peloton all for one special event ride

Guide to Peloton Special Events

Every year you can expect to hear about Peloton special events. These are recurring events that are tied into a monthly theme celebration, holiday or Peloton-specific celebration.  With the recent announcement about the All for One “Festival” for 2022, I … Read More

peloton broken pedal 1

Is Peloton Warranty Worth It

Within weeks of getting our bike in 2016, we needed to take advantage of the Peloton warranty. Why? As my husband was unclipping from the pedals, his cleat got stuck and pulled off the bottom of his shoe. Then, the … Read More

Peloton Hotels in Australia and Asia

With the popularity of people wanting to find Peloton hotels when they traveled, I figured it was high time to write about Peloton hotels in Australia and Asia. Also, now that Peloton has officially launched in Australia, the timing couldn’t … Read More

Should You Buy a Refurbished Peloton Bike

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to buy a refurbished Peloton bike. Last fall this was top of mind right for Peloton digital app users. Why? Because Peloton had sent an offer to all digital subscribers about a … Read More

Pelothon challenge badges

Peloton Challenges What You Need to Know

What are Peloton challenges and where do you find them? And why would you want to get involved in a Peloton challenge? Well, there’s lots of reasons to join one. It’s a great way to meet new people and make … Read More

peloton meme instructor cant see me

How to Find Peloton GIF and Memes

I’m not sure the first time I saw Peloton GIF or meme, but it was probably in one of my favorite Peloton Facebook groups. In fact, it was likely in my Power Zone challenge team group. We love a good … Read More

peloton milestone badges

Peloton Gifts: A Gift Guide for Peloton Lovers Updated

I’ve just updated this post on Peloton gifts for the Peloton obsessed person aka Peloton lovers in your life. It includes ideas for various holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and, if you’re planning ahead, Peloton Christmas ornament … Read More

baleaf shorts clothing review

My Baleaf Clothing Review

I’m writing this Baleaf clothing review because it is the brand’s eighth anniversary in August 2022. Since I’ve been wearing Baleaf clothing for years while enjoying my Peloton bike, I figured it was high time to review the company overall.  … Read More

Peloton Postpartum Classes

I’ve just updated this article on Peloton postpartum classes. Why? Because this month Peloton introduced a new collection. It’s called Strong as a Mother: Pre/Postnatal Collection. Three instructors teach these classes. They are: Robin Arzon, who originated the prenatal and … Read More

movers with peloton bike plus

How to Move a Peloton Bike or Tread

It was two years after I got my bike that I began to wonder about how to move a Peloton. You see, we were moving for my husband’s new job. Granted, I would not personally be moving my Peloton bike. … Read More

jess sims peloton instructor quote

Peloton Instructor Quotes Gifts and Products

It doesn’t take you long, as a Peloton owner, to become familiar with Peloton instructor quotes. For example, every ride with Christine begins “Drop your shoulders, drop your baggage.” And even though I’ve heard it hundreds of times, every time … Read More

What are Peloton Collections Classes

Did you know there is a difference between Peloton Collections classes and those classes in Peloton programs? I think that for many Peloton users, they are synonymous. Sure, there might be some classes from a Peloton Collection that shows up … Read More

black and white peloton store exterior horizontal

Guide to Peloton Showrooms and Store Locations

When we first got our bike, there were no Peloton showrooms near me. At that time barely anyone even knew what a Peloton was–except for hardcore cyclists. To them a peloton (lowercase p) was a group of cyclists.  Fast forward … Read More

leah Peloton standing core featured image

Standing Peloton Classes: Core and Yoga

I’m updating this post about standing Peloton classes for a simple reason: in June 2022, Peloton introduced a new instructor who will be teaching adaptive fitness. His name is Logan Aldridge, and it is part of the new adaptive fitness … Read More

A used Peloton bike for sale on Facebook marketplace.

Buy A Used Peloton Bike Versus Buying New

Last year, I found myself considering whether I should buy a used Peloton bike versus buying one new. You see, we’d recently bought a vacation home where I had hoped to be spending more time and eventually retire to. As … Read More