Where to Buy Toilet Paper

Are you wondering where you can buy toilet paper? I know that my Facebook friends are all posting that they can’t find toilet paper in the store. Some are even suggesting ways to use direct mail or rags as makeshift toilet paper. I really hope we don’t get there

Online stores where you can buy toilet paper

where to buy toilet paper online

But there still seems to be places you can go online to buy toilet paper. Where? Office supply stores and hardware stores. Below are affiliate links to some business where you can buy toilet paper online. As of this writing all still had toilet paper in stock.


As of today, you could buy toilet paper from dozens of brands on Staples.com. This includes single rolls of toilet paper, mutlipacks as well as industrial sized, donut rings of toilet paper.

Buy toilet paper on Staples.com

Office Max/Office Depot

When I searched “buy toilet paper” on the Office Max/Office Depot website, I got 200+ results. New: Stay in your car and they’ll bring your order to you, with curbside pickup!

Ace Hardware

When you shop online at Ace Hardware, you need to tell the website where your local Ace Hardware is located before you can make your purchase. You do this to see if there is a pick up in store option available

buy toilet paper ace hardware

I will admit that when I searched my local Ace Hardware in Western Pennsylvania to buy toilet paper, it was showing to be out of stock of toilet paper. However, when I chose a store 15 miles away, I got this result!


I know people are writing that it’s impossible to buy toilet paper (among other things) at Target in store. However, when I searched Target.com for toilet paper, things looked rosier.

Sure, some brands were sold out or not available for stock pickup. But plenty were still available. This included brands that were offering a free gift card with your purchase.


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While people online are reporting long lines at Costco warehouse stores to buy toilet paper–and pretty much everything else–Costco.com is a different story. There are plenty of different kinds of toilet paper available on Costco’s website.

Important tip when searching for toilet paper on Costco.com: use the phrase “bath tissue” not “toilet paper.” Otherwise you won’t get any results.

You do not need a Costco membership to shop on Costco.com. However, the website will tell you that prices are higher online. This is true at all times, not just during a toilet paper shortage.

Did you know that toilet paper is one of many road trip essentials?

What about flushable wipes?

If you can’t buy toilet paper, you’re not SOL–pun intended. Have you considered flushable wipes? I realize that wipes might be less eco-friendly than regular toilet paper. But if you’ve run out of of ways to buy toilet paper, this might be an option you hadn’t considered.

Important note: when shopping online for flushable wipes, make sure they say flushable. Do not, in any circumstance, put diaper wipes in the toilet.

Finally, stores like Dollar Tree have flushable wipes as well as toilet paper. In addition, they have stock of hand soaps and sanitizers, too.

Buy a bidet

Another option I’ve seen friends discussing is going European and buying a bidet. That is, buying and installing a bidet toilet to minimize the need for buying toilet paper.

How does that work? Well, a bidet basically washed your backside after you use the toilet. I don’t have any personal experience with a bidet so can’t say how well bidets actually work.

Sign up for Rakuten 

Finally, if you do shop online to buy toilet paper or anything else, make sure you have signed up for Rakuten. Rakuten provides cash back on things you were going to buy anyway online.

Not sure what Rakuten is all about? Here’s my blog post “What is Rakuten” that explains it all.

If you search the Internet using Chrome, here’s another tip so you won’t miss out on cash back from Rakuten. Install the Rakuten browser extension. It will let you know if you can get cash back at any online store.

In addition, Rakuten has just launched a lower-price tool. You’ll get a popup where something that you’re looking for online is available elsewhere for a lower price. It will tell you this if you’re visiting a store that doesn’t participate in Rakuten.

Here is a link to sign up for Rakuten, if you don’t already have it.