Awesome Dog Costumes for Halloween

Are you one of the 29 million Americans looking for awesome dog costumes for Halloween? Yup, that’s how many of us dog lovers celebrate Halloween with our pets–29 million. 

Recently, the National Retail Federation came out with a list of awesome dog costumes for Halloween. These include funny pet Halloween costumes as well as animal costumes for pets.

This article lists all of the pet-friendly stores where you can bring your dog.

Top funny and awesome dog costumes for Halloween

Here are the top funny and awesome dog costumes for Halloween. I’ve included images of them.

With the average pet owner expected to spend about $18 per costume, I’ve tried to find costumes that are also affordable. This will help you celebrate Halloween with your dog this year without busting your budget.

Here are some additional thoughts on how to have Halloween on the cheap.

Pumpkin Halloween costume

When it comes to a pumpkin dog costume, you’ll find a number of options. One of the most popular ones traditional dog costumes is dressing up your pooch like a pumpkin. On Chewy I found an adorable pumpkin costume in sizes XS to XXL.

I know this larger size option is important for dog owners of larger breeds. They’re always looking for large dog Halloween costume ideas and extra large dog Halloween costumes.

These are ideas for matching owner and dog Halloween costumes.

Hot dog costume

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Perhaps the most awesome dog costume for Halloween is putting a dachshund or weiner dog in a hot dog Halloween costume for dogs. But you can put any breed in the popular hot dog pet costume.

Some of these even come in an extra large size, good for owners of large breeds. In fact, I found one hot dog costume on Amazon that comes in medium, large and extra large.

Finally, if you want a matching costume with your pet, I’ve included a ketchup and mustard bottle costume for humans. These would be perfect to wear if you’ve dressed your pup up as a frankfurter.

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Dog Superhero Costume

When searching for a superhero dog costume, I came across a ton of options. This included a superwoman costume for dogs, supergirl costume for dogs, the Flash Halloween costume for dogs, plus Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Robin and more.

These were all superhero dog costumes from DC Comics as well as the Marvel Universe. Some of them were just a dog wearing a superhero cape.

A few made it look like your dog is standing up, like a human superhero. A few of these superhero dog costumes come in sizes as large as 3X or extra-extra-extra large. I’ve highlighted a few below.

Bumblebee Dog Costumes

I’ve seen a wide variety of bumblebee dog costume options, including some that could easily double as pet costumes for the Pittsburgh Steelers. All have gold and black stripes. Some include a hat or integrated bumblebee wings.

One bumblebee dog costume is simply a pair of bumblee wings. That might be a great option for a dog that doesn’t like wearing costumes.

Witch costume

Nearly every witch costume I saw for pets includes a hat of some kind or another. First, I don’t know about you but my dogs refuse to keep a hat on. So my advice to you would be this. If you’re determined to dress your dog up in a witch pet Halloween costume, you might want to skip the hat.

Lion pet costume

A lion mane costume is great if you happen to have a dog the same golden color as the lion’s mane. However, I did see lion’s manes costumed in other colors while searching for a lion pet costume.

Delivery person dog costume

I know I get excited when the brown UPS delivery truck pulls into our driveway. So do my dogs.

You have seen the dogs of UPS Facebook page, right? Well, how much fun would it be to dress your pup up as a delivery person this Halloween? I found some fun costumes on a variety of online stores.

These dog costumes includes a UPS driver and someone from the USPS (United States Postal Service). At one point Chewy had a Chewy delivery dog costume. Unfortunately, that appears to be discontinued now.

Devil Halloween costume for your pup

I had the darndest time finding a devil costume for dog. When I searched, mostly I found cat devil costumes. So, what does it say about people’s thoughts on cats? That they’re little devils?

Anyway, I was able to find two decent, traditional devil costume for dog options, including one very inexpensive devil horn headband for dogs.

Spider dog costume

My dog Oscar was a very good boy when he let me dress him up as Spiderman one Halloween. However, I know that plenty of pet owners want to dress their pups as a legit spider, not just the superhero Spiderman. Here are some dog Halloween costume ideas for dressing as a spider

Shark pet costume

Many of the shark pet costume options I saw on Amazon involved a hat, once again. One made it look like your dog’s head was inside the shark’s mouth. That’s a little too graphic for me.

So instead I’ve include a few of the more tame shark pet costume ideas I found on Amazon. A few would even qualify as a large dog shark costume.

By the way, as a pet parent, you may be interested in my review of

Want to dress like your dog on Halloween? Here are ideas for dog and owner Halloween costumes.

Finally, look at after Halloween sales to save on marked down pet costumes.