After Christmas Sales and Deals 2023

This year we finally finished up a roll of wrapping paper that we bought at an after Christmas sales event nearly 20 years ago. I kid you not. 

My daughters were commenting that they remember getting presents wrapped in this paper when they were in elementary school. They are now both in graduate school.

Yes, we really stocked up. In addition, we still have a few boxes of cards leftover from those same after Christmas sales.

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How to shop after Christmas sales for deals

I know that our frugal family is not alone in using these post-holiday sales to pick up what we need for the next holiday season and do so at a discount. There’s no better time than right after Christmas to find great deals. This includes deals on wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, and more.

In fact, you may even be able to find a mark down on ugly Christmas sweaters, That way when ugly Christmas sweater day rolls around next year, you’ll be all set.

When do after Christmas sales start

Since most stores are closed on Christmas day, you can expect the after-Christmas sales to begin bright and early on December 26th.

So let’s say you decide to hit the stores on Dec. 26 or later. You’ll probably be on the look out for those aforementioned items that I’ve purchased at after-holiday sales.

However, you may not realize that, of those items marked down to clear the shelves, you can find deals on more than just wrapping supplies for next year’s Christmas and Chanukah presents. Here are, in my opinion, the best items to stock up on at after Christmas sales.

You may even find some of the best Christmas decor storage solutions on sale after the holidays, too.

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How long do after Christmas sales last

I’ve always found that these after-Christmas sales last as long as there is inventory to sell. When you think about it, the next big holiday for shopping is Valentine’s Day and that’s got nothing on Christmas. So, my guess is that sales will last well into January.

Shop for colored candies of all kinds

When you think about holiday candies in festive colors, there’s red and green for Christmas. Those are also some of the colors of Kwanzaa.

Also, there is blue, white and silver for Chanukah. In addition, Chanukah gelt are usually gold coins. So, there’s that.

Anyway, here’s who you can reuse some of those December holiday candies next year. For example, you can keep red candies on hand for Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, the green ones will come in handy for St. Patrick’s Day. Finally, white and silver will easily work if you’re doing candy favors for a future wedding.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables of the season

If the cans of cranberry sauce and pureed pumpkin won’t expire for months, snap them up now while on clearance. Hopefully, there are still some left over from Thanksgiving.

Who says you can’t make pumpkin bread in February? Or serve cranberry sauce with an Easter meal?

Certain seasonal frozen vegetables may be marked down, too. And frozen veggies will last long after their expiration date when kept in the freezer.

Look for after Christmas deals on seasonal coffees

Everyone goes crazy for pumpkin spice coffee in the fall and holiday blend coffee in December. But get them when they’re marked down after Dec. 26. That way you will be enjoying them right into the New Year when everyone else is going through withdrawal. Or, they’re paying full price for the coffee they are craving.

coffee after christmas

Holiday meats

Supermarkets are likely to still have plenty of turkeys and ham left in their freezers after Christmas. That will be the best time to look for them to be marked down significantly.

Our family celebrated “Thanksgiving in May” last year. That’s when I cooked the frozen turkey I got for just a few bucks at the grocery store in late December. Also, ham is traditionally served at Easter. So you’ll be all set when that holiday rolls around in the spring.

Christmas cards and other holiday greetings

You know when Christmas cards are at their absolute cheapest? After Christmas.

Same with Chanukah greetings or any other kinds of holiday greetings. So, unless you do photo cards from CVS or something like that, you’ll want to buy next year’s Christmas cards starting the day after Christmas.

Holiday paper plates, cups, tablecloths and napkins

When I saw that you should stock up on these holiday paper goods, I’m talking about getting them in solid colors. That way they can be used easily on birthdays and other celebrations. This is also assuming you have a birthday girl or boy who likes red or green, or blue and white.

Metallic wrapping paper, bows and gift bags

Metallics are the new neutral. So, look for deals at the after Christmas sales on wrapping supplies in silver, gold, pewter and more.

Not only can you use them for the next holiday season, but also they’ll work for wrapping gifts for a baby, anniversary or an upcoming wedding. Finally, you can find deals on wrapping paper etc. in stores you might not think would carry such items. This includes Sierra and Joann Stores.

Holiday-themed packaged food

Most Americans may not be interested in eating a cereal featuring Santa or cookies with elves on them come January. However, priced right and long from their expiration date, they are well worth buying at after-holiday sales. You may also find them later in winter at your local dollar store.

The same is true for holiday-themed baking supplies. For example, red-striped baking bits are something that I stockpiled last December when they were a bargain price.

All the next year we enjoyed them baked into homemade cookies and brownies. Also look for holiday-themed cake mixes and frosting that have been marked down.

Snowflakes and all things winter

Those with winter birthdays or planning parties in January can take advantage of discounted decor with a frosty festive feel. These items are also great as centerpieces for winter weddings.

Or, if you happen to have an Etsy shop and use snowflakes and other winter icons in your designs, you can get them on the cheap now for next year’s orders.

Here is a rundown of what goes on sale in January.

Buy children’s toys after Christmas

If you’ve got kids, then you know gift-giving occasions don’t happen only in December. So take this opportunity to fill your gift closet with children’s toys on sale after Christmas and Chanukah. That way you can get through all of the birthday parties you’ll be attending next year without busting your budget!

You could even stock up on gingerbread house kits, like the ones I found the day after Christmas at Target. How fun would it be to give these as a gift throughout the year.

Hats, gloves and winter attire

Before you know it, bathing suits are going to be filling the racks of your local clothing store. But before that can happen, retailers need to get rid of the hats, gloves, pajamas, robes, turtlenecks, blankets and other cold-weather attire they were hoping you would stuff into stockings.

Why not scoop up a bunch when they are on clearance. Then, you can do one of two things with them.

One, put them in your gift closet for next year’s gift giving needs. Or, two, donate them to your local homeless shelter or Goodwill store. That way you’re helping you to do something good for your soul while saving money, too.

Bombas socks donates a pair of socks for every pair you buy.

Sales on Ugly Christmas sweaters

Now that Ugly Christmas sweater day has come and gone, I’ll bet you’ll find tons of these pullovers on the clearance rack at Target and other stores. After Christmas is the perfect time to get an ugly holiday sweater for your dog or for you family for next year’s celebrations.

Tell me if I’ve missed any categories, items, or products that you like to stock up on when hitting the after-Christmas sales in late December.

Stores to hit for after Christmas sales and deals

Finally, here are the stores I recommend shopping for all of those aforementioned after holiday sales and deals:

Target After Holidays Clearance Run

I just heard from Target about some of the items you can buy at after-Christmas sales. This includes:

50% or more off at Target on:

Up to 50% off at Target on:

30% or more off

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