beach pic pretty clouds on the manasquan

Save Money at the Beach

For anyone looking to take a beach vacation, it’s important to think about how you can save money at the beach. Not just because you don’t want to be foolish with your money. But also so you can save money … Read More

woman at airport wondering how to get a travel refund

How to Get a Travel Refund

With the current travel bans and other restrictions amidst the state of emergency in America and abroad, you may have questions about how to get a travel refund. For example, you may have airline tickets for future travel or a … Read More

how to vacation with your dog

How to Vacation with Your Dog

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Save Money on Holiday Vacation Rentals

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How Product Reviews Changed How We Shop and Buy

News broke yesterday that is suing people who post fake reviews on the site. The fact that there are fake reviews troubles me. Not only because of the fraud factor but also because I rarely buy anything these days–or … Read More