JW Marriott New Orleans_Guest room In-room Peloton Bike

Peloton Bikes in College Towns

There are two reasons I wanted to write this blog post on Peloton bikes in college towns. One, if you have a child in college or university, you may want to know about Peloton hotels when you visit them. Two, … Read More

best ways to save money as a college student

Best School Supplies for College

When it comes to the best school supplies for college students in 2021, the list looks very different from when I went to college. For starters there weren’t any online classes let alone digital textbooks. In addition, we bought all … Read More

target college dorm registry

Target College Dorm Registry

Before we sent our youngest off to college–and before she even graduated from high school–we decided to sign her up for the Target college dorm registry. Why? Well, one, we needed to buy supplies for her college dorm. And, two, … Read More