gordon ramsay hexclad cookware

Best Lifetime Warranty Cookware

In my family it’s important to have quality kitchenware, including cookware that comes with a lifetime warranty. Why? Because we want products that last. Also, we want to support companies that will stand behind the products they sell. It’s the … Read More

best ways to save money as a college student

Best School Supplies for College

When it comes to the best school supplies for college students, the list looks very different from when I went to college, which was at New York University. For starters there weren’t any online classes let alone digital textbooks. Yeah, … Read More

school uniforms save money

How School Uniforms Save Money Updated

I’ve just updated this article on how school uniforms can save money. The original concept of this blog post? How school uniforms save money and how they save parents money when buying school uniforms. It’s a topic I first tackled … Read More

outdoor gear companies couple with tent

Outdoor Gear Companies with a Warranty

When it comes to outdoor gear companies and a product warranty, it used to be that Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean led the pack. That was because Eddie Bauer offered a lifetime warranty or guarantee and a generous return policy. … Read More

leah with manduka mat in front of peloton bike

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review

When my daughters asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I didn’t hesitate in responding, “A Manduka pro yoga mat.” How could I rattle off something so specific so quickly? Because I’ve been eyeing a Manduka pro mat for … Read More

le creuset lifetime warranty gift ideas

Lifetime Warranty Gift Ideas to Buy Now

There’s a simple reason why I decided to write about lifetime warranty gift ideas this year: if you’re trying to make your money go farther, then you want to buy products with a lifetime guarantee. That’s because brands with a … Read More

32 brands with lifetime warranties 100% qualify guarantee

32 Brands with Lifetime Warranties on Amazon

How did I land on the topic of 32 brands with lifetime warranties? Well, I’ve been writing for a long time about the long-term value of guarantees. I believe that when you spend your hard-earned money on something it should … Read More