Virginia Hotels with Peloton Bikes

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Hotels in Nevada with Peloton Bikes

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My Hypervolt Go Review

After having my handheld massager for almost six months, I figured it was time to write this Hypervolt Go review. See, I’d received this Hypervolt by Hyperice Go device as a gift for my birthday in December. And I’ve been … Read More

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How to Get Peloton Badges

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What are Peloton Milestones

I’ve just updated this blog post on Peloton milestones. Recently, I celebrate two big milestones myself. I hit ride 1,350 on a live, Power Zone Endurance ride–and got  a shoutout from instructor Matt Wilpers. Also, on a recent arms and … Read More

What is Peloton Power Zone Training?

I’ve just updated this article on Peloton Power Zone Training. Why? Because at the recent homecoming, Peloton announced a third Power Zone Training program–Peak Your Power Zones. So now there are three ways to follow Power Zone on Peloton. These … Read More

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What is Peloton Homecoming

It’s May so it’s time for people to start asking, “What is Peloton Homecoming?” It is an annual event in New York City. It is a time when Peloton users can gather together to ride, run and workout with their … Read More

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Peloton Gifts: A Gift Guide for Peloton Lovers Updated

I’ve just updated this post on Peloton gifts for the Peloton obsessed person aka Peloton lovers in your life. It includes ideas for various holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and, if you’re planning ahead, Peloton Christmas ornament … Read More

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Midwest Vacation Rentals with Peloton Bikes

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Mid Atlantic Vacation Rentals with a Peloton Bike

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North Carolina Vacation Rentals with a Peloton

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Airport Hotels with Peloton Cycles

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How I Used the Peloton Return Policy

Even though I’ve had my bike since 2016, for the first time ever, I had to use the Peloton return policy. Why? Because I bought the Peloton Guide. Eventually, I had to return it, which I’ll explain a little lower … Read More

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What is the Tunde Arm Challenge

A few weeks ago I started the Tunde arm challenge. IYKYK–if you know you know. What do I mean by that? Well, for starters when I talk about Tunde, I’m talking about the Peloton instructor Tunde. I think everyone just … Read More