Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

Both my husband and I have very wide feet. Some might say his feet are harder to fit because of his exceptionally high arch.

Therefore, if you’re looking for cycling shoes for wide feet–whether you have a Peloton or not–I think you’ll want to read on. In addition, to educating you on brands of cycling shoes that you can wear with wide feet, I’m also including links to shopping sites. That way, if you like what you read and want to shop, you can do that with just one link or tap.

Also, if you click or tap any of those links, I may earn a commission from the retailer. There is no cost to you for using my links. But I need to be upfront about all of that.

A pair of peloton shoes for wide feet and a pair of shoes next to each other.
My pairs of cycling shoes to use with my Peloton bike. Photo credits: Leah Ingram.

Peloton shoes for wide feet

As I’ve mentioned, Bill has wide feet. The Peloton bike shoes do not come in varying widths. So he was worried that he would not fit his extra wide feet with high arches.

So, do Peloton shoes fit wide feet? Well, guess what? The shoes fit perfectly. They were a little snug around the front.

But the two Velcro straps across the top allowed for his high arch. And the ratchet strap also allowed enough room for the shoes to be snug but not too tight.

If you wear a half size, I would recommend sizing up. Some people have reported that the Peloton spin shoes run small.

Others, like my husband, feel like they fit true to size. Then again, he’s a size 13 and he was able to get a size 43 in Peloton spin shoes.

So I’ll say it again. If you wear a half size, it’s probably better to size up in the Peloton bike shoes.

Other non-Peloton cycling shoe alternatives include wide widths

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If, for whatever reason, you decide not to buy your bike shoes on the from Peloton, you have plenty of other options. Back in 2016 I went to my local cycle store to get my Bontrager brand bike shoes.

Like my husband I have wide feet. So they recommended I get a brand that would take the Look Delta cleat and came in wide. I got the Bontrager brand.

These are my original Bontrager brand of Peloton bike shoes. You can buy them, for under $100, at

bontrager peloton bike shoes
My first pair of Bontrager cycling shoes. I’ve since purchased a second pair. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Women’s wide width cycling shoes

FYI, in everyday shoes, I can wear anything from an 8WW to a 9W. Sometimes I’m an 8.5.

In my bike shoes I got a size 42. In this brand that was the equivalent of a size 9. The label on the inside actually says “wide.”

Here, I’ve collected a variety of wide cycle shoes for Peloton. These are cycling shoes for wide feet that come in a wide width and will work with your Peloton bike. You can buy Bontrager brand of cycling shoes on the REI website.

Also, you can also find Bontrager shoes that take the Delta Look cleats on However, Bontrager does not sell on Amazon.

Looking for wide width everyday shoes for women? Check out this review!

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes

When Peloton introduced the Altos cycling shoe, I decided to see if they would fit my wide foot. So, I visit the Peloton store at the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh. It’s near where I live.

peloton altos spin shoe cycling
Here I am trying on the Peloton Altos cycling shoes. They were stretchy and comfortable. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

FYI, while you cannot buy Peloton shoes at a Peloton store, you can try them on. Then, they can order them for you to be shipped to your home.

Also, you can buy your Peloton shoes on Amazon. However, if you buy from the Peloton store, the nice employees there get a commission.

Anyway, I was surprised at how comfortable the Altos shoes were on my wide foot. They have much more stretch than the original Peloton shoes.

Also, they have a Velcro strap across the top. This provides a little bit of give if you have a wide foot like I do.

Any other questions about Peloton shoes for wide feet? Let me know.

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