Giant Store Brands: My Taste Test Challenge


Giant store brands bbq sauceAs you know from my earlier post on Giant Store Brands versus National Brands, Giant Food Stores are running a promotion this summer to inspire you to try the store’s brands for free. That is, when you buy a certain name brand product and then add a comparable product from Giant’s own brand to your basket, the Giant product ends up being free. I took advantage of this last week, when sliced deli turkey was part of the promotion. I bought a package of Hillshire Farms turkey for lunches and got the Giant version of the same kind of turkey for free. FYI, my kids didn’t know the difference when I made sandwiches for lunch.

I tried another taste test comparing the brands with barbecue sauce. That is, the PR people from Giant/Martin’s food stores had sent me a package with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce and Giant’s Own Brand BBQ Sauce. This was for the promotion running the last week of June through Independence Day weekend. I used this opportunity to marinate a few chicken breasts in the brand name BBQ sauce and the rest of the chicken breasts in the store brand BBQ sauce.

As you can see from the photo at the start of this blog post, I did the marinating in Ziploc-type bags. I let the meat marinate overnight in the refrigerator to maximize flavor.chicken on the grill

The next day, it was time to fire up the grill. I made sure to cook all the same kind of marinated chicken on separate sides of the grill so as not to mess up the results of my taste test. I must say that the chicken grilled up beautifully.

That night for dinner I decided to make what was my version of a Southern meal, what with the BBQ chicken and all. I baked corn muffins, and grabbed containers of applesauce, leftover from packing lunches during the school year. I’d stockpiled the applesauce when it was on sale and I had a coupon, and let’s just say I bought more than I needed. But we were able to use up the rest of it by adding it to that night’s dinner menu.

dinnerWhen it came time to serve and eat dinner, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Giant’s Own Brand-marinated chicken actually tasted better. I cooked both kinds of chicken exactly the same, but the brand name BBQ sauce was almost too sweet. The store brand was less sweet, a little bit more savory, and perfect to my palette. My husband, who you could say is a bit more flavor challenged than I am, couldn’t tell the difference, but he liked them both the same. My daughter had the same reaction–delicious. She didn’t care which brand of BBQ sauce it was, she was happy with the dinner I’d made. Score!

Of course when it comes to comparing national brands to store brands, cost is always involved. With the turkey that I bought recently, the brand name was less than a dollar more. The BBQ sauce was similar. Which may not seem like a big deal. But I think the point of this promotion is that if the store brand is just as good, why would you spend a little bit more on a brand?

I know that with my palette, sometimes I really can taste the difference, and the store brand just isn’t worth it. But other times, sure, let me spend less if my family can’t tell the difference, as was the case with both the BBQ sauce and the turkey.

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2 thoughts on “Giant Store Brands: My Taste Test Challenge”

  1. Less than a dollar here, less than a dollar there – it adds up. Taste tests like this one help shoppers decide when it’s worth the extra nickels and dimes to buy the national brand.

  2. I am a huge fan of Raisin Bran. I’ve true the many national brands but they all become soggy. Then I tried Stop & Shop Crunchy Raisin Bran and it stays crunchy and tastes the best.


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