What is the Tunde Arm Challenge

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A few weeks ago I started the Tunde arm challenge. IYKYK–if you know you know. What do I mean by that?

Well, for starters when I talk about Tunde, I’m talking about the Peloton instructor Tunde. I think everyone just knows her by one name now–like Cher or Madonna–but her proper full name is Tunde Oyeneyin. 

Tunde joined Peloton in September 2019; I took her Premiere class live on September 11, 2019. That was back when there were riders in the studio. Of course, for her debut ride in 2019, there were lots of other Peloton instructors in the studio with her, cheering her on.

tunde first class at peloton

What is the Tunde arm challenge

We’ve already established that Tunde taught her first live Peloton cycling class on 9/11/19. Well, she recorded her first ever 10 minute Arms Toning class (now called Arms & Light Weights) on 9/10/19. So this gave us the first opportunity to notice how fit and strong Tunde’s arms are.

I can’t remember since Linda Hamilton in the Terminator movies or Michelle Obama in sleeveless dresses wanting to make my arms look like someone else’s. Those muscles were definitely something to aspire to achieve.

Who created the Tunde arm challenge

Seems I wasn’t alone because soon enough someone in (I think) the Hardcore on the Floor (HCOTF) group or maybe it was the Stay Home Stay Motivated group that put together what’s called the Tunde Arm Challenge. It was a six-week challenge of Tunde arm classes, done three times a week. Or maybe it was a four-week or 30-day program. 

Either way, you would take one of these arms toning or arms & light weights classes (always 10 minutes long), and do them three times a week. Then you would move onto another, single arms toning or arms & light weights classes, and do those three times a week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How many classes in the Tunde arm challenge

Then, in March 2021, when the classes transitioned to be called arms & light weights, Tunde started talking about how she designed these classes. Basically, she would tell you that she would release a new class once a month.

After that, she expected you to do that month’s class three times a week for the entire month. Then, the next month, when she released a new class, you would move onto that new one and do it three times a week for the whole month.

Right now there are 23 Tunde arms classes on the Peloton. So, if you wanted to create your own Tunde arm challenge, you would have 23 weeks of classes to follow. Or a little more than five months to get your arms looking buff.

My goal before the 2021 ended was to take every single Tunde arms toning or arms & light weights classes. At that time there were just 18 of these classes, and I wasn’t trying to take them three times a week. I just wanted to say that I’d taken them all, and I did. 

What do you need for arms and light weights classes

For all of the Peloton arms and light weights classes, which are always 10-minutes long, the instructor offers weight options. That is, you can use one, two or three pound weights. Basically, these are the small dumbbells that you store on the back of your bike.

We have three pound weights as our light weights, and let me tell you this: some of the Tunde arms classes are real burners. Before 10 minutes is up, three pounds feels like 30 pounds. 

You wouldn’t think that such light weights could hurt so good, but that’s the point. Tunde talks all the time about how with lighter weights, you have to do more reps. And boy does she have you doing tons of reps. Sometimes the reps for a single movement last for an entire song.

Dumbbells for arms and light weights classes

Dumbbells for Tunde Arm Challenge

Target is a great place to shop for light weight dumbbells that you would use for the Tunde Arm Challenge.

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Tunde Arm challenge before and after

So, as I mentioned at the top, I recently started the Tunde arm challenge. I took pictures when I started, of my left arm and my right arm. Then, when I got to the end of four weeks of doing her arms classes three times a week, I took some new pictures. Again, I took a picture of my left arm and my right arm.

I’m being vulnerable and sharing those before and after photos here. I really can’t see a big difference. But, then again, I’ve been lifting weights for years. So, for someone like me, with existing muscle I probably shouldn’t expect to see a huge difference. That being said, as I progress in this program, I’m probably going to go up in weight, from three pounds to five pounds. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment. 

tunde arms week 1-4

Evolution of the Tunde arm challenge

One of the reasons I’m writing about the Tunde arm challenge now is because I believe it’s about to change. That is, before now (2022), it was everyday Peloton users who had designed this challenge program of Tunde classes.

However, I recently heard that during Peloton Homecoming 2022, Peloton is going to announce their own Tunde arm program. I don’t know if it’s going to mimic what we’ve all been doing. Or, if it is going to include all of those previously recorded 23 classes.

On the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if Peloton has Tunde recording a bunch of new arms classes just for the program. They did that with the boxing classes.

Tunde book tour

If Peloton is using all new classes, I’m guessing they had her record them in the past few months. That is because on May 3, 2022, she released a new book. It is called Speak: Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut, and Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

So now Tunde is on a nationwide media and book tour. Someone in the HCOTF group even posted a picture of Tunde’s book cover on a Times Square billboard.

Here is my article on the Hardcore on the Floor group and calendar.

Tunde Speak book

tunde speak book cover

Here is the blurb that publisher Simon and Schuster shared about Tunde’s book Speak:

“From Tunde Oyeneyin, the massively popular Peloton instructor, fitness star, and founder of SPEAK, comes an empowering, inspiring book that shows how she transformed grief, setbacks, and flaws into growth, self-confidence, and triumph—for fans of Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle.

On any given day, thousands of devoted people clip into their bikes and have their lives changed by Tunde Oyeneyin. From her platform in a Peloton studio, she encourages riders with her trademark blend of positivity, empathy, and motivational “Tunde-isms,” to push themselves to their limits both on and off the bike. Now, fans and readers everywhere can learn about her personal journey, and discover how they too can “live a life of purpose, on purpose” with Speak, a memoir-manifesto-guide to life inspired by her immensely popular Instagram Live series of the same name.

Taking us through each step of the SPEAK acronym—Surrender, Power, Empathy, Authenticity, and Knowledge—Oyeneyin shares the lessons she has learned about loss, love, body image, and how she has successfully created an intentional, joyful life for herself, offering an accessible blueprint for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.”

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Final thoughts on the Tunde arm challenge

Let me know if you have any questions about the arm challenge, my before and after photos or anything else. I’m really hoping that Tunde’s book tour will bring her to Pittsburgh, the city I live closest to. I’d love to hear her speak in person.

For now, though, I’ll have to get my daily dose of Tunde on the bike or via the Peloton app. Her Fitness Flipped podcast is on the Peloton app, under outdoor content. It’s great to walk and listen to when I’m out with my dogs.

tunde peloton fitness flipped

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