program.

Don't forget about Amazon: most states have pickup available at a physical store or an Amazon warehouse.

Finally, Instacart can be an option for stores that take SNAP EBT but don't employ their own online shoppers, such as Meijer.