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I once was suddenly frugal.

However, these days I focus on writing about products and services that provide the most value for your time and money–and mine.

I want you to be a smart shopper and sophisticated consumer.

Also, if you love Peloton as much as I do, this is the blog for you. I’ll be your buddy on the Leaderboard: #Leah_is_Pawsome

I’ve been fortunate enough to ride live in the studio with many of the Peloton instructors.

This includes at the old studios on 23rd Street and the new Peloton Studio New York in Hudson Yards.

I’ve shared some of the photos here.

Then, below these pictures are some of the most popular posts on this blog.

Here I am with Denis Morton

leah and marcel
Before and after my Tread class with Marcel Dinkins

leah and logan bodyweight class
After a strength class with Logan Aldridge

With Hannah Corbin

leah and robin after ride peloton nyc
With Robin Arzon after the very first ride when PSNY reopened in 2022.

peloton instructor quotes
Here I am with Christine D’Ercole at the old 23rd St. Studios.

peloton instructor quotes
With Matt Wilpers at the old Peloton studios on 23rd St.

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Peloton studios London

You’ll find examples of the most recent Peloton posts below.

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