Best Men’s Wide Casual Shoes

My husband is forever on the hunt for the perfect men’s wide width casual shoes. To make matters worse, he doesn’t just have wide feet–he has an extra wide foot with a high arch. Therefore, it’s always been difficult to find shoes that fit.

While we’ve been able to narrow down brands of dress shoes for his wide feet, casual shoes present a different challenge. For example, he would love to wear slip on canvas shoes for the weekends or for going to the beach. However, that aforementioned high arch and instep makes slip-on shoes impossible.

One brand works for him, though. It’s the Florsheim boat shoe. He’s had them for years. More about them in a bit.

Where to find the best men’s wide casual shoes

All hope is not lost, though. Over the years it feels like we’ve shopped everywhere for men’s wide casual shoes. And we have narrowed down stores and retailers that can cater to his wide foot. 

Also, we have a pretty good sense of the brands that make casual shoes that really do fit a wide man’s foot. So, read on for our guy-tested list of the best men’s wide casual shoes and where to buy them.

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Men’s wide width Crocs

Did you know that Crocs come in wide widths? Neither did I. 

However, Crocs have come a long way since they were the much aligned shoe brand and style. In fact, they’re downright chic in some circles–chefs, college campuses, competitive athletes.

In addition, Crocs sells shoes in big and tall sizes. That would be men’s size 14 and up.

Unfortunately, there are only two styles of Crocs that are marketed on the Crocs website under wide shoes. They are the Crocs Classic Clog and the Crocs Bistro Clog.

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FYI, I looked on both Zappos and Nordstrom for wide width Crocs, and neither seems to stock them. So, if you’re a man with a wide foot looking to buy Crocs, your best bet is to shop directly on the Crocs website.

Crocs College Shoe Charms

Let’s say you want to share your college spirit with a Crocs shoe charm. Well, Etsy can help out.

I found a number of vendors on the Etsy platform with collegiate charms for Crocs. Now, I don’t know if these are officially licensed or not, but have a look.

Men’s wide width business casual shoes

Like many offices, my husband can wear business casual clothing during the summer. Therefore, he needs shoes that are dressed down a bit from his regular work shoes. However, he likes to have shoes that can also work for a weekend day, if he’s not wearing sneakers.

Speaking of sneakers, here are the best men’s sneaker trends.

He’s had great luck shopping for these kinds of shoes at Duluth Trading Company. And even though Duluth only stocks single wide men’s shoes, they fit his double wide foot.

Here are the oxford-like shoes he bought at Duluth in a wide width. They are the Duluth brand, and you can tell they are much worn and loved.

When I checked the Duluth website while writing this article, there were only six shoe styles available in a men’s wide. Most were too casual for the office.

However, it was the first time I’d ever seen a man’s wide width driving shoe. Duluth markets it as a driving moccasin. Either way, it’s a slip-on, driving shoe in a wide width. It comes in sizes 9 through 14, including some half sizes.

Mens wide width waterproof shoes

I’ve had great luck finding waterproof shoes for men in wide widths at Nordstrom. This includes both dress shoes and casual shoes. Since this article focuses on the casual, I’ll limit my discussion to them.

Some of the options in the waterproof category include:

Men’s wide width sandals

Men definitely have fewer sandals options than women do. And then when you add in sandals in a wide width? Well, your results are really narrowed down.

For example, when I searched for men’s wide sandals on Zappos, two came up. Both are brown leather sandals, and one of them was a slide.

Same at Nordstrom. There were very few sandal options for men with wide feet. I did, however, find a few options from the Propet brand. This includes leather sandals with a strap that goes around the heel as well as slides.

Speaking of sandals, here are some of the best Chanel dad sandals dupe shoes.

Florsheim wide men’s slip on shoes

I mentioned earlier that my husband cannot wear most slip-on shoes because of his high arch. However, there is one exception, and that is slip on shoes from Florsheim.

I’m pleased to report that Florsheim still offers slip-on shoes in men’s wide and extra wide widths. However, they call it “very wide” now. FYI, regular wide at Florsheim is still a 3E width.

These wide slip ons come in three categories.

One, there are straight out slip on shoes. They look like casual loafers.

Two, boat shoes. And, three, oxfords. I’ve highlighted some selections here. They are all available directly from Florsheim’s website.

One of my husband’s favorite places to shop for and brands of men’s wide width shoes is Florsheim.

From time to time, Florsheim offers coupon codes for savings. So, when that happens, I’ll post information right here.

For example, this week you can take 10% off with code LNK10!

Another brand that makes the best slip on shoes? New Balance!

Rockport wide men’s shoes

Perhaps one of my husband’s favorite casual shoes is this pair of boat shoes shown below. They are from Rockport and have held up exceptionally well.

They are in a men’s extra wide, and I was thrilled to discover that Rockport still sells them in wide and extra wide. This is exclusively on the Rockport website.

In fact, my husband’s shoe is called the Men’s Perth Boat Shoe. However, Rockport has a few different styles of boat shoe, too. All come in wide widths.

Stores that stock men’s wide casual shoes

I’ve already mentioned a few brands and stores that stock men’s wide width casual shoes. We have firsthand experience shopping at a number of them.

However, if you don’t live close to Nordstrom or a Duluth Trading Company store, you can always shop online. So in this section of this article, I’ll explain how to find the shoes you seek at each of these places. 

Shopping for men’s casual wide shoes at Zappos

The first time you visit Zappos to find men’s casual wide shoes, here are the steps you’ll go through to filter your results.

Head over to, then click men. When the dropdown menu appears, click shoes.

Immediately, you’ll see the sizes and widths you can choose to search for shoes. You’ll have a few options to select. These include:

  • W
  • WW
  • D
  • E
  • EE
  • 3E
  • 4E
  • 5E
  • 6E
  • 9E

Then you can narrow shoe choices by size, category, brand, color and more.

Also, you may have noticed that at the beginning, when you got the dropdown men for men’s shoes, there was an option for wide. Don’t select that.

I’ve found that this wide option doesn’t filter as nicely as starting in men’s shoes. You’ll have better results when you click the box for the width you want in men’s shoes. 

FYI, I would recommend making a Zappos account. Why? Because it will remember your preferences.

That is, when you visit and sign in, the site will bring up your information. You’ll see a note, like in the picture below, prompting you to sign in to see your save sizes. This can make searching for shoes easier each time you shop on Zappos. I know it is for me.

Men’s casual wide shoes at Nordstrom

The best way to locate men’s wide width shoes at Nordstrom is to use the filter online. Here are the steps you’ll take.

One, visit Two, select men from the top menu and then shoes.

Once you get to the shoe page, look at the left hand column. There, you can use the filter to narrow down your choices.

I would suggest starting with shoe widths. You’ll need to scroll down, almost to the bottom to see the plus sign to open the width filter.

Then, you’ll see both wide widths as well as narrow widths. Because I imagine that men with narrow feet have as many challenges finding shoes as men with wide feet do.

What wide widths does Nordstrom stock

You’ll be impressed with the variety of wide widths that Nordstrom stocks. I know I was. They go all the way up 6E or EEEEEE.

This article can help you locate wide shoes for kids.

U.S. Shoe Size Conversion Calculator

*Note: This is just an approximation based on average shoe sizes. Some brands run bigger or smaller.

Need help converting men’s sizes to another kind of shoe? This calculator can help you do that.