Tips for Bartering Goods and Services featured image

Tips for Bartering Goods and Services

I decided to update this article on bartering goods and services after I got quoted in this article: How a smart-shopping expert got a year’s worth of free haircuts. The anecdote I share in this article on Grow, part of … Read More

How I Made Hundreds Consigning Clothes

For the past eight years, twice a year, I go through my closet and my daughters’ closets, and find clothing that we haven’t worn in awhile. The goal is consigning clothes to declutter and make extra cash to spend on … Read More

best ways to save money as a college student

Best School Supplies for College

When it comes to the best school supplies for college students, the list looks very different from when I went to college. For starters there weren’t any online classes let alone digital textbooks. In addition, we bought all of our … Read More

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Top Clothing Gifts Boxes for Men

Are you considering giving a guy in your life one of those gift boxes for men this year? You know, a clothing subscription box or some kind of men’s online styling service? You may be asking: What is the best … Read More

most popular subscription box by state

Most Popular Subscription Boxes By State

I’ve just updated this blog post on the most popular subscriptions boxes in America. Originally, I wrote it for the nearly 42 million Americans that visited a subscription box website this year. Does that describe you? Perhaps you were shopping … Read More

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4 Really Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

Using your Crock Pot or slow cooker–or even your InstaPot pressure cooker–is a great way to make easy slow cooker recipes and get meals on the table without spending a lot of money. It’s a time saver and it’s a … Read More

instapot reviews

What Is The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Did you get an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker or Instapot to help with getting dinner on the table? Not sure what the Instapot is or how to use it? Are you looking for Instapot reviews or recipes you can use … Read More

Save Money on Amazon Prime Membership

Portions of this article about saving money on an Amazon Prime membership originally appeared on In 2018 Amazon Prime’s annual rate increased to $119 from $99. Amazon hadn’t raised its fee for a couple of years now. Being an … Read More

get cash for gift cards

Get Cash for Gift Cards

Many people wonder how they can get cash for gift cards. This usually comes up when they receive a gift card as a present. The gift card is to a place they don’t shop or have no interest in shopping. … Read More

pay for school

Paying For School

If you’re a parent looking for advice on paying for school, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone is always searching for the best ways to save and pay for college. And why not? Sending a child to college or university can … Read More

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Home Cooling Tips: Window AC Unit vs Central Air

In your quest for home cooling tips, are you wondering about central air vs window units? Or should you keep cooling your home through window air conditioning units. What about those new fangled mini split air conditioning units also called … Read More

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Awesome Dog Costumes for Halloween

Are you one of the 29 million Americans looking for awesome dog costumes for Halloween? Yup, that’s how many of us dog lovers celebrate Halloween with our pets–29 million.  Recently, the National Retail Federation came out with a list of … Read More

best ways to save money as a college student

Best Ways to Save Money as a College Student

When you think about the best ways to save money as a college student, you ar probably thinking about getting help paying for college tuition or saving money paying for college. While those latter two topics are completely legit, let’s … Read More