Peloton Postpartum Classes

I’ve just updated this article on Peloton postpartum classes. Why? Because this month Peloton introduced a new collection. It’s called Strong as a Mother: Pre/Postnatal Collection. Three instructors teach these classes. They are: Robin Arzon, who originated the prenatal and … Read More

saddle sores from cycling featured image

Saddle Sores from Cycling

Why do we get saddle sores from cycling? It’s all about the friction, baby. Well, that and a host of other issues connected with how you ride your bike. This includes heat, moisture and more. I used to mountain bike … Read More

kegelbell training kit pelvice floor exercise device

Kegelbell Pelvic Floor Exercise Device Review

I’d never heard about the Kegelbell pelvic floor exercise device until someone mentioned it in a Facebook group. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to hear about this kegel exercise device. Recently, I’d been released from pelvic floor physical … Read More

peloton programs

Peloton Programs: Where to Find and How They Work

This week I decided to try one of the newest Peloton programs. It’s called “Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing.” This is Peloton’s first foray into boxing, something that members have been asking Peloton to do for some time now. Once I’ve … Read More

leah with manduka mat in front of peloton bike

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review

When my daughters asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I didn’t hesitate in responding, “A Manduka pro yoga mat.” How could I rattle off something so specific so quickly? Because I’ve been eyeing a Manduka pro mat for … Read More

workout clothes subscription box

Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Review

Can you get workout clothes delivered monthly, just as you can use an online stylist service to dress you professionally? Yes you can. In fact, I’ve learned that subscription boxes can help you for all sorts of occasions. Did you … Read More

how to get sweat smell out of bras

Best Way to Get Sweat Smell Out of Clothes

Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast like I am or the parent of children who play sports, you are likely looking for the best way to get sweat smell out of clothes. This was a challenge I faced for years when my … Read More


My Noom Before and After

I wanted to share my Noom Before and After story. This Noom review is a follow-up to my longer Noom Review published in 2019 and why I believe Noom is the best diet plan for this year. FYI, I am … Read More