What Is Nordstrom Curbside Pickup

Recently, I took advantage of the Nordstrom ship-to-store option, to my local Nordstrom Rack and wondered if I could use curbside pickup to get it.

Unfortunately, the Nordstrom Rack location near me doesn’t have curbside pickup available.

I assumed it would.

However, I recently learned that no Nordstrom Rack locations offer Curbside Pickup.

Even so, there are many more services that you’ve come to expect at Nordstrom department stores that you can get at Nordstrom Rack stores as well.

FYI, I snapped the picture below in the parking lot of the Nordstrom at the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh.

curbside pickup nordstrom

Also, it seems that all Nordstrom locations offer a ship-to-store option.

I chose that this time around because I have some returns I need to make.

Why not kill two retail birds with that proverbial one stone?

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How’s that for bastardizing a common idiom?

Anyway, let me first explain how Nordstrom curbside pickup works.

Then, since Nordstrom Rack stores don’t currently offer curbside pickup, I’ll explain the additional services you can get there.

I love shopping at Nordstrom, because of their great product selection and their excellent customer service. Note: the links I provide here are called affiliate links. That means if you click through them to shop, I will receive a small commission. There is no cost to you for using my links.

Whenever there is a sale or a shopping coupon code, I’ll post information right here, along with a link to Nordstrom or a link to Nordstrom Rack to make your shopping (and saving) easier.

What is Nordstrom Curbside Pickup

Nordstrom Curbside Pickup is exactly what it sounds like–you place an order, drive up to the store and someone brings your order out to you.

It works a lot like Target Drive Up, which I absolutely love using when I shop at Target.

drive up groceries online target

That is, like the Target app, which tells you when your order is ready, the Nordstrom app will do the same.

So, you’ll get a notification that your order is ready for curbside pickup.

Then, you’ll drive to the store and park in one of the curbside pickup locations.

After that, you’ll use either a link in the email you received or within the app itself to notify the store that you’re there.

Finally, Nordstrom stores will hold a curbside pickup order for five days only.

Curbside pickup for returns

I know that sounds like an oxymoron–that you can use something for picking up to make a return–but it’s true.

If you’re going to visit a Nordstrom department store location (not Nordstrom Rack) to make a return and don’t want to get out of the car, then you can do it through curbside pickup.

Here is how the Nordstrom.com Returns page explains “drop off curbside”:

  • Start your return online.
  • Drop off your items using contactless Curbside Returns, available at any store.
  • We’re unable to accept fine jewelry, designer items, opened baby gear or Nordstrom Rack items curbside.
  • Refunds can be expected in 5-7 business days.

Nordstrom Rack pickup options

returns nordstrom rack

As I mentioned at the top of the article, I recently learned that you cannot do curbside pickup at Nordstrom Rack locations.

At least that’s the store policy.

However, while researching this article, I learned that some Nordstrom Rack locations within malls or shopping centers do have curbside pickup.

That is, during the holiday season, the entire mall or shopping center may offer these pickup options for all shoppers at all stores.

For example, the Nordstrom Rack Towson is located in the Towson Town Center mall.

There you can get curbside pickup at the same location as you would curbside pickup for the Nordstrom department store in the same mall.

This article on the Townson Town Center website explains how pickup works for Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and other participating retailers in the mall.

So I would definitely look out for these kinds of options during special shopping holidays.

On the other hand, nearly every Nordstrom Rack lets you choose the ship-to-store option like I did with my most recent order.

It’s the same with Nordstrom Local locations in New York and California.

You can have your order shipped there.

Then, you’ll just go inside the store to pick it up.

Final thoughts on Nordstrom curbside pickup

If at some point Nordstrom Rack starts offering curbside pickup, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In fact, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter.

Subscribers are always the first to know about anything new going on in the retail and shopping world.

So, don’t miss out.