How to Book a Peloton In Person Class


I’ve just updated this article on how to book a Peloton in person class so you can take live classes with your favorite instructors.

Why do this update? Because, once again, Peloton has changed the process for booking spots in classes.

You’ll notice the new details as you read this article. That is, I’ve crossed out outdated information.

The biggest change? It used to be that bookings opened on Mondays at 12 noon. However, starting 1/19/23, it became Thursdays, also at 12 noon.

Also, there are two more days a week to book live classes to take in person at the Peloton NYC studios. They’ve added classes for Mondays and Thursdays.

When I first wrote my article about the Peloton studios reopening, it wasn’t clear how to book a Peloton in person class in either NYC or London.

In addition to attending the media preview in June 2022, I’ve been able to get back to the Peloton Studios New York in October 2022.

Therefore, I decided to write this article devoted entirely to information about booking an in-person class at Peloton.

And sharing my experience of booking and trying to book classes.

And I’ve just updated this article with the actual steps I took to book on the Peloton studio website.

Let me just say this upfront: it was not as easy nor as straightforward as the old system. So I’ll tell you right now: prepare to be frustrated.

If you have flexibility to travel, refresh the studio website for days on end as waitlists open.

But more about the waitlist in a bit.

book peloton live in person class at studio pin

How to book a Peloton In Person Live Class

UPDATE: 1/12/23: Peloton has changed the day when you can reserve classes. It used to be Mondays at 12 noon.

Starting 1/19/23 it became Thursdays, also at 12 noon.

UPDATE 10/31/22: It appears that Peloton may have changed the reservation system yet again.

Today, when I logged in at 12 noon Eastern, immediately I found myself in the queue that I reference later in this post. So I’ve updated my advice.

If you want to sign up for live classes at the Peloton studio, set a reminder for 12 noon 11:45 a.m. Eastern on Mondays.

Peloton is supposed to release the next slate of in person classes at 12 noon.

However, these days, 12 noon is often too late to get in. I would recommend logging in at around 11:45 instead, if not earlier.

This schedule for booking in person live classes is the same for the London and NYC studios. So, keep that in mind.

Book classes up to 6 weeks ahead

Usually, Peloton opens studio bookings up to six weeks into the future. That’s a nice change from how it used to be.

Before you could only book two weeks out. This expanded timeline is great for people who want to travel to take their rides, runs or other classes at Peloton.

UPDATE: 1/12/23 Peloton is now letting members take classes on two additional days of the week–Mondays and Thursdays.

I grabbed this picture from the Peloton Instagram account. This announcement was in their Instagram stories. Not Twitter, not Facebook.

Also, they’ve expanded the kinds of classes that you can take live.

This includes Tread Bootcamp and Pilates.

Booking a spot in an upcoming in person class

As I mentioned, class bookings open for all Peloton studios (NYC and London) at 12 noon Eastern on Mondays Thursdays.

I have an (updated) alarm set on my phone so I don’t miss it.

Then, when bookings open, you’ll head over to the Peloton Studio website (link at bottom of this post) to search for the classes you want to take.

What you’ll see on the Peloton Studio website

You’ll see one of three options in the buttons next to the class.

  1. Book (space is still available)
  2. Waitlist (class is full but there is space on the waitlist. I get the sense that 5-10 people get on the waitlist and people really do can get off the waitlist into class. Here is my article about how to get off the Peloton waitlist.)
  3. Class full

If you can click on Book or Waitlist, then the Peloton studio site will prompt you to buy a credit to pay for the class.

If you’ve already purchased those credits, then they will be applied. 

Pro tip: purchase the credits before the booking site opens.

booking at peloton london studios

Filtering studio options

When booking an in-person class at the Peloton Studios, you have multiple ways to filter your options for finding a class. Here they are.

One, you can filter by location.

So, you’ll choose to see in person class availability in either the New York City studio or the London Studio.

Two, you can filter by “Fitness Disciplines.” In the New York Studio, your options are:

  • Cardio
  • Cycling
  • Meditation
  • Running
  • Strength
  • Walking
  • Yoga

UPDATE: 1/12/23 I’m sure these fitness disciplines will update once you can book Pilates and Tread Bootcamp classes

On the other hand, in the London Studio, you have fewer “Fitness Disciplines” options. They are:

  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Walking

Three, you can filter by instructor.

So, if you have a favorite instructor, you can check the box next to their name.

Then, you can see if they have any classes coming up and if there is room.

Finally, you can click across the top and select by date.

This is helpful if there are specific days you’ll be in New York City or London, and want to get into a studio class. 

Booking multiple classes at Peloton studios

Some people get lucky and are able to book multiple classes at the Peloton studios.

It could be for the same day or consecutive days over a long weekend.

UPDATE: 1/12/23 I’ve heard (but haven’t had it confirmed by Peloton) that you will no longer be permitted to book more than four classes over two days. This includes putting yourself on a waitlist.

Lucky enough to get multiple classes

If you’re considering booking multiple classes on the same day, make sure you give yourself enough time in between classes.

For example, doors close for classes 15 minutes before a class’s start time. So let’s say you’ve taken a 30-minute class.

After that, you want pictures with the instructor. Plus, you want to make the next class before the doors close.

For example, on my recent trip to PSNY, I took an 8:00 a.m. class with Denis Morton. It was 30 minutes long.

Then, I was on the waitlist for a 10:00 Denis yoga class. That meant I needed to check in at the front desk one hour before–or at 9:00 a.m.

However, I was nowhere near getting my picture taken by that time and had to leave the line. So, I stopped a Peloton employee and explained my predicament.

I was so surprised when he suggested I jump the line, get my picture taken with Denis (see it below) and then go check in for my next class. That was so nice and truly unexpected.

This probably isn’t official Peloton policy or anything, and I may have been lucky enough to do this. Therefore, if you book classes too close together, you’re likely not going to make it.

So I would definitely book at least an hour buffer in between those multiple classes. I know I will in the future as I felt really awkward jumping the line.

Steps I took to book a class at Peloton studios online

The last time I booked a live, in-person class was when classes were at the Peloton studios on 23rd Street in Chelsea.

Now that they’ve moved to Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side, I wanted to document the steps I took to get into the classes of my choice at PSNY.

Or at least as I attempted to do that.

UPDATE: 1/12/23 I will update this section on 1/19/23, after I try to book using the new system.

What happens at 12 noon on Peloton booking day

At 12 noon I started refreshing the Peloton Studio screen until dates more than six weeks in the future show up. I found myself in the queue shown below. Only time will tell if Peloton continues to use this queue system with

At 12:01 cycling classes only showed up for the Friday six weeks in the future.

There were five to choose from.

By about 12:05, all the classes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday were showing on the Studio booking site.

Then, the feeding frenzy began.

Frustration in the queue

What’s really frustrating is that when the studio site switches over to this queue on Thursdays, you cannot do anything else on the site. So, for example, if you haven’t purchased class credits yet, you cannot access your account.

You are frozen on this screen and, frankly, shit out of luck if you need to buy class credits for when you get through.

Or, like me, if you’re on a waitlist for upcoming classes, you cannot access the “My Classes” section of the studio site to see if you’ve gotten an update.

I understand why Peloton had to put this process in place, due to overwhelming demand. However, there should be a way to click away from the queue page while you wait–my current wait time is 47 minutes–in case there are other things you want to do on the studio site on a Thursday at noon.

Finally, as you can see from the photo here, I logged in well before 12 noon Eastern and waited more than an hour before getting through the queue. And, not surprisingly, there were no classes left to book.

Trying to book a Peloton cycling class

I clicked the red Book box next to the Camila Ramon class at 7 a.m.

Then this screen came up telling me that I was in line to finalize my booking and that there were 97 people ahead of me

in the queue for camila ramons class peloton

This is a newer system, this queue.

It used to be that you just went right through to the booking site, selected your bike and you were done.

This time around it took about three minutes for me to get through the queue. Then I got the go ahead and it asked me to confirm if I really wanted to book a class.

confirm you want to continue with booking peloton class

After I confirmed, I had 10 minutes to complete my booking. Then I got to the page where I could legit book Camila’s class

finally got to screen to book camila class at 5 after 12

Booking a cycling class may involve choosing your shoe size in advance

By 12:06, I’d gotten to the page with the dropdown menu asking my shoe size. OK, now we are getting somewhere.

select your shoe size for peloton cycling class

I selected that I would be bringing my own shoes as I did with my visit a few months ago. Then, I clicked submit.

However, on the next screen, I was told the class was already sold out.

No option to join the waitlist. Just this page below with the yellow banner that said this:

“This spot is no longer available. Please choose another and try again.”

one minute the spot in camila ramon class was no longer available

So I had to go back to the beginning and start the process all over again on the studio website. 

The red Book button was still showing. So, I tried to book Camila’s class again. No spots.

Then I tried a Callie strength class and it said the spots were no longer available. But the Book button was still showing. 

Finally a waitlist option

However, in the Denis queue on my phone, at 12:29 p.m., I got the waitlist button option. That never happened in the browser on my laptop.

Of course, I clicked the Waitlist button for Denis’ yoga class.

And then Peloton prompted me with the class credits I had in my account.

I chose which class credit I wanted to use and then it brought me to a page saying sorry the class is full. 

prompt me to log in and use one of my credits to book peloton class

Could there be a glitch in the Peloton booking system

Now, I don’t know if there was a glitch that day with classes coming up as being full when the Book button was still showing.

Or, if this really is what you have to go through to book a class at Peloton Studios.

Either way, this system is unacceptable. Peloton really needs to work on making this more user friendly.

Anyway, this experience left me feeling despondent and frustrated. And I know I’m not alone.

Hopefully, with this new system they’ve introduced in January 2023, things will go a bit more smoothly.

More about Peloton special events here.

How to get off the Peloton waitlist for classes

Because so many readers had questions about the Peloton class waitlist, I reached out to Peloton to ask. Here’s what I found out.

Peloton would not tell me how many waitlist spots each class had.

They simply said that when a class fills, some waitlist spots open up.

I asked if it was 10% of capacity or whatever.

They replied that the waitlist varies depending on the number of spots in each of the four studio rooms. So, there you go.

Finally, there is so much good information to share about getting off the Peloton class waitlist that I wrote a separate article on the topic.

This article goes into specific details on how to get off the Peloton class waitlist.

What to bring with you to the studio

In hopes that you get off a waitlist–or if you’ve booked an in-person class–here’s what you should bring with you for or wear to your studio visit:

  • Appropriate workout shoes (sneakers or your cycling shoes from home; you can get shoes for free there, too)
  • Workout clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Flip flops (if you’ll be showering)
  • Change of clothing (if you’ll be showering)

There are free, drawstring plastic bags in the locker room to put your sweaty clothes in, like I did below.

You’ll get Peloton sweat towels for in class and also bath towel to use in the locker room later for showering.

Peloton merch to bring with you

Here’s some additional merch you may want to buy in advance of your trip.

I treated myself to this Peloton headband at the Peloton store inside PSNY.

It kept the sweat off my face through Logan’s strength class.

These days, it’s my favorite workout headband.

Also, here are reusable Peloton water bottles.

All are designed to fit in the Peloton water bottle holder on your bike or in the Tread tray.

These are the Peloton water bottles made from steel or plastic.

On the other hand, if you want one made of glass, check out this Peloton glass water bottle.

Finally, there are water-filling stations throughout the studio.

Peloton Merch to Bring to the Studio

Peloton NYC studio class cost

At the Chelsea studios, Peloton classes cost $30.

There used to be free, walk-in classes during the middle of the day or the middle of the week, as I explained in this blog post about finding free Peloton classes.

Three things have changed since the Peloton studios moved from Chelsea to Hudson Yards.

One, the price of a Peloton class.

Two, the availability of free classes.

And, three, middle of the week classes.

Paying for Peloton in person classes

Now, the Peloton in person class cost is $35 in NYC. In London, you’ll pay £25 (25 pounds).

You have to purchase “credits” to participate in a class. These credits expire after 60 days 12 months. I’m so glad Peloton changed this.

However, recently I discovered that my class credit were expiring sooner than 12 months or one year. It was when I used three class credits leftover from my October 2022 visit, when I booked three waitlist spots for late September.

You’ll see from the picture here that the day I booked the waitlist spot, Peloton updated them as being expired at the end of August 2023.

Sorry, but that’s BS. If I don’t get into those waitlisted classes, then Peloton should “refund” me back the original 12 months. And, frankly, with members like me making an honest attempt to use up class credits before they expire, Peloton should extend class credits beyond the 12 month mark.

Also, Peloton no longer offers a pack of credits.

I used to buy five at a time.

Instead, now you buy credits as you need.

In addition, what’s frustrating is this: when you go into the site to buy credits, you can buy one at a time. Literally.

I would think that Peloton would give you an option to add multiple credits to your account, like the graphic I created below. Nope.

Instead, if you think you might want to book three classes in a weekend, you’ll need to go into the site three different times to purchase those credits.

Finally, when booking a class, I would recommend buying the credits before you try to get into the booking queue.

When I tried to book a class without logging in, I had a few extra steps to get to the part where I would pay for class.

And those precious few minutes are probably what prevented me from getting the classes I wanted.

This post helps you find hotels near the Peloton NYC studios

Old Peloton credits still good

Here is a bit of good news for people, like me, who bought a pack of classes and then never got to use them after the studio shutdown in 2020: they likely haven’t expired.

For example, I purchased a package of five cycling classes in November 2019. They were supposed to expire in 2020.

I tried in February 2020 to take one of those in-person classes for my 950th ride with Matt Wilpers. However, that class ended up being canceled.

Then, Peloton refunded me the class credit, and I never got to take my ride live. (Read this blog post about how I came home from that NYC trip sick.)

If I go into my account, I can see the following: I’ve used two of the five of my classes credits; three of five credits remain.

That’s what it’s called when you purchase a class. You are purchasing credits to take a class at the studio.

Now, that credit for a class pack expires 12/31/2024. It should have expired 12/31/2020.

Speaking of credits expiring, this is another new policy from Peloton: you have to cancel a spot at the studios 24 hours in advance in order to get your credit back. Previously, you had 12 hours to cancel.

In fact, I used up those credits when I spent a weekend at Peloton in October. That was when I was able to take five classes over two days–all off the waitlist!

Actually, I was on the waitlist for seven classes; I didn’t get into two of them.

Here’s more info about the Peloton London studios.

What if you don’t get off the waitlist

I won’t lie: I was super disappointed that I didn’t get off the waitlist for classes that I wanted my first day back at PSNY.

However, it’s important to know this about those class credits.

One, you do not get a refund if you don’t get into a class.

Two, your class credit will eventually go back into your account.

Then, you’ll have a year to use them.

However, the credit going back into your account doesn’t happen instantaneously.

In fact, I had to email the studios to ask when I would get the credit back.

I explained that I was in the City for the weekend and wanted to get on waitlists for other classes.

They came through for me in just a few hours, and then I was able to use a class credit again to get on another waitlist.

FYI, you can earn a new special event badge for taking a class at Peloton Studios New York.

Final thoughts on how to book a Peloton in person class

I can’t say it enough: set an alarm for Thursdays.

That’s when bookings open for in person classes at Peloton NYC and Peloton London.

Keep checking the Peloton studio website for openings after the fact.

If it means refreshing every hour, so be it.

Hopefully, you’ll have luck like I did and get off the waitlist for a bunch of classes during your trip.

This is the link you’ll use to get to the Peloton studio website.

Still have questions? Post a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this helpful information. I’ve been trying to sign up for a cycling or running class without success. Last Thursday, I logged on around 11 am on my phone and desktop and had 400 something users ahead of me in the queue. I was given access to the booking portal around 11:40, but the schedule did not update at noon. When I refreshed the page, I lost my spot. How do I see the classes that become available at noon without refreshing my browser?

    1. This is EXACTLY what happened to me and I am so frustrated and sad! I am going to NYC (from AZ) for my 50th and my 2000th ride. What you described is exactly what happened. Have you been able to figure out what you need to do differently? Any luck getting in since you posted this? Thanks!

      1. I just stalk the waitlist. I’m currently trying to get back to PSNY in September so have been looking mutliple times a day for waitlist openings. Yesterday I saw three. That’s what I would suggest you do, too.

  2. Hi! Thanks to your information I was finally able to book a class. Hooray! Thanks so much.

    One hypothesis about the queue – I think it just pops up whenever the site is experiencing heavy traffic. But the actual classes drop at noon. So if you go at say 11:30AM and see an estimated 20 min wait time – try again/reload in a few min. You want to get “in” as close to right after noon as possible, but not before. Sort of like a reverse Price Is Right rule. What do you think?

  3. Help! I logged on at 11, was number 61 in the queue, and got onto the site at 11:15. At 12 noon I was waiting for the new classes to drop, and nothing happened! When I tried refreshing the screen, I got put back into the queue at number 4200 which I knew wasn’t going to help. What did I do wrong? Why didn’t the new classes show up? Is it supposed to happen automatically? I had the credits in my account.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve mentioned before that I have found booking off the waitlist to be a better process because you’re not dealing with a queue. Granted, you also can’t plan that far in advance. But every weekend I’m seeing at least two or three classes with waitlists.

  4. Do you know if there are any secrets for what bike you get assigned in studio?
    Thank you for all this great info!

    1. If you want a bike in the front row, wait until you have a milestone to celebrate. Then, when you check in, tell them that and they’ll give you the “A” pass to enter the studio first.

    1. No, unfortunately. Each person needs to have an account on the Peloton Studio site. I know that sucks, because with the old system you could do that–book mutliple slots at once.

  5. i tried and tried and tried to book a class online (your tips were helpful) but it didn’t work. I’m still traveling to NYC. can I arrive at the studio in the morning (maybe?) and put my name on an in person waitlist/do you have in info about that?

  6. Thank you for this very helpful article. One suggestion about when to log on: Though you often mention and emphasize the 12:00 noon Monday unveiling of new classes (suggesting we set an alarm for that time), only once in passing do you mention that you logged on 10 minutes before, when the queue was already open. Based on what you emphasized (and overlooking your passing reference), I logged on about 11:58 a.m. (figuring I’d be early) and found there was already a 15-minute-long queue with 1,200 people ahead of me, so I was shut out when it was eventually my turn. Nowhere does Peloton say how far in advance the queue opens, but I’d suggest trying to get into the queue 30 minutes ahead of time if not earlier and keep trying till the queue opens.

    1. Today was weird. I logged on at 12 noon and was immediately put into the queue. That’s never happened before. So it’s possible Peloton has changed the system yet again, which is so frustrating. I will update my article.

  7. My very first attempt at booking a few weeks ago, I managed to get a spot in a 45-minute Emma ride, coming up on 28 Oct. I was originally trying to book 2 spots so that I could take my mom for her birthday – every Monday at 12:03pm it is clear to me I’ll never accomplish getting 2 spots (and how lucky I was to get that one). Anyway, I’m wondering if you know whether Peloton would allow me to somehow transfer the spot I got (with my name) to her, so I can at least give her the gift? I emailed them but didn’t hear anything. Thanks for your help!

    1. I was just on the studio website, too, trying to get classes. It’s so frustrating. No, they don’t let you transfer classes anymore, I’m sorry to say. However, if you’re already going to be in NYC for the class, you may want to get to the studio super early with your mom and see if she can get on a waitlist. People cancel all the time. Hope that helps.

  8. Should I buy credits ahead of time? And how do I book multiple people in the same class? Do I have to do them all as separate bookings? Thank you!! This was so helpful.

    1. I’m told that you will be prompted to purchase credits with each booking.

      I haven’t tried to book multiple spots with the new system, only the old one. And at that time you could book them all under one account, in one transaction. If you’re trying to book a group, I would reach out to the studio. There is a link on the studio website to do that.

      Hope that helps.


  9. Thanks for the great article, it was so helpful. I’m going to be in London at the end of October and definitely want to do a live ride with Bradley Rose, if I can get in. I was told the spots open 6 weeks in advance so I’ve been obsessively checking but good to know that they open on Monday. I have set an alarm. My question is should I buy a class credit before I go on to reserve the class? I don’t want to lose time if classes fill up that quick. Thanks!

    1. Make an account on the studio booking website and buy the credit ahead of time. Yes, a very good idea! Enjoy London.

  10. Both parts of your story were so very helpful and I definitely learned some new things, great job and great info, thank you Laura!

    I’m going to NY in December and doing a live ride after completing 935 rides is a bucket-list item for me and your info will help me bring that dream to life, super excited guy here!

    You can find me on the leaderboard at Type2J if you’re interested, take care!

  11. Hi! I just got on a waitlist for two separate classes. If I don’t hear from Peloton before the day of, should I just show up there just in case 45 min before?

    1. Hi, Laura. First, congrats. Second, I’ve had people tell me that they got an email from Peloton about getting off the waitlist in advance of the class–like a few days before. So I would wait and see if you do get that notification. However, if you live locally and showing up at the studio, just in case, isn’t a huge hassle, then, yes, definitely go. There is a possibility that a spot may open in another class that day, too. Hope that makes sense.