Leah Ingram is a book author, writer, spokesperson, and lifestyle expert.

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Welcome to the website "hub" of Philadelphia area author, freelance writer, speaker and lifestyle expert Leah Ingram. You can start by finding out more about Leah by clicking on the "About Leah" link above.

Looking for Leah's clips? Click on the "Writing & Editing" link at right.

On the other hand you can get more information on one of her areas of expertise by clicking on either "Gifts and Etiquette" or "Frugal Living."

Leah and her family are living a Suddenly Frugal lifestyle. Read about their adventures in frugal living, and how you can learn to live more on less at Leah's blog here or check out her new book below.


Frugal Living
After buying a new home, Leah and her family adopted a frugal life
Writing & Editing
Leah has written for and edited many regional and national publications.
Gifts and Etiquette
Information for businesses and consumers on making gift selections and following good etiquette.