Tailoring and Alterations at Stores

Given the popularity of my article on alterations at Nordstrom, I realized that readers may also want to know about tailoring and alterations at other stores. I wasn’t sure if I would find nationwide retailers offering hemming service and more. However, I’ve got great news.

I was able to track down a handful of stores that offer some sort of tailoring or alterations. Some of these services are free. Others have a nominal fee.

Many of these stores will only fix clothing you bought from them. On the other hand, there are exceptions to this, like Nordstrom, that will tailor something bought elsewhere. 

Where to find stores with tailoring and alterations

So, where can you find these stores that will tailor, hem or alter your clothing? Believe it or not, pretty much everywhere, if you know where to look.

However, not surprisingly, it is the national chains or stores in major metro areas that more often than not have a tailor on staff–or on call.

I’ve researched each and every store that I’ve included in this list. Whenever possible I’ve included a link for more information at that store’s website.

Finally, if I’ve missed a store or gotten something wrong about these retailers and the services they offer, please let me know.

Now, onto the list of stores with alteration and tailoring services.


The Gap-owned athleisure brand, Athleta, is said to offer free alterations in store. In fact, this page on the Athleta website about store events gives a nod to hemming services. However, it doesn’t say if they’re free or not.

Banana Republic

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There are a few caveats to the tailoring and alterations you can get at Banana Republic. One, you must be a member of the Banana Republic rewards program. And, at that, you must have reached Icon level to get free alterations.

Two, you can only get tailoring on Banana Republic clothing you purchased there. Three, it appears you must have made the purchase with a Banana Republic/Gap brand credit card.

And, four, these are free basic alterations. However, the Banana Republic website doesn’t explain what the store considers to be “basic” alterations.


Here’s how the Bloomingdale’s website describes its tailoring services:

“Our highly skilled team of on-site tailors can hem denim, fit gowns, alter suiting—and more! With a quick turn-around, we’ll tailor any item purchased at a Bloomingdale’s store.”

Keep in mind that none of these alteration services are complimentary. Still, what Bloomingdale’s will tailor is pretty extensive. It includes:

  • Shortening or letting out skirt, trouser and dress hems
  • Slimming or shortening sleeves
  • Denim tapering, raw hem finishing or distressing
  • Waist adjustments
  • Custom-contoured darting
  • Adding built-in bra cups and adjustable straps

Again, these are all fee-based alterations at Bloomingdale’s.

Brooks Brothers

By searching the Brooks Brothers website, I learned this: it appears there are two ways that Brooks Brothers offers tailoring services.

One, you can work with a tailor in store–though it doesn’t specify which services these tailors offer. I would think it would be, at the very least, hemming on unfinished men’s trousers and pants.

And, two, Brooks Brothers offers a service called “Made to Measure Shirts & Suits.” There, you’ll work with a store associate to choose clothing that Brooks Brothers will then alter for a custom fit.

It ain’t cheap, though. Shirts start at $150 and suits start at $998.

suit tailoring


I found the answer to the question, “Does Dillard’s offer alterations?” on this Dillard’s FAQ page. Here’s a recap of what it says.

All stores offer free alterations on full-priced tailored items and unfinished pant bottoms. There is a fee required for all tailored items that are on sale and anything ready-to-wear. 

Alterations on ready-to-wear items are limited to the following articles of clothing and allowable tailoring: 

  • coats – sleeves
  • pant bottoms – plain/cuff
  • skirts/dresses – hem, sleeves and straps

Dillard’s is one of the stores that offers a bridal registry program with perks.

Hugo Boss

When it comes to alterations at Hugo Boss, it’s important to point out upfront where you cannot get tailoring on Hugo Boss items. One, any Hugo Boss outlet store. And, two, any Hugo Boss store within department stores like Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what you need to know about where you can get Hugo Boss alterations. You can get basic alterations for free on full-price Hugo Boss clothing. 

In fact, you have to present a receipt (or packing slip if purchased online) to qualify for these complimentary tailoring services. These free services, by the way, are limited to hemming on non-finished trousers or sleeve hems on suit jackets and sport coats.

Finally, Hugo Boss does offer alterations for a fee. While I don’t know what the fee is, what I do know is that the list of what Hugo Boss will tailor is pretty extensive.

List of Hugo Boss alterations and tailoring services

I got this list of services directly from the Hugo Boss website:

Jackets (Non-Leather Only) Alterations

  • Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves
  • Take in from Side Seams
  • Take in from Center Seam
  • Shorten Jacket

Trousers Tailoring

  • Adjust Waist
  • Taper Leg
  • Plain Bottoms (finished)
  • Create Cuffs

Coats alterations

  • Adjust Sleeves
  • Take in Sides
  • Shorten Coat

Shirts Alterations

  • Adjust Sleeves
  • Take in Sides
  • Remove Pocket

Skirts/Dresses Tailoring

  • Shorten/Lengthen
  • Sleeves
  • Replace Zipper

J. Crew

Certain J. Crew locations offer in-store alterations. Here is how the J. Crew website explains these services:

Get your pants hemmed or your sleeves altered for your very best fit, right in the store. (P.S. If you’re a J.Crew Credit Cardmember, it’s free!)


Most Jos.A.Bank suit pants are sold unhemmed. So, clearly you need to have them hemmed or cuffed. 

You can get these tailoring services done at a Jos.A.Bank store. However, they are not free. Alterations at Jos.A.Bank start at $12. 

Lands’ End

When it comes to tailoring or alterations at Lands’ End, these services are limited. However, they are all free.

That is, Lands’ End will hem or cuff your pants for free when you order them online. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to use this guide on the Lands’ End website to figure out how much to hem pants.

I say unfortunately, because if you get it wrong, you’re SOL. All sales on alterations are final.

Finally, not every pair of pants that Lands’ End sells can be hemmed. The company says you’ll see the “hem” option if it is available for a pair of pants you want to buy.


When it comes to tailoring and alterations at Lululemon, it’s simple: Lululemon will hem most pants and shirts you’ve purchased from them. However, you have to visit a store so their tailor can pin your garment.

That means that you can get Lululemon products you bought online fixed but you will have to go in person to a Lululemon store for this service. Most Lululemon hemming orders are ready for pickup within three business days. 


It appears that Macy’s does offer some sort of alterations or tailoring services in store. Why? Because this service is referenced in the store’s Star Rewards terms and conditions.

However, beyond that mention, I cannot find additional information on what services they offer or what they cost. I’ll keep digging; if you know more about tailoring at Macy’s, let me know.


You have to be a member of the Madewell Insider loyalty program to qualify for alterations at Madewell stores. And even then, that is limited to hemming on Madewell jeans only purchased in store. Online and phone orders do not qualify.

hemming jeans


The article I’ve linked to outlines all of the details about alterations at Nordstrom, including the rule about full-priced merchandise that is eligible for complimentary basic alterations. Also, how Nordstrom Rack handles alterations.

alterations at nordstrom pickup desk

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren offers complimentary alterations on full-priced men’s suits and Collection apparel in select Ralph Lauren stores.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Alteration services at Saks are available in all Saks Fifth Avenue stores. The store offers free basic alterations on all full-priced and sale items you bought at a Saks store (not Saks Off Fifth) or Saks.com online.

In addition, Saks can provide additional tailoring for a fee. Speak to someone in store about how these additional services work.


It appears that most of the tailoring services that Uniqlo offers are online alterations. And they are limited to pants only. Uniqlo offers four kinds of hem stitching when having men’s or women’s pants hemmed. This includes a pair of jeans you bought in person or online.

Final thoughts on stores with tailoring and alterations

Nearly every store I researched for this article had an important caveat that went along with its tailoring and alteration services. And that was this: once you’ve had pants hemmed or jackets tailored, those sales are final.

In other words you cannot return something that you’ve had altered–whether it was done at that store or at a tailor near you. So, you’d better love that clothing enough to keep it forever because you cannot get a refund on it once it’s been tailored.

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