Peloton Pilates Classes Review and What to Wear

Thanks to the Facebook group Hardcore on the Floor and its monthly workout calendar, I’ve now got a few months under my belt taking Peloton Pilates classes. The concept of Pilates isn’t new to me–I’ve been aware of it for years. In fact, my younger daughter used to teach Pilates on the reformer. And gyms where I had memberships offered Pilates mat classes.

However, it wasn’t until I got serious about upping my strength training that I added Pilates to the mix. Well, and the fact that the Hardcore calendar includes Pilates classes once a week. That and barre classes, which I reviewed in this blog post

What are Peloton Pilates classes

So, what exactly is Peloton Pilates? Well, for starters Peloton does not offer Reformer classes. When you do Pilates via Peloton, you are doing Pilates mat classes.

Therefore, you will do most of your Pilates movements sitting, kneeling or laying down on your mat. Pilates focuses heavily on strengthening your core and other deep muscles in your body. 

Pilates can be sneakily difficult. That is, you don’t think you’re doing much while in class. But later on or the next day you realize you have sore muscles in places you didn’t realize you had muscles that could get sore. Does that make sense?

Where are the Pilates classes on Peloton?

Like Barre Peloton Pilates classes are on the app. You’ll find these classes under Peloton strength.

Peloton Pilates classes are not designed to be taken while riding the Peloton bike or using the Tread. However, you can view the classes on a bike tablet.

Have the Bike Plus with a swivel screen or an aftermarket product like The Pivot? Then you can use your bike to view and follow along with Pilates classes.

On the other hand, most people doing Peloton Pilates are probably doing them through the app in one of these ways. One, using the app on a phone or tablet. Two, on the Peloton website or cast to a TV. Three, on a Smart TV that broadcasts the Peloton channel.

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What to expect during Pilates classes on Peloton

So, what can you expect during class? A lot of time spent on the mat. In most of the Pilates classes I’ve taken, I’m either on my back or side. There are a couple of times you might stand or be kneeling.

But Pilates is all about moving your muscles in ways that other strength classes don’t. Think micromovements like you might do in Barre but many more repetitions. Those cursed Pilates hundreds.

Also, you may find the instructors asking you to do something in class you won’t ever hear in another one–like zipping up your pelvic floor. That might leave you wondering what the heck they’re talking about.

Unless, of course, you’re a woman of childbearing age (or past it, like I am), and learned about doing Kegel exercises. I’ll just leave that there. Or, you can check out my review of Kegelbell, a pelvic floor exercise device I’ve been using.

Finally, Pilates is a very core-centric workout. So, while you won’t be doing crunches, per se, expect to do a lot of working on your midsection.

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Peloton Pilates instructors

So, who teaches Pilates classes? Right now there are 10 Pilates instructors teaching 40+ classes. These instructors are a mix of cycling, strength and yoga instructors. They include:

  1. Hannah Corbin
  2. Anna Greenberg
  3. Rebecca Kennedy
  4. Jess King
  5. Ally Love
  6. Emma Lovewell
  7. Kristin McGee
  8. Aditi Shah
  9. Kendall Toole
  10. Sam Yo

How long are Pilates classes

Like so many other Peloton classes, you can find Pilates ones that could fit anyone’s schedule. That is, right now, Peloton is offer Pilates classes in the following durations:

  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes

Thankfully, there are no 60 minute Pilates classes. I’m not sure I could last that long.

Can beginners do Pilates classes

Of course, beginners can try Pilates. And, if that describes you (and me!), then you’ll want to start with the shorter Pilates classes. Some of them are actually labeled as being a Beginner class. 

To be honest with the weekly Pilates class on the Hardcore calendar, I’ve never done a class longer than 20 minutes. Even just 20 minutes of just being on the mat kicks my butt.

However, if you’re looking for a bigger Pilates challenge, you will find Pilates classes that are listed as Intermediate and Advanced. Good luck to you when doing these!

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Introduction to Pilates classes

Peloton offers a nice collection of Intro to Pilates classes with a variety of instructors. These include:

  • 10-minute Intro to Pilates with Sam Yo
  • 10-minute Intro to Pilates with Emma Lovewell
  • 15-minute Intro to Pilates with Aditi Shah

Why isn’t there a Pilates basics library?

Finally, I wish that Peloton would start a Pilates basics library like it has with Yoga. This provides an opportunity to learn individual moves within the discipline so they don’t seem so foreign when you hear them in class.

For example, unless you’ve done Kegel exercises or gone to see a pelvic floor specialist, you may have no idea how to work your pelvic floor while doing Pilates. In addition, when the instructor calls out doing “hundreds,” you might find yourself thinking, “100 what????”

Themed Pilates classes

Like other Peloton offerings, you’ll find a few Pilates classes with a theme. Most recently this included music from the movie “In the Heights” in an Ally Love Pilates class.

In addition, Emma Lovewell has a class featuring Silk Sonic. And Aditi Shah offered a Bollywood Pilates class for APIHM–Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

What do you wear for Pilates classes

When it comes to getting dressed for Pilates, think about what you might wear for yoga or Barre. That is, you want clothing that allows for free movement but doesn’t get in your way.

So, I’m talking leggings or shorts, and a fitted top that won’t ride up or go over your head when you’re inverted. I like tops with ruching on the side for these kinds of classes. They are somewhat fitted, don’t ride up and are often quite flattering.

Recently, I asked my stylist at Wantable to send me an Active Edit of clothing I can wear for Pilates. Shortly, I will be posting my unboxing of that clothing on my Instagram feed, my TikTok as well as my YouTube channel.

Click here to request your own box of activewear clothing from Wantable

You can do Pilates barefoot

Many of the Peloton instructors teach Pilates classes barefoot. However, I know plenty of people who wear gripper socks for Pilates or socks with sticky bottoms.

As someone whose feet tend to sweat, these socks are always a good choice.

Final thoughts on Peloton Pilates classes

Here’s what I can tell you about adding Pilates into my strength training–my core has never been stronger. Recently, I was able to do a full sit up from a laying down position. Not a crunch–a sit up like you had to do in middle school PE class. In fact, this was the first time I’d been able to do that move since I was in 8th grade.

In addition, many of the pelvic floor issues I’d been dealing with since entering my 50s have resolved. I had no idea that improving my core and other lower ab areas would help so much. Alas, it has. So, if you’re dealing with female, ahem, issues down there, you’ll definitely want to add Pilates to your routine. 

What’s also helped with these pelvic floor issues is a ball-like device called the Kegelbell. It is designed to improve your ability to do kegels. I’ll be writing a Kegelbell review soon. 

Have I missed answering any questions you had about Peloton Pilates? If so, post a comment and let me know.

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