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tax free weekend shopping hacks back to school

State Sales Tax Free Weekend Shopping Just Updated

I’ve just update this post on sales tax free weekends for 2021. Why? Because I learned that summer isn’t the only time that states give their residents a holiday from paying sales tax on their purchases. In fact, two are coming up in February that I wanted to share with readers. In addition, states will be offering sales tax free…

woman in fitness clothes with a phone using nooom diet app

Top 11 Unique New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to unique New Year’s resolutions, you may think there are none. I mean, most people, when making a New Year’s resolutions list, stick with the basics. Lose weight. Join a gym. Get finances in order. These are the popular resolutions that we hear about each year. However, with 2020 being the year that it was, it should…

peloton handlebar extender

Peloton for Short Riders

Of the 3 million Peloton members, there’s no way to know how many are short riders like I am. But here’s what I can tell you: there is a #shortietribe hashtag on the Peloton leaderboard. And there’s a Peloton for short riders Facebook group that has nearly 10,500 members. Clearly, there are plenty of short and petite people riding Pelotons….

champagne glasses for celebrate the new year

Healthy and Unique New Year’s Resolutions for This Year

When it comes to unique New Year’s resolutions, most Americans trend towards popular New Year’s resolutions instead of the unique. In fact, many have to do with better health. Here is what a recent New Year’s resolutions survey found: Six in 10 Americans wanted to drop some pounds. One-third hoped to get more exercise this year. Twelve percent planned to…

woman in fitness clothes with a phone using nooom diet app

My Noom Review: Noom versus Weight Watchers

Are you looking for an honest Noom review? Are you trying to decide if you should try out the Noom app in 2021 to lose weight? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I feel confident mine is going to be one of the best Noom 2021 reviews you’ll read online. I signed up for the Noom app almost five…

supermarket order online delivery

Place Your Supermarket Order Online Just Updated

I just updated this blog post on where you can place a supermarket order online. It now includes 39 44 stores. As more and more stores allow you to place a supermarket order online, I’ll continue to update this blog post to reflect that. In my lifetime I’ve had experience getting my supermarket order delivered by Peapod, which is now…

peloton tread

Peloton Treadmill Accessories You Should Own

When it comes to Peloton treadmill accessories, Tread owners get off easier than Bike. Why? For a few of reasons. One, with the Peloton treadmill you don’t need to get special shoes. With the Peloton Bike you do. Two, you need hand weights or dumbbells for the Tread bootcamp classes. However, you don’t have to worry about getting a special…

peloton digital app review pin

Peloton Digital App Review

When you get either the Peloton cycle or the Peloton Tread, you automatically “get” the Peloton digital app. That is, your subscription for your workout equipment includes a free digital membership to Peloton. But let’s be honest. Not everyone can afford the bike or treadmill. Well, here’s the good news. You don’t have to own any Peloton equipment to get…

parking spaces at walmart grocery pickup service

Walmart Grocery Pickup Review Updated

I’ve just updated this Walmart Grocery Pickup Review to reflect how the service has changed in the past year and with the surge in online grocery shopping. I’m still using the service. I’d originally published this Walmart Grocery Pickup review in 2019. However, I’ve decided to update this blog post to reflect some changes–all for the good. For years I…

peloton exercise room accessories must haves

Must Have Best Peloton Accessories: Just Updated

I’ve updated this article on the best Peloton accessories in 2020 to reflect people who may have purchased a Peloton to help them exercise at home. When I originally wrote this blog post on Peloton must haves, I’d highlighted 13 Peloton bike accessories that have made my Peloton ownership more enjoyable. But after having my bike since 2016, I’m continuing…

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