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  1. Just read about you in the Saving Bucks article in Courier Times and now reading your blog
    Some fantastic ideas…thanks !!!!

    • I as well read about this in the paper usually pull my coupons out and toss but came across this. Really enjoy the quick breeze through. But would enjoy maybe coupon break downs on are local stores in bucks. Like the krazy coupon lady does but does not yet have giant add to her list.

  2. I really enjoyed your book. We have been going through our home of 16 years. We don’t usually try to sell our used clothes but they are passed around between family and friends.
    I used the toilet paper rolls for pony tail holders; but dressed them up with duct tape(Hello kitty and flying pigs), the pony tail holders slide easily. I also put some too small to go around the outside of the tubes inside them to save more room in our hair accessories drawers.
    We are talking about doing a clothing swap as a community service project with our girl scout troop as well. Again thanks for the many ideas. Laura

    • Wow, thanks! I have a great graphics person and web designer, plus I’m pretty tech savvy myself. I did this infographic myself!


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