Stitch Fix Freestyle Review

I’ve been shopping Stitch Fix Freestyle for quite some time now. In fact, before it was called Freestyle, I was buying clothes directly from Stitch Fix. I’m talking about shopping outside of requesting a Fix.

Didn’t know this was possible? Neither did I. But let me tell you how I discovered this possibility.

How Stitch Fix helped me discover my favorite dress

A few years ago, I partnered with Stitch Fix to show how the online styling company could help you find clothing for special occasions. Most people already knew that you could use Stitch Fix to find work clothes or casual wear.

At that time, though, I was looking for a special dress to wear to my daughter’s college graduation. I’d requested a regular Fix as part of this special occasion search. And in that Fix were two dresses that I kept.

The dresses I kept for my special occasion

The first dress was a regular sheath dress that I wore to pre-graduation festivities. Then, the second was a faux wrap dress from Leota that I wore to the actual graduation ceremony.

Stitch Fix dress choices

That Leota Aneeka faux wrap dress, in a black, blue and white large polka dot pattern, quickly became my favorite dress. It was so flattering and so comfortable. In addition, it was wash and wear. That is, it was machine washable, so easy to care for.

I write more about that experience in this blog post

Searching in the Stitch Fix app for my dress before Freestyle

I’d recalled seeing the Leota brand at Nordstrom. So, I went into the Stitch Fix app on my phone to find out exactly what kind of Leota dress this was so I could buy another at Nordstrom. You know, because there was no way to shop for Stitch Fix items outside of requesting another Fix.

However, here’s what I discovered: when I got inside the app, I found my dress. It was called Aneeka.

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Then, there was an option to see it in different colors and different patterns. After deciding on a new color or a new pattern, I could buy it right in the app.

Yes, I could shop on Stitch Fix outside of getting a new Fix. Who knew?

Of course, I’ve since purchased that dress in nearly every style and pattern possible. And then earlier this year, a similar dress showed up in a Facebook ad for Stitch Fix Freestyle.

You know I clicked on it and I bought the dress. I’ve shared a picture of it below. Since getting it, I’ve worn it many times.

stitch fix freestyle purchase faux wrap dress

What is Stitch Fix Freestyle

As I mentioned, Stitch Fix Freestyle allows you to shop for items on Stitch Fix outside of ordering a “Fix.” A Fix is a box of clothing that a stylists puts together for you. You get five items in a Stitch Fix box.

On the other hand Stitch Fix Freestyle lets you buy one piece or 10. There is no limit to how many items you can buy using Stitch Fix Freestyle.

How you shop Stitch Fix Freestyle

So, here’s how you can experience Stitch Fix Freestyle for yourself. Or at least how I discovered it by accident.

Complete Your Look

One, when you’re inside the Stitch Fix app or on the website, look for Complete Your Looks. This gives you the option to purchase any items that may have shown up on your Stitch Fix style cards that arrived with your clothing.

Or, you can purchase complementary items to what you already own. This includes things like your favorite dress (like mine) but in a different color or pattern, or a slightly different style.

Buy It Again

Two, also inside the app or on the Stitch Fix website, you’ll see Buy It Again. This was the option I discovered when I went looking for my Leota faux wrap dress. Sure, I wanted to buy it again, but just not the exact same dress.

So, I looked through the Buy It Again options and discovered the same dress in other fabrics. This included green and white flowers in one style, and then maroon, blue and white geometric patterns in another. All of these dresses had the same asymmetrical ruffle across the chest.

Buying It Again and Again

Then, after I’d purchased all of the color and fabric options of the original dress, I learned that there was a similar Leota faux wrap dress called the Finnley. This one didn’t have the asymmetrical ruffle, but it had the same flattering faux wrap silhouette. So I bought it in every color available.

This includes another green floral pattern, but the flowers were much smaller. In addition, I got the dress with a pink and blue pattern.

Unfortunately, there was one pattern I never got the chance to buy. It was a bright blue with white polka dots. By the time I got around to deciding to buy it, it was no longer available in my size.

Other ways to shop Stitch Fix Freestyle

There are two other options you’ll see for shopping Stitch Fix Freestyle online. One, Stitch Fix will suggest “Trending for You.” These are suggestions based on past purchases, trending styles and your style profile.

Two, you can shop through “Categories.” This is exactly as it sounds–categories of clothing. So, if I wanted to go back into Stitch Fix to see if they had any more of that Leota faux wrap dress, I would click on the dresses categories.

How to shop Stitch Fix categories online

In fact, for the purpose of writing this Stitch Fix Freestyle review, that’s exactly what I did. I tried to recreate my original search for my favorite faux wrap dress.

First, I logged into my Stitch Fix account. Across the top of the screen (I did this online, not in the app), I had three choices

  1. Home
  2. Fix
  3. Freestyle

What you see under Freestyle

I clicked on Freestyle. Because it had been some time since I’d logged into Stitch Fix, I got a popup telling me that “Shop” was now called “Freestyle.” I closed out the pop up.

Under Freestyle, I had four options to choose from. They were

  1. Leah’s Looks
  2. Categories
  3. Buy It Again
  4. Saved Styles

By the way, “Leah’s Looks” ended up being, basically, style cards that you might see in a Fix. But, I had the option to click on them and buy anything or everything in them. These were based on past purchases I’d made, such as the Liverpool jeans I love.

However, this part of the Stitch Fix Freestyle review is about shopping Categories. So, I clicked on that.

What you see under Categories

Once you get into Categories, you can shop by Department or you can shop by Brand.

So, for example, under the Department tab, there were 15 choices. Those choices were (which I’m listing alphabetically, thought they don’t appear that way on the site):

  1. Accessories
  2. Activewear
  3. Bags
  4. Blouses
  5. Casual tops
  6. Dresses & jumpsuits
  7. Jackets & coats
  8. Jeans
  9. Lounge & sleep
  10. Pants
  11. Shoes
  12. Shorts & capris
  13. Skirts
  14. Sweaters & cardigans
  15. Workwear

Of course, I would have clicked Dresses to search for my favorite Leota brand dress.

Shopping by brand

However, this is what happened when I decided to shop by brand. First, Stitch Fix showed me the so-called featured brand. But I could click deeper into Brands to find an alphabetical listing. There, I could search for Leota.

Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn’t seem that Stitch Fix is offering the Leota brand. Because, when I scrolled down to “L,” the only brands I saw were Liverpool and LNA.

Brands available on Stitch Fix Freestyle

So, what are some of the brands available on the Freestyle option? Of course, the Stitch Fix exclusive brands that I’ve received in past Fixes. This includes Market & Spruce.

However, Stitch Fix is now carrying well-known, designer brands, too. For example, remember that aforementioned Fix I’d requested for a special occasion outfit? Well, it came with Kate Spade silver knot earrings, which I kept and have worn many times since.

But on Freestyle and at the time I’m writing this review, you can shop some of these brands:

  • Barbour
  • Calvin Klein
  • Free People
  • French Connection
  • Michael Kors
  • New Balance

This is hardly a comprehensive list of the brands on Stitch Fix Freestyle.

Shop similar pieces

So, in the case of my Leota faux wrap dress, when I couldn’t find the brand listed, I decided to look under Buy It Again. Maybe that was the way to uncover another version of that same dress.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. However, Stitch Fix did offer me another option–Shop Similar Pieces.

What I saw under Shop Similar Pieces

When I clicked on Shop Similar Pieces, the website gave me a popup with all kinds of dresses on it. See picture, below.

There, I could see the brand of dress, the style of dress and the price. As luck would have it, of the dresses Stitch Fix suggested, two were faux wrap dresses.

One of them is Mix by 41 Hawthorn. That brand, 41 Hawthorn, is one of Stitch Fix’s exclusive brands.

I have a few 41 Hawthorn items in my closet from past Fixes. This includes a floral blouse, a boyfriend cardigan and a shirt dress. I’m seriously considering buying this faux wrap dress as a substitute for the Leota faux wrap dress that Stitch Fix no longer sells.

Stitch Fix Freestyle returns

So, what’s the deal with Stitch Fix Freestyle returns? Will it be like getting a regular Fix–where you have a limited time to try on and then send back in a postage-paid envelope?

Well, yes and no. But all in a good way.

Yes, you can return items bought with Stitch Fix Freestyle. Yes, return shipping is free.

More time to try things on with Stitch Fix Freestyle

Unlike a regular Fix, you do not have to try on your Freestyle clothing, decide and return them in three days. In fact, the Stitch Fix Freestyle return policy is much more generous.

You have 30 days to return anything you’ve purchased directly from Stitch Fix. This is quite different from the three days you have to try on clothing and return items in your “regular” Fix.

Free shipping with Freestyle shopping on Stitch Fix

When you order a box of clothing from Stitch Fix, you don’t pay for shipping. And you get a post-paid return envelope.

The same is true when shopping Stitch Fix Freestyle. Shipping is always free.

No styling fee

Because you’re not working directly with a Stitch Fix stylist, you won’t pay a styling free with Freestyle. That’s a huge benefit for those who get Fixes and feel like they need to keep “something” to justify the styling fee.

I mean, the styling fee is $20. That’s pretty standard for anyone using online styling companies these days. But, again, with Stitch Fix Freestyle, there is no styling fee.

Cons of shopping Stitch Fix Freestyle

My one complaint about Freestyle is this: I can only shop for myself. My husband also has used Stitch Fix Men. I would love to be able to access some of the men’s brands he’s received and loves, and buy them as a one-off online as I have for myself.

For example, in his first Fix, he got a pair of khaki green Hawker Rye chino pants. He wears them nearly every week on a casual day at work.

As you likely know Hawker Rye is a Stitch Fix exclusive brand. So, unless I want to shop for used versions on Poshmark, Stitch Fix is my only option. However, I can’t get to men’s brands through my own account.

I mean, I can find the men’s tab and click on it. But it brings me right back to my own account. What are the chances you can change that, Stitch Fix?

Here is my Stitch Fix Men Review

Stitch Fix Freestyle vs Stitch Fix

So, let me start to wrap up this review of Stitch Fix Freestyle by putting it head to head with Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Freestyle vs Stitch Fix: Styling Fee

  • Stitch Fix Freestyle: $0
  • Stitch Fix: $20

Stitch Fix Freestyle vs Stitch Fix: Number of Items

  • Stitch Fix Freestyle: Unlimited
  • Stitch Fix: Five

Stitch Fix Freestyle vs Stitch Fix: Shipping

  • Stitch Fix Freestyle: Free
  • Stitch Fix: Free

Stitch Fix Freestyle vs Stitch Fix: Returns & Exchanges

  • Stitch Fix Freestyle: Free
  • Stitch Fix: Free

Stitch Fix Freestyle vs Stitch Fix: Try On Period

  • Stitch Fix Freestyle: 30 days
  • Stitch Fix: 3 days (however, you can request more time if necessary)

Final thoughts on Stitch Fix Freestyle

I’m loving the fact that I can shop online with Stitch Fix without having to schedule a Fix. As I think I’ve made clear in this review, I’ve made good use of Stitch Fix Freestyle–back when it was just called Shop. I have five Leota faux wrap dresses in my closet to prove that.

So, if you’ve found items that you love through Stitch Fix fixes, then you’ll love this Freestyle option. Also, with free returns and a 30-day return period, I think you’ll also love being able to shop and buy directly from Stitch Fix this way.

Finally, if I ever come across a coupon to help you save money on Freestyle or setting up a Fix, I’ll be sure to add it to this review.

In conclusion, if you’ve ever asked, “Can I buy Stitch Fix clothes without a subscription?” then Stitch Fix Freestyle is your answer. And that answer is, “Yes!”

You can use this link to shop Stitch Fix Freestyle or schedule a Fix.