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Nike Super Reps at Going, Going Gone!

I found Nike Super Rep cycling shoes at a sick price at Going, Going, Gone. That’s the Dick’s Sporting Goods outlet store. If you haven’t checked them out yet (online or in person), you should!

Taking in person classes at Peloton Studios

Since attending the media preview of the reopening of PSNY (Peloton Studios New York), I’ve written two articles I think you’ll want to read. One is all about what happens at the studios. And the other is about how you legit book classes to take live, in person–and how to get off the waitlist.

Arms with Tunde: Tunde Arm Challenge

You can read my review of the Arms with Tunde Peloton program within this article about the Tunde arms challenge.

review of the experience.

leah and robin after ride peloton nyc

Peloton Return Policy

Recently, I covered the Peloton return policy and how I used it with the purchase of the Peloton Guide. Also, did you know that the Peloton Bike Plus is now $500 cheaper?

Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing Program

Here is my review of the shadowboxing classes that are part of the Peloton boxing program.

Who teaches boxing at Peloton? Right now there are five instructors:

  • Becs Gentry
  • Jermaine Johnson
  • Rad Lopez
  • Selena Sameula
  • Kendall Toole

Peloton gifts for every budget

I’ve just updated my post with Peloton gift ideas. These are suggestions that should fit anyone’s budget. They range from $5 to $150. Here are a few selections from that post. 

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts $50 and Under

Washington DC Hotels with Peloton Bikes

Here is a link to my post on Washington DC Hotels with Peloton bikes. As I mentioned in my Instagram carousel, there are 28 hotel properties in this article. 

Below, I’ve shared a few examples of some of those hotels.

Washington DC Hotels with Peloton Bikes

Peloton Pet Mom and Dad Gift Ideas

This post on Peloton-related gift guide for dog and cat moms, dads and parents is great for those hard-t0-shop-for people on your list. I’ve shared a small sampling of gift suggestions, below.

Peloton Cats Pet Moms and Dad Gift ideas

Peloton hotels in Arizona

You can read more about Peloton hotels in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson, Arizona in this blog post about Arizona Peloton hotels. In the meantime, here are few, below, to get you started.

Peloton Hotels in Phoenix, Arizona

What sneakers do Peloton instructors wear

Join my weekly newsletter that shares secrets about which clothing, including sneakers, that Peloton instructors wear.

What Sneakers Do Peloton Instructors Wear

College towns with Peloton bikes

This blog post is a roundup of college towns with Peloton bikes, including hotels there. I found that Washington, D.C., for example, is chock full of universities and hotels with Peloton bikes. Check some of them out, below.

Washington DC Hotels with Peloton Bikes

Emma Lovewell and Under Armour

Peloton Instructor Emma Lovewell and Under Armour

When you visit Emma Lovewell's Instagram account, you'll see right in her bio that she's listed as an Under Armour athlete. So, it's no surprise that her Instagram account is filled with images of her sporting different Under Armour gear.

Below, I've highlighted some of the pieces I've seen in her feed of late along with shopping information for you. Everything directs to the UnderArmour website.

Chicago hotels with Pelotons

Here is a link to my blog post about Chicago hotels with Peloton bikes in them. I’ve also included a few other Illinois locations. Below, a sample of the Chicago hotels I’ve got in this post.

Chicago Hotels with Pelotons

Here are just a few examples of hotels you can find in Chicago that have Peloton bikes. For my complete list, please click over to this blog post about Chicagoland Peloton hotels.

Peloton barre classes

Click here to get to my review of the Peloton barre. It includes all of the details about instructors, equipment needs, what accessories and clothing you should wear and more.

How to keep a Peloton streak going

This blog post grew out of my need to keep a Peloton streak going, despite being injured. That is, I fell at the beginning of July and ended up in a cast. How could I keep my streak going if I couldn’t ride my bike? Well, I did it, with a lot of creativity and ingenuity. 

Click here to read my post on how to keep a Peloton streak going.

Who Wore It Best on Instagram

Who Wore It Best or #whoworeitbest is a themed post that describes the clothing and accessories that Peloton instructors wear. This includes when teaching class or in their free time.

I share pictures I’ve seen on their Instagrams and the tell you where you can buy the same or similar clothing. These themes have ranged from animal print leggings and tie dyed clothing to favorite sneakers and workout shoes.

Click here to read my blog post, which I update weekly, about the clothing and accessories you may have seen Peloton instructors wearing. 

Peloton instructor quotes and motivational sayings

How many times do you find yourself repeating a motivational saying or instructor catchphrase that you heard from Peloton? For example, I know plenty of teachers and therapists that work out with Denis Morton who share his “I make suggestions, you make decisions” commentary with students and clients. 

When I’m in a difficult situation, whether exercising or something else uncomfortable, I remind myself that I can do anything for 30 seconds (thank you, Ally Love). That’s why I put together this blog post of Peloton instructor sayings that you can get as gifts. It’s one of my most popular posts, especially at the holidays.

How to make the Peloton seat more comfortable

Lately, I’ve done a number of Instagram Reels that address the issue of a sore bum. It’s a constant with new Peloton riders. In addition, I’ve done Instagram posts and stories on products that can help make the Peloton seat more comfortable.

All of this came out of one of my most popular blog posts. It’s on how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable because, let’s admit it, the seat hurts when you first start riding. Finally, want to read more on this topic?

Click here to read my post about making the Peloton seat more comfortable.

While I always recommend that you ride your Peloton bike commando, aka without underwear, here is a blog post about the best underwear to wear when working out–off the bike.

A recent Instagram Reels covered two products that help avoid saddle sores–chamois cream and Cycle Glide stick. See shopping info, below.

How to keep a Peloton streak going

It was first on Instagram that I’d announced that I’d broken my wrist. Because of that I might be off the bike for up to 12 weeks. Despite that dire prediction, I wanted to do everything I could to keep my Peloton streak going.

So I started sharing daily posts, including Reels, to show how I was using Peloton content that wasn’t bike classes. Then, I wrote this post to help others who might want to keep a daily or weekly streak going when they area away from their bike.

Peloton for beginners

One of the most popular posts on my blog is my article about Peloton for beginners. I’ve posted many times on Instagram about this topic. I like helping Peloton beginners and Peloton newbies make the most of their bike. 

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Below, I’ve included shopping information and links to products and services I’ve mentioned on Instagram.

Who Wore It Best Ally Love and Adidas

Who Wore It Best Ally Love and Adidas

Peloton instructor Ally Love has been an Adidas Ambassador for quite a few years now. Here are a few of the items I recently shared on my Instagram in a Who Wore It Best post.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Zella Brand

Workout Clothes: Zella Brand at Nordstrom

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the best time of the year to shop Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. And if you're looking to level up your activewear game, you'll want to check out the Zella Brand available at Nordstrom. Here are some selections I recommend.

Who Wore It Best Wednesday Instagram shopping info

Rebecca Kennedy and Under Armour

Peloton instructor Rebecca Kennedy partnered with Under Armour at Kohl's to showcase really cool exercise attire. I've featured some of it here. When I couldn't find the items at Kohl's, however, I've substituted in other retailers, such as Macy's.

Peloton Instructors Who Wore It Best: Tie Dye

Striped Workout Leggings

Rainbow Clothing

Adidas clothing for Peloton

Peloton instructor quote gifts

Products to make the Peloton seat more comfortable

Products to Help If Peloton Bike Seat Hurts

If you're finding that the Peloton bike seat hurts, here are a few of my favorite products to help it hurt less.

Seat Covers and Cushions for Peloton Cycle

Terry Cycling Shorts

I love the Terry padded shorts so much that I have five pair. They have helped keep my butt from getting sore while riding my Peloton.

I've collected a range of Terry shorts for women so that if you like long or you like short, or something in between. That way, you can find something that works for you--and keeps your butt from being sore on the Peloton or any spin bike for that matter. Finally, Terry comes with a lifetime warranty--one of my favorite features.

You can find Terry brand shorts for sale on and

Finally, Terry shorts are for sale on Amazon, too.

Best Peloton Accessories: Baleaf Padded Shorts for Men

Best Peloton Accessories: Baleaf Padded Bottoms for Women

When you shop for cycling shorts on use code LEAH15 at checkout--you'll get 15% off.

You won't find a coupon like that on Amazon.

FYI, Baleaf also makes bottoms for yoga, running, golf and tennis, among other activities.