Best Wide Dress Shoes for Men

It’s always a challenge to find the best men’s dress shoes for my husband’s wide feet. Usually, what happens is this: he finds a pair that fits his extra-extra wide foot and high arch, and then he buys multiple pairs in multiple colors. Do you do the same?

Anyway, that’s great for practical reasons–buying shoes in bulk and never having to worry about it again. But for style reasons, it’s, well, boring. 

Shopping options for men’s wide width dress shoes

Also, shopping options can change based on where you live. For example, when we lived in Michigan, there was a great store about an hour away that stocked all kinds of wide width shoes. It’s where I would buy extra wide women’s shoes and where my husband could find the best selection of men’s dress shoes in wide widths.

You have to understand. My husband has what I call Flintstone feet. It’s not easy to find any kind of shoes when you have Flintstone feet.

Then we moved and began to rely on Famous Footwear to get him the shoes he needed. But slowly they stopped stocking extra wide men’s shoes except for sneakers. So, when he needed those shoes for work, he was out of luck.

Since then we’ve discovered many brands and stores that have some of the best dress shoes for men with wide, extra wide or extra-extra wide feet. I’m sharing those resources with you here.

I’ve answered some of the most common questions about men’s wide shoes. I’ll address dressy-dress shoes for men, if you will, as well as those that can work for a business casual setting.

Who makes the best wide men’s dress shoes

I wish there were more brands making wide men’s shoes, or dress shoes for men in extra wide widths. Like women with wide feet, finding stylish and comfortable shoes for men with wide feet is a challenge.

One of my favorite places to buy wide width shoes is Zappos.

If you ever have any questions about shopping on Zappos — their return policy, their free shipping, etc. — let me know.

Finally, whenever Zappos has any coupon codes to offer, I’ll post them here.

Favorite shoe brands

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However, over the years my husband has come to rely on a few brands. They are: 

In addition, with business casual more popular than ever, he’s had great luck getting business casual dress shoes, in the wide widths he needs, from Duluth Trading Company.

Finally, some men don’t need extra-extra wide or even just extra-wide dress shoes. They can get away with regular wide shoes. So, you can add these brands to the mix, too:

Colors of men’s dress footwear

For the most part my husband’s wide width dress shoes are in basic colors–brown and black. Sometimes he could find shoes in oxblood red or cordovan, too. In case you didn’t know, that’s a burgundy-like color.

However, in researching this article, I’ve discovered wide width men’s dress shoe options in gray and blue as well as combo colors. This is especially true when you add business casual men’s dress shoes to the mix.

Styles of men’s wide width shoes for work

When it comes to different styles of wide men’s dress shoes, you’ve got most of the basics. This includes wingtips and oxford. However, there are also slip-on shoes and penny loafers. 

Most of the shoes in the latter category–the slip-on kind, including loafers–do not come in extra wide widths as often as the tie-up shoes do. Also, for men with a high arch, like my husband, they are simply unwearable.

I have a high arch, too, and it’s the same for me with slip-on women’s shoes. The height of the top of my foot, from my arch, gets in the way.

Another fun fact with wide feet: the need for a large toe box. Many of the oxfords and wingtips he’s been able to find in an extra wide width have square toes rather than rounded or pointy. This square shape helps provide more room in the toe box, thus making the wide shoe even more comfortable.

Where can you purchase men’s dress shoes in wide widths

Of course, there is Amazon. But also Nordstrom, Jos. A. Bank and Zappos

In addition, if you use an online men’s styling service, you can find extra wide dress shoes that way. For example, my husband has gotten work clothes, including footwear, through Nordstrom. It helps that Nordstrom stocks some big and tall sizes, which he needs to wear.

Click here to read my review of men’s online styling services, including those that dress big and tall men.

Where to buy Florsheim shoes for men

There are a number of retailers that carry Florsheim shoes for men. This includes options for shopping online and picking up in store.

I’ve even found tuxedo shoes in a wide width for formal occasions. Here are a few to consider. Finally, don’t forget that Florsheim has its own online store with a great selection on wide-width dress shoes.

One of my husband’s favorite places to shop for and brands of men’s wide width shoes is Florsheim.

From time to time, Florsheim offers coupon codes for savings. So, when that happens, I’ll post information right here.

For example, this week you can take 10% off with code LNK10!

Hush Puppies shoes for men

On the more casual side of dress shoes are Hush Puppies. This brand seems more attune to a business casual vibe in the footwear department. Here are a few options.

Johnston & Murphy Formal Dress Shoes

You’ll find Johnston & Murphy formal and dress shoes available at a number of online retailers. I’ve linked to a few of the ones my husband has used to buy his shoes.

Rockport Extra Wide Men’s Dress Shoes

I’m not surprised to learn that Rockport offers some of the best options for extra wide men’s dress shoes. Rockport owns Cobb Hill, a brand of women’s shoes that I absolutely adore–and own way too many pairs. Anyway, here are some options for those extra wide items for men.

Cole-Haan Men’s Wide Shoes

You can find Cole-Haan wide dress shoes for men from the usual footwear suspects, such as Zappos and Nordstrom. Here are a few selections to consider.

Where to buy discounted extra wide dress shoes

The problem with wearing extra wide or extra-extra wide width shoes is there are so few of them on the rack to begin with. So to expect to find them on clearance or at a deep discount is a possibility but not a certainty. 

Nonetheless, there are a few places online and in person where you may be able to find men’s extra wide dress shoes at a discount. I’ve outlined a few for you.

Wide width men’s shoes at Nordstrom Rack

I’ve found that one of the best places to buy dress shoes, in an extra wide width and at a discount, is Nordstrom Rack. For example, I recently spotted more than a dozen men’s wide formal shoes online at Nordstrom Rack.

I’ll admit that it can be hit or miss–especially in wide and extra wide shoes. But it is worth perusing Nordstrom Rack online or going in person on a regular basis, especially if you have hard to fit feet.

Here’s advice for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Men’s shoes marked down at Zappos

Another place to shop, where you could find these shoes discounted, is Zappos. You can filter shoes on Zappos by gender, size and width.

In addition, you can tell Zappos what price range you want to see in your results. Therefore, very easily you can locate any discounted or marked down men’s dress shoes in an extra wide width.

Click here to shop on

Shop the Jos. A Bank sale for best deals on men’s wide shoes

Finally, a few times a year Jos. A Bank has a tremendous sale. It’s when my husband stocks up on shirts and suits.

Jos.A.Bank is one of a dozen stores that offers alterations and tailoring.

It’s also when he looks to see if any of the shoes that the store carries are marked down. FYI, he’s been able to buy Florsheim and Johnston and Murphy brand dress shoes, in 3E or triple wide, from Jos. A. Bank.

Here’s a link to wide width shoes–called extended sizes–on the Jos. A Bank site.

Final thoughts on the best wide men’s dress shoes

Shopping for hard-to-fit feet isn’t easy. So, I hope that the information I’ve provided is helpful in your search for the best men’s dress shoes in wide, extra wide and extra-extra wide. 

If I’ve missed any brands or stores where you can buy men’s dress shoes in these widths, please let me know. I’ll also be sure to let my husband know. Because this is good information to have for the next time he needs to buy new dress shoes.

U.S. Shoe Size Conversion Calculator

*Note: This is just an approximation based on average shoe sizes. Some brands run bigger or smaller.

Need help converting men’s sizes to another kind of shoe? This calculator can help you do that.

Finally, I’m recently tackled the topic of men’s casual shoes in wide widths. Let me know exactly the kind of footwear you’d like to see me cover.


  1. Leah—Did you see my 5/17 note on Hitchcock Shoes ? Please let me know. They have “high instep” shoes to help with high arches. Don’t be afraid to shop by mail. I’ve used them for many years w/good results. ROB.

    1. Yes. I approved that comment. I just haven’t had time to check it out.

  2. Hello! I’m Rob Snyder(7EE or EEE). You MUST go to wide (Hitchcock Shoes) for wide, extra-wide, & super-wide shoes. That is their ONLY business. They also have women’s shoes. Ask for both catalogs. ROB.

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