Alterations at Nordstrom

I never knew you could get alterations at Nordstrom until three things happened. One, I started getting clothes from Trunk Club (sadly, now closed down).

Two, I joined The Nordy Club, the Nordstrom rewards program. Rewards including earning points towards “free” alterations at Nordstrom. Also, you get benefits during the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

And, three, I got a Nordstrom card. One of the card’s benefits included free basic alterations. Actually, I should add another point to all of this: my friend Jen has been devoted to getting her clothes tailored for years. In addition, she’s been a devout Nordstrom customer.

Finally, I put two and two together to realize that she was getting all of this tailoring done at Nordstrom. One last thing: Jen also turned me onto the benefits of having a Nordstrom credit card.

This includes getting a $40 bonus Nordstrom Note (their rewards certificate) when you are approved and make your first purchase on the same day. And, yes, you can–and should–use your Nordstrom card to pay for alterations. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The purpose of this article is to answer the most common questions people have about getting clothes tailored at Nordstrom. My answers are based on my firsthand experience having everything from dresses to denim altered at Nordstrom. In addition, my husband has had suits and trousers tailored here, too.

A store with a sign that says alterations at Nordstrom order pick up.
Nordstrom alterations sign I photographed at my local store. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Overview of alterations at Nordstrom

So, how do you go about getting clothes altered at Nordstrom? Easy. You make an appointment at the Nordstrom nearest you.

You can do this by calling your local store. Or, you can make the appointment online, as I did recently.

There are a handful of different kinds of alterations you can get at Nordstrom. Let me outline them here.

Basic alterations at Nordstrom

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These basic alterations include hemming. This is usually free for Nordy Club members and credit card holders.

Plus, hemming fits into the category of express alterations. This is something Nordstrom can do in a day, when you pay an express fee.

Men’s tailoring services

My husband recently took advantage of the men’s tailoring services after losing weight. He had two suits that needed taking in.

They were in good shape. Plus, they were expensive suits that were worth keeping albeit once they were tailored to fit.

The Nordstrom tailor took in the waist of his pants, tapered the legs and altered the jacket so it wasn’t hanging off of him. Plus, with the tailoring, his old fashioned, conservative suits suddenly looked modern and new.

Tailoring for women’s special occasion dresses

I took advantage of tailoring service after receiving two cocktail dresses from Trunk Club (RIP!). Both almost fit perfectly. However, they just needed some nipping and tucking.

Also, one of these dresses, a fit and flare dress from 1901 brand, a Nordstrom store brand, had big bows on the shoulders. These bows were not flattering with my big bust. So I had the seamstress remove them during the alteration. You can see the before and after here.

Denim tailoring

Found the perfect pair of jeans at Nordstrom but they’re too long? No worries.

Nordstrom’s alterations team can take care of them for you. In fact, you have a few options for hemming and other tailoring of jeans at Nordstrom.

alterations at nordstrom jeans hemming 2 cropped low res
Having my jeans hemmed at Nordstrom with one of their professional tailors. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

With hemming, you have four hem options:

  • Plain
  • Topstitched
  • Original hem
  • Raw hem finishing

In addition, the tailors can make waist adjustments as well as taper the legs of your jeans. Levi’s Tailor Shop also repairs and hems jeans.

Clothing repairs

Part of the alteration services at Nordstrom includes fixing and repairing clothing you already own. They just ask that your clothing is freshly laundered before you bring it in.

In fact, when my husband brought in the two suits for alterations, he also brought a pair of slacks. Recently, he’d gotten up from his office chair and caught the front pockets of the pants on the chair’s arms. Instantly, the pockets ripped.

They are wash-and-wear trousers. So we cleaned them at home before our alterations appointment at Nordstrom. As I mentioned, that’s because Nordstrom requires all garments that you haven’t just purchased to be clean before you bring them in.

Nordstrom express alterations

This was a new service to me–express alterations. In fact, when we went to the store to pick up Bill’s suits, I noticed the signage for express alterations. Here’s what you need to know about same day tailoring and in-store alterations at Nordstrom.

  • One, Nordstrom can hem a pair of pants the same day or for the next day for a $10 express fee.
  • Two, Nordstrom can also alter other pieces of clothing for next-day pickup. However, the rush fee for expediting your tailoring is $25. This is in addition to the regular alterations fee.
  • Finally, if you want these express alterations in two to four days, you’ll still pay a rush fee. It’s still $10 for hemming (at that point, get it the same or next day, am I right?). However, for general merchandise, waiting a few extra days knocks the express fee down to $15.

How long do Nordstrom alterations take

Outside of the express tailoring mentioned above, you should expect your Nordstrom alterations to take about two weeks. Sometimes that timeframe is longer.

For example, last month my husband had to wait almost four weeks for his alterations to be complete. That’s because the tailors at our local Nordstrom were short staffed. Too many people were getting sick, and they couldn’t get alterations done in two weeks as promised. However, the next time we dropped off clothing for tailoring, we got a text that they were ready before two weeks were up.

How much do alterations cost at Nordstrom

Since I’ve just outlined the rush fees for express alterations, now is a good time to get into the nitty gritty of how much Nordstrom’s alteration services cost. This information was accurate at the time I wrote this article. Also, I should point out that Nordstrom has three categories of clothing. Each has different prices for alterations.

One is regular price merchandise that a Nordy Club member purchased at Nordstrom. Two is regular price merchandise that a non-Nordy Club member purchased at Nordstrom. And, three, is sale and outside merchandise. That’s why I’ve included ranges here.

  • Hemming; $15+
  • Taking in a waist: $17
  • Tapering legs/letting them out: $14-$25
  • Sleeve tailoring (jackets, coats, dresses, shirts): starts at $17
  • Side adjustments (jackets, coats, dresses, shirts): starts at $17
  • Buttons (moving or adding button holes): $5 and $10 each, respectively

What we paid for our alterations at Nordstrom

Like I mentioned, my husband had brought two suits and a pair of trousers to be altered at Nordstrom. They were all from Jos A Bank.

It’s important to note that his tailoring wasn’t just taking in a waist or hemming pants. There was a lot more done. So the price list above is just the starting point for each part of an alteration.

Because Bill had so much more done, one jacket’s tailoring was $95 and the other was $74. They were two different jackets that fit differently.

However, the pants both cost $58 to tailor. Finally, we paid $53 for the ripped pants to be repaired.

Could we have paid less at a local dry cleaner? Probably. However, the quality of the alterations was far above what we’d ever experienced anywhere else before.

Free alterations at Nordstrom

As I mentioned, Nordy Club members and Nordstrom card holders qualify for free alterations at Nordstrom in certain instances. Here is a list of the clothing items and the free services when it comes to in-store alterations and tailoring:

  • Pants hems (open bottom and pre hemmed)
  • Jeans hemming (open bottom and pre hemmed)
  • Skirts waist (taking in or letting out)
  • Pants waist tailoring
  • Plain sleeve tailoring on suit coat, sport coat, blazer and raincoat
  • Side adjustments on suit coat, sport coat, blazer as long as they’re plain, non vented
  • Moving front buttons on a coat

Tailoring on non-Nordstrom clothing

As I mentioned, you can bring your own clothing to be tailored. However, there is a benefit to having clothes purchased at Nordstrom tailored at Nordstrom — some of that tailoring could end up being free.

For example, if you’re a member of The Nordy Club and you just need basic alterations, such as hemming, it’s likely going to be free. In addition, if you’re a Nordstrom card holder like I am and have achieved Influencer or Ambassador status, then you can earn up to $200 and $300, respectively, towards tailoring services. You get your tailoring “reimbursed” to you as Nordstrom Notes.

Finally, there are certain items that Nordstrom stores will not alter or tailor. One, used, dirty clothing. Two, any, items that you purchased in store on clearance. And, three, purchases from Nordstrom Rack stores with tags still attached.

This article explains the differences between Nordstrom vs Nordstrom Rack.

Alterations at Nordstrom Rack

Believe it or not, some U.S. and Canada Nordstrom Rack stores also offer tailoring services.

I was under the (false) impression that you could get alterations at Nordstrom department store locations only. I’m happy to report I was wrong. Now, it’s not every single Nordstrom Rack store that offers alterations. So, I can’t tell you, off the top of my head, if the Nordstrom Rack near you is included in the list.

nordstrom rack exterior

Getting alterations at Nordstrom Rack

As far as how alterations work at Nordstrom Rack, it appears that it’s offered on a walk-in basis. Also, you cannot get the free hemming or tailoring services at Nordstrom Rack like you can at Nordstrom full-service department store locations.

So, keep that in mind. Finally, you will have to pay for all alterations at Nordstrom Rack. You cannot “cash in” Nordstrom Notes or alteration credits here.

Here are other department stores and retailers that have tailoring services.

Nordstrom Rack U.S. locations with alterations and tailoring

However, I did some digging on the Nordstrom Rack website. In the end, I came up with this list of more than 200 Nordstrom Rack locations in the United States that do have alteration services.

They’re listed here in alphabetical order by state. Then, they appear by location, alphabetically. Overall, there are many more Nordstrom Racks that offer this service than locations that do not. That’s good to know.

Here are new Nordstrom Rack store locations opening soon.

Alabama store locations


Nordstrom Rack River Ridge

Alaska Nordstrom Rack stores with tailoring and alterations


Nordstrom Rack Midtown Mall

Arizona Nordstrom Rack locations with alterations


Nordstrom Rack The Shops At Town and Country

Nordstrom Rack at Desert Ridge Marketplace


Nordstrom Rack Scottsdale Promenade

California Nordstrom Rack locations with alterations


Nordstrom Rack The Shops at RiverWalk


Nordstrom Rack Brea Union Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Burbank Empire Center


Nordstrom Rack Plaza 183


Nordstrom Rack Chino Spectrum Towne Centre

Costa Mesa

Nordstrom Rack Metro Pointe at South Coast

Daly City

Nordstrom Rack Serramonte Center


Nordstrom Rack Persimmon Place

East Palo Alto

Nordstrom Rack East Palo Alto

El Segundo

Nordstrom Rack El Segundo


Nordstrom Rack East Bay Bridge Shopping Center


Nordstrom Rack Palladio


Nordstrom Rack Pacific Commons Shopping Center


Nordstrom Rack Villaggio Retail Center


Nordstrom Rack Glendale Fashion Center

La Jolla

Nordstrom Rack The Shops at La Jolla Village

Laguna Hills

Nordstrom Rack Laguna Hills Mall

Laguna Niguel

Nordstrom Rack Laguna Niguel

Long Beach

Nordstrom Rack Long Beach Exchange

Nordstrom Rack Marina Pacifica Mall

Los Angeles

Nordstrom Rack Beverly Connection

Nordstrom Rack FIGat7th

National City

Nordstrom Rack Plaza Bonita


Nordstrom Rack Vintage Oaks


Nordstrom Rack Ontario Mills Mall


Nordstrom Rack Outlets at Orange


Nordstrom Rack Hastings Village

Pleasant Hill

Nordstrom Rack Sunvalley Shopping Center

Porter Ranch

Nordstrom Rack Porter Ranch


Nordstrom Rack Mountain Grove

Redondo Beach

Nordstrom Rack South Bay MarketPlace


Nordstrom Rack Riverside Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Creekside Town Center


Nordstrom Rack Howe ‘Bout Arden Center

San Diego

Nordstrom Rack Carmel Mountain Plaza

Nordstrom Rack Mission Valley

San Francisco

Nordstrom Rack Market Street

San Jose

Nordstrom Rack Westgate Mall

San Marcos

Nordstrom Rack Grand Plaza

Santa Clarita

Nordstrom Rack The Promenade at Town Center Valencia

Santa Rosa

Nordstrom Rack Coddingtown Mall


Nordstrom Rack Commons at Temecula

Thousand Oaks

Nordstrom Rack Janss Marketplace


Nordstrom Rack Tustin Market Place


Nordstrom Rack Colonies Crossroads


Nordstrom Rack Nut Tree Village

West Covina

Nordstrom Rack West Covina Mall

Woodland Hills

Nordstrom Rack Topanga

Colorado locations with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Twenty Ninth Street Shopping Center


Nordstrom Rack Cherry Creek

Fort Collins

Nordstrom Rack Foothills Mall


Nordstrom Rack Belmar

Lone Tree

Nordstrom Rack Park Meadows


Nordstrom Rack The Orchard

Connecticut location with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack West Farm Shopping Center

Delaware store location


Nordstrom Rack Christiana Fashion Center

Florida locations with alteration services


Nordstrom Rack The Promenade Shops

Boca Raton

Nordstrom Rack University Commons


Nordstrom Rack The Shoppes at University Town Center


Nordstrom Rack Lake Brandon Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Clearwater

Fort Lauderdale

Nordstrom Rack 1600 Commons


Nordstrom Rack The Markets at Town Center


Nordstrom Rack The Palms at Town and Country


Nordstrom Rack Miracle Marketplace

Nordstrom Rack The Shops at Midtown Miami


Nordstrom Rack Mercato


Nordstrom Rack Millenia Crossing


Nordstrom Rack The Oasis at Sawgrass Mills


Nordstrom Rack Tampa

West Palm Beach

Nordstrom Rack Palm Beach Outlets

Winter Park

Nordstrom Rack Winter Park Square

Georgia stores with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack North Point MarketCenter


Nordstrom Rack Buckhead Station


Nordstrom Rack The Mall of Georgia Crossing


Nordstrom Rack Perimeter Expo

Hawaii store locations


Nordstrom Rack Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach

Nordstrom Rack Ward Village Shops

Idaho store location


Nordstrom Rack Boise Towne Square

Illinois locations with alteration services


Nordstrom Rack Algonquin Commons


Nordstrom Rack Lincoln Park

Nordstrom Rack The Shops at State and Washington


Nordstrom Rack Kildeer Village Square


Last Chance Clearance Store Yorktown Center


Nordstrom Rack Harlem Irving Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Northbrook

Oak Brook

Nordstrom Rack The Shops at Oak Brook Place

Orland Park

Nordstrom Rack Orland Park Place


Nordstrom Rack Fashion Outlets of Chicago


Nordstrom Rack Woodfield


Nordstrom Rack Shops At Orchard Place

Vernon Hills

Nordstrom Rack Vernon Hills

Indiana stores with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Rivers Edge Shopping Center


Nordstrom Rack Schererville

Kansas location with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Orchard Corners

Kentucky store location


Nordstrom Rack Shelbyville Road Plaza

Louisiana store locations

Baton Rouge

Nordstrom Rack Mall of Louisiana


Nordstrom Rack Ambassador Town Center

New Orleans

Nordstrom Rack The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk

Maine store location

South Portland

Nordstrom Rack Maine Crossing

Maryland locations with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Annapolis Harbour Center


Nordstrom Rack Canton Crossing


Nordstrom Rack Columbia Crossing


Nordstrom Rack Gaithersburg


Nordstrom Rack Woodmore Towne Centre


Nordstrom Rack Towson

Massachusetts locations with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Newbury


Nordstrom Rack Marketplace at Braintree


Nordstrom Rack Middlesex Commons


Nordstrom Rack Liberty Tree Mall


Nordstrom Rack Shoppers World


Nordstrom Rack The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley


Nordstrom Rack University Station

Michigan locations with tailoring

Ann Arbor

Nordstrom Rack Arborland Center

Auburn Hills

Nordstrom Rack Great Lakes Crossing

Grand Rapids

Nordstrom Rack Centerpointe Mall


Nordstrom Rack Novi West Oaks


Nordstrom Rack Troy Marketplace

Minnesota locations with tailoring and alterations


Nordstrom Rack Mall of America

Maple Grove

Nordstrom Rack Arbor Lakes


Nordstrom Rack Crystal Court

Saint Louis Park

Nordstrom Rack Shoppes at Knollwood


Nordstrom Rack Woodbury CityPlace

Missouri store locations


Nordstrom Rack Manchester Highlands

St. Louis

Nordstrom Rack Brentwood Square

Nevada locations with tailoring and alterations


Nordstrom Rack Stephanie Street Center

Las Vegas

Nordstrom Rack Downtown Summerlin


Nordstrom Rack Redfield Promenade

New Jersey stores with alteration and tailoring services

Bound Brook

Nordstrom Rack Chimney Rock

Cherry Hill

Nordstrom Rack Towne Place at Garden State Park


Nordstrom Rack Crossroads at Eatontown


Nordstrom Rack Mercer Mall


Nordstrom Rack Livingston Center


Nordstrom Rack Bergen Town Center


Nordstrom Rack Rockaway Commons


Nordstrom Rack Wayne Town Center

New York store locations with alteration and tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack Colonie Center


Nordstrom Rack Boulevard Consumer Square


Nordstrom Rack Fulton Street

Garden City

Nordstrom Rack The Gallery At Westbury Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Manhasset Center

New York City/Manhattan

Nordstrom Rack 31st & 6th

Nordstrom Rack Union Square

Staten Island

Nordstrom Rack Staten Island


Nordstrom Rack Destiny USA

White Plains

Nordstrom Rack White Plains

North Carolina stores with alteration and tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack Carolina Pavilion


Nordstrom Rack Renaissance Center

Ohio locations with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack The Greene


Nordstrom Rack Rookwood Pavilion


Nordstrom Rack Easton Market

Nordstrom Rack Sun Center


Nordstrom Rack Legacy Village


Nordstrom Rack Crocker Park

Oklahoma location with tailoring

Oklahoma City

Nordstrom Rack Belle Isle Station

Oregon Nordstrom Rack locations with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Cascade Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Clackamas Promenade


Nordstrom Rack Oakway Center


Nordstrom Rack Tanasbourne Town Center


Nordstrom Rack Cascade Station

Nordstrom Rack Downtown Portland

Pennsylvania stores with alteration and tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack Hamilton Crossings

King of Prussia

Nordstrom Rack King of Prussia Town Center


Nordstrom Rack Shoppes at Belmont


Nordstrom Rack Lincoln Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Chestnut Street


Nordstrom Rack The Block Northway

Rhode Island store location


Nordstrom Rack Warwick Mall

South Carolina store locations with alteration and tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack Harbison Court


Nordstrom Rack Magnolia Park

Mount Pleasant

Nordstrom Rack Bowman Place

Tennessee Nordstrom Rack locations with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Brentwood Place


Nordstrom Rack Poplar Commons

Texas store locations with alteration and tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack The Parks at Arlington Mall


Nordstrom Rack Gateway

Cedar Park

Nordstrom Rack The Parke


Nordstrom Rack Gallery on the Parkway

Nordstrom Rack The Shops at Park Lane

El Paso

Nordstrom Rack The Fountains at Farah


Nordstrom Rack The Centre at Preston Ridge


Nordstrom Rack Bunker Hill

Nordstrom Rack Willowbrook Mall


Nordstrom Rack Preston Shepard Place

San Antonio

Nordstrom Rack Alamo Quarry

Nordstrom Rack The Rim

Sugar Land

Nordstrom Rack Market at Town Center

Sunset Valley

Nordstrom Rack Sunset Valley Shopping Center


Nordstrom Rack Baybrook Square

Utah store locations


Nordstrom Rack Station Park


Nordstrom Rack University Crossing


Nordstrom Rack Commons at South Towne

Virginia stores with alteration and tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack Pentagon Centre


Nordstrom Rack Springfield Town Center


Nordstrom Rack Dulles Town Crossing


Nordstrom Rack Tysons Corner

Virginia Beach

Nordstrom Rack Pembroke Mall


Nordstrom Rack Potomac Mills

Washington DC store location with tailoring

Nordstrom Rack Downtown DC

Washington State stores with alterations


Nordstrom Rack The Outlet Collection


Nordstrom Rack Bellevue Lincoln Square

Nordstrom Rack Factoria Mall


Nordstrom Rack Golde Creek Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Downtown Seattle

Nordstrom Rack Northgate

Spokane Valley

Nordstrom Rack Spokane Valley Plaza


Nordstrom Rack Tacoma Mall


Nordstrom Rack Southcenter Square

Wisconsin store locations


Nordstrom Rack West Towne Crossing


Nordstrom Rack Mayfair Collection

Alterations at Nordstrom Rack in Canada

There are 13 Nordstrom Rack stores in Canada.

Of them, six have alterations and tailoring services.

Those locations are:

Alberta store location with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack South Edmonton Common

British Columbia store location with tailoring


Nordstrom Rack Willowbrook Shopping Centre

Ontario store locations that offer tailoring services


Nordstrom Rack Heartland Town Centre


Nordstrom Rack Ottawa Train Yards


Nordstrom Rack One Bloor


Nordstrom Rack Vaughan Mills

Express alterations at Nordstrom Local

Nordstrom has smaller footprint stores called Nordstrom Local. I mentioned Nordstrom Local in my article that compares Nordstrom with Nordstrom Rack. These Local locations aren’t for shopping, per se. Nordstrom refers to them as service hubs where you can return merchandise, pick up an online order and get express alterations.

nordstrom local

Where will you find Nordstrom Local locations? Right now they’re just in New York City and the Los Angeles area.

In New York, they’re in two Manhattan neighborhoods. They are the Upper East Side and the West Village.

In California, you’ll find Nordstrom Locals in the following places:

  • Brentwood
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Melrose
  • Newport Beach

Final thoughts on alterations at Nordstrom

To recap, our family has used Nordstrom’s tailoring services a couple of times now. I’ve had two women’s dresses, purchased through Trunk Club, tailored at the store. And then my husband had two suits tailored and a pair of trousers repaired. These were items he did not buy at Nordstrom.

Look for the Alterations & Tailoring link at the bottom of the website to make your appointment. Finally, here is my review of working with a Nordstrom personal shopper. And yes, I ended up needing alterations on the clothes I bought.

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  1. Hello,

    Just a FYI, I just got off a chat with a Nordstrom associate, I asked if I could use my $200.00 credit for alterations at my local Nordstrom Rack. He said it would not be an issue as it is reimbursed as a note. I hope that is correct, as I am taking some clothing in for alterations this afternoon.

  2. Its been awhile since I worked at Nordstrom. June of 2020. My store closed due to covid. However, at that time, our store would do alterations on non-Nordstrom items. You could not use your notes, you had to pay out of pocket. But they were happy to do it. I know a lot has changed since 2020, maybe that has changed.
    Additionally, I have never seen (or read) a Nordstrom employee talk like this to a customer. Nordstrom prior to covid would never tolerated and employee with this type of attitude. I do agree, there are people out there who cheat the system, and many get away with it. Attacking this blogger is not necessary. You could have handled this much differently, and you chose not to. That’s not the Nordstrom way.

  3. Thank you for this information–I bought a special occasion dress at a Nordstrom Rack in San Diego and am trying to figure out if I should take it to my local tailor or the local Nordstrom Rack to be hemmed.

    1. My understanding is that Nordstrom department stores will not tailor clothing from Nordstrom Rack. However, if your Nordstrom Rack offers alterations, why not ask them if they can do it?

  4. Nordy Club T&C mention that alteration reimbursements (in form of Notes) are only valid on clothing bought at Nordstrom and not on the ones bought elsewhere. Is that correct? You mentioned that you were offered the reimbursements on suit alterations for suits bought at Jos A Banks as well? How did that work? Thanks much in advance.

  5. The Nordy Club T&Cs mention “The Cardmember alterations benefit is only available on items purchased from a Nordstrom store or through with your Nordstrom card.” Is it true, eventhough you did not purchase the suits from Nordstrom you got reimbursed in Notes for their alteration costs? I was confused about this benefit, so called the Nordy Club customer service and was directed to the above clause in the T&Cs. Did you get lucky or Nordstrom just bends their own rules?

    1. Yeah she cheated the system. She wasn’t supposed to do that. So along with being dishonest about her purchase, she also stole money from Nordstrom. I left a comment about this a couple of months ago, detailed, about what could be reimbursed with notes and what didn’t qualify but it was never published on here. I’ll be surprised if this one makes it, seeing as how this blogger is an outright thief. It’s not like she’s the first customer to do this though, so I can’t blame her entirely. We get a lot of “entitled” customers at my local Nordstrom who want the alterations benefit for their used, non Nordstrom purchases, simply because they’re a frequent shopper. Many times they skirt around the truth and will waste our time looking through their purchases to see if they can find these mysterious items. All stores now require solid proof of purchase and if you don’t have it, even if you bought it with us… you’re not going to get your credit if you can’t prove where the item was bought.

      1. I didn’t cheat the system. I paid for the alterations with my Nordstrom Card. I simply did not get reimbursed in Notes. You and others pointed this out. So I got my alterations and Nordstrom got paid for the services. And I ended the year with $300 in alterations credits to use for future Nordstrom purchases.

        Also, I didn’t approve your original comment because you said something disparaging about one of the pictures of me. That was uncalled for. I welcome constructive criticism, not personal attacks.