How Stitch Fix Helped Me Find the Perfect Graduation Dress

I had no idea how Stitch Fix could help with graduation dress shopping. However,  I shouldn’t have been surprised.

You see, I’ve been a loyal Stitch Fix customer for almost four years now. If you’ve read my blog post that reviews the best online stylist services for women, then you know that I’ve found Stitch Fix to be the perfect substitute to an in-person personal stylist that I once hired to make over my look. It’s the ultimate online personal shopper.

stitch fix special occasion

With that personal stylist I paid $100 per hour for her time and expertise. With Stitch Fix, I pay a $20 styling fee for each box or “Fix” Stitch Fix sends to me.

Having been a Stitch Fix customer for so long, you may be wondering: why are you writing another blog post on Stitch Fix. Well, two things have happened.

First, my daughter was graduating from college. I didn’t have a graduation dress to wear. You see I’ve recently lost 15 pounds (thank you, Noom weight loss app) so none of my usual go-to dresses fit anymore, and I didn’t have time to get them tailored.

And, second, as a #stitchfixinfluencer, Stitch Fix reached out. That is, I received an email from Stitch Fix about how it wanted to help customers like me find the perfect outfit for an upcoming special occasion, such as a graduation dress.

How Stitch Fix Helped Me Find the Perfect Graduation Dress

Here is what the note from Stitch Fix said:

“Have an upcoming event and looking for that unique piece? Not only can you request a full outfit in your Fix, but you can also request five of the same garment — like dresses or jeans — so you have options to choose from! Let’s collaborate to find you the perfect piece for your next special moment!”

In exchange for writing about my experience getting Stitch Fix outfits, Stitch Fix would pay me a fee and provide a clothing credit.

Requesting clothing from your Stitch Fix stylist

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So how did it all work for my request for help from Stitch Fix with my graduation dress shopping? Well, I had to tell my personal stylist online about my request.

What’s important to remember as a Stitch Fix customer is that making requests in the positive–“I want” or “I look best in”–will get you the best results. Sending negative requests–“I don’t like boot cut jeans” or “Don’t send me anything red”–can often be misconstrued.

So, in other words, primarily tell your clothing stylist what you want. Don’t focus your request on what you do not want.

Once I logged into my Stitch Fix account, there was a box in which I could write my clothing stylist a note. Here’s what I told her:

“I’m looking for a dress to wear to my daughter’s college graduation on May 20. I also need a dress to wear to a graduation dinner the night before for her sorority. In my last Fix I received a Calvin Klein scuba sheath dress that I loved but it was too big on top and just right on the bottom. I do better with fit and flare dresses as well as faux wrap dresses. I would prefer sleeveless or short sleeves. No long sleeves as the graduation will be outdoors. However, in case it is breezy, maybe a light wrap or sweater I could throw over the dress if necessary. I’d also love new jewelry to wear with the outfit. I prefer silver. My ears are pierced.”

So how did my stylist do?

Can I see my Stitch Fix before it arrives

Every Stitch Fix shipment comes with a little note from your stylist and a card about each item in the box. That card shows the items–style and brand name–and then offers pictorial suggestions on what you might wear those items with.

Truth is if you’re wondering can I see my Stitch Fix before it arrives, the answer is yes. If you use the Stitch Fix app, once your Fix is shipped, you can see what clothing you are going to get.

You won’t see, however, your stylist’s personalized note.

stitch fix stylist message

Here’s what my note from my personal stylist online said:

“Hi, Leah! Happy Fix Day! I’ve put together a chic collection of dresses to get you ready for your daughter’s upcoming college graduation and can’t wait for you to explore everything! First, I’ve matched everything with the stylish and versatile sailor’s knot studs by Kate Spade. I noticed you have jewelry sensitivities, so I’ve made sure these are 12-karat silver plated metal with 14-karat silver filled posts. They’re perfect with the three dresses I’ve picked out for you. Try the gorgeous fit and flare dress by Adorne for a dressy look with wedges or a simple kitten heel. The faux wrap of the Leota dress is ultra-flattering and wold be perfectly accompanies by the lightweight cardigan I’ve picked for you by 41 Hawthorn. I can’t wait to hear what you think of each dress and hope you find the perfect one for the event!”

I was blown away that she remembered the part about my having jewelry sensitivity. That must have been something that I’d put in my original style profile four years ago.

That was when I first became a Stitch Fix customer, because I surely didn’t put it in the request as I shared above. That’s amazing to have gotten something so personal and so right for me.

What comes in a Stitch Fix “fix”

You can expect to receive five pieces in your Stitch Fix shipment, which people like me call a Fix. You have three days to try everything on and decide. If you need more time, you can request it by logging into your account.

Not keeping everything? Well, you send things back in a free, postage-paid envelope that comes in your box. If you love everything and are keeping everything, Stitch Fix gives you 25% off.

And that $20 styling fee? It’s applied to whatever you keep.

stitch fix choices

Do you want to see Stitch Fix clothing examples? Well, here were my graduation dress options, courtesty of Stitch Fix:

  • Adorne Scarlet Scuba Knit Dress
  • Wisp Tressa Ponte Dress navy with bright pink flowers
  • Leota Anneka Knit Faux Wrap Dress in Black and White
  • 41 Hawthorn Morgan Essential Boyfriend Cardigan in Black
  • Kate Spade Sailor’s Knot Stud Earrings

You’ll recall that I’d told my stylists that I needed two different dresses. That’s because I need one to wear to a pre-graduation dinner with my daughter’s college sorority.

I also needed a different dress to wear the next morning at the actual graduation. I love that she sent me three dresses in hopes that at least two would work out.

Which Stitch Fix graduation dress did I pick?

Stitch Fix dress choices

The Adorne dress, with bold, beautiful flowers on it, was perfect for the sorority dinner. I paired it with gold heels I already owned and a gold clutch. I also wore gold studs that I already owned.

The next morning I was so happy I had the Leota faux wrap dress to put on. I paired it with wedges, a black Kate Spade bag and the Kate Spade silver knot post earrings that Stitch Fix had sent to me. 

I can easily see those earrings becoming my faves!

Not only was the dress super flattering, but also it was sleeveless–perfect for going to an outdoor graduation ceremony on a hot day. This Leota faux wrap dress was the perfect graduation dress!

If you find that the Leota dress from Stitch Fix is no longer available, you can find the Leota brand at Nordstrom or on

Making one-off purchases at Stitch Fix

After getting–and loving–that Leota faux wrap dress, I hoped and prayed I’d get another one in a Fix. In fact, I wrote a note to my stylist asking just that.

Well, guess what? Now you can shop online with Stitch Fix instead of just signing up for a box of clothes. 

What brands does Stitch Fix carry

I love that Stitch Fix is carrying brand names. These are the brands that you’re likely to see in major department stores.

For example, I’m already very fond of the Kate Spade brand. The glasses I wear are Kate Spade. In fact, I have two pairs of glasses that are both Kate Spade frames. I may have one–or three–Kate Spade bags in my closet.

You’ll recall that in my note to my stylist, I’d mentioned receiving a Calvin Klein dress that I loved but it didn’t fit right. When I first signed up to become a Stitch Fix customer, I never expected to receive high-end brands like these. But I’m thrilled that I now do.

As far as Stitch Fix clothing examples and the brands you may be familiar with, it’s possible these could show up in that first Stitch Fix shipment that you request:

  • Michael Kors
  • Madewell
  • UGG
  • Bonobos
  • Converse
  • The North Face
  • Kendra Scott
  • Kut from the Kloth

Did you know that Stitch Fix offers more than 1,000 brands across Women’s (including Plus), Men’s and Kids? So the company can style everyone in your family–except for your fur children.

Who knows? Maybe someday they will have doggie clothing?!

One of Stitch Fix’s exclusive brands is called 41Hawthorn, and it’s quickly become my favorite. In the past four years I’ve received–and kept–dresses, a jean jacket, blouses, sweaters and more, all from the 41Hawthorn brand.

Stitch Fix over 50

You may think that if you’re over 50, Stitch Fix isn’t right for you. You would be wrong.

I’m over 50. My husband is over 50. We’ve both gotten great clothes from Stitch Fix that we love and wear often.

The benefit to being a Stitch Fix customer is, frankly, you can be any age.

Stitch Fix Kids covers the little ones.

Stitch Fix Men covers the guys.

And good old Stitch Fix for the ladies covers size XS to 3X.

There’s even a Stitch Fix maternity option.

When my daughter Annie, 21, saw the dresses I was wearing to her graduation, she asked how she could get some Stitch Fix clothing of her own.

Want to shop online with Stitch Fix outside a Fix? Read my review of Stitch Fix Freestyle.

Are you ready to sign up for Stitch Fix?

So, Annie is convinced she should try Stitch Fix. What about you? Do you need a special graduation dress? Do you need to update your business casula look? Stitch Fix can help.

My best advice to you about signing up for Stitch Fix is this: as soon as you sign up, schedule your first Fix. If you wait longer than a week, it could take weeks for your shipment to go out. So don’t delay!

Finally, you can also request workout clothes from Stitch Fix; here’s my review.