11 Frugal Tips for Bartering, Discounts and Freebies

Being frugal doesn’t always have to mean you’re cheap. However, there’s nothing wrong when shopping to ask for the best price. Here are 11 ideas on how to haggle, get a discount when shopping or even get something for free.

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What is Frugality?

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When our family found ourselves needing to become suddenly frugal, it was all about cutting costs. These days it’s about making sure we make smart spending decisions. Find out how.

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How to Haggle

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One of the skills I learned when we started living frugally was haggling. It’s really a weird way of saying I started negotiating for the best prices on things, such as the new stainless steel refrigerator that replaced the old, ugly brown one.

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Tips for Bartering Goods and Services

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Another smart way to get what you need without spending a lot of money is to barter with someone. My husband and I were able to get a discount on our honeymoon because I bartered with the resort to do work for them after the fact.

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Stores with Birthday Discounts

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You may be used to getting gifts from family and friends on your birthday. However, did you know that some stores will give you the gift of a birthday discount on your big day? Find out which ones.

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Where to Get a Teacher Discount

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Many teachers will tell you that they stock their classroom using cash out of their own pockets. That’s why it’s important to locate stores and businesses that provide teacher discounts. Here’s a roundup that any educator really needs to know about.

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What Businesses Give a Military Discount

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Getting a discount at a store, restaurant or business is only a small token of appreciation for the members of the military who put their lives on the line to defend the country and their families that make the sacrifice to support them. However, here is a list of places that offer these savings.

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Birthday Freebies

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At these 45 restaurants, you can get free food on your birthday. It could be a free appetizer, free dessert or something else entirely.

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How Healthcare Workers Can Get Discounts

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First responders, doctors, nurses and anyone else working the healthcare field qualifies for all kinds of discounts, if they know where to look. Well, the search is over. This list includes footwear, fitness providers and food companies, among others, that offer freebies and more.

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How to Get Free Stuff Through Buy Nothing Groups

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Buy Nothing Groups live on Facebook. Once you find a Buy Nothing Group you like, you will need to apply to join its Facebook group. Then you can get stuff for free and give away what you no longer need.

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Freebies on Food Holidays and More

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From national food holidays like National Coffee Day to days when you can get free food or drink based on the calendar, such as Election Day, here is a round up of all of the free food days throughout the year.

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Free Food and Drink on Your Anniversary

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If you like to have dinner out to celebrate your wedding anniversary, then take note of these dozen or so restaurants that will give you free food or drink on your anniversary.

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