Standing Peloton Classes: Core and Yoga

I’m updating this post about standing Peloton classes for a simple reason: in June 2022, Peloton introduced a new instructor who will be teaching adaptive fitness. His name is Logan Aldridge, and it is part of the new adaptive fitness collection.

Here is how Peloton describes these new standing and seated classes with Logan and part of adaptvie fitness:

“Starting 6/2, strength train with Logan in a collection of standing and seated classes that are inclusive, accessible, and challenging for athletes with varying physical abilities.”

FYI, Logan lost his left arm after a boating accident when he was a teenager.

Original post about Peloton standing classes

I first wrote about standing classes on Peloton during the Summer of 2021. Why? Because I’d fallen and broken my wrist. That meant that I couldn’t do traditional strength training classes, holding weights in both hands. It also meant that I couldn’t do any of the core classes that were on the floor.

Luckily, I was already doing the Hardcore on the Floor (HCOTF) calendar of strength training workouts. Not familiar with Hardcore on the Floor? Read my review here.

Anyway, part of the Hardcore on the Floor Facebook group included files of the Peloton standing core classes. Immediately, I downloaded these. Then, they became my lifesaver for the many weeks I had a cast on my right hand. I was able to do my core or ab classes daily with nary a plank in site. I’ve provided a link to that Facebook group at the end of this post.

People continue to ask about the Peloton standing classes so I figured I would write about the standing core classes as well as the other equipment-free standing classes. And that would be the Peloton standing yoga.

What are Peloton standing core classes

These core classes are just as they sound. You are standing up as you’re working your core. There are no sit ups, no crunches and no planks. 

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However, don’t write off standing classes, just because you’re standing up. You will get a good abdominal and oblique workout.

Right now most of the Peloton standing core classes are Rebecca Kennedy classes. However, there is one class On Demand from Becs Gentry. It’s a 15-minute core class, and it is all standing up.

How to find Peloton standing classes

There are a couple of ways I would recommend you search for these standing core and yoga classes. The lion’s share of these suggestions are on the Peloton platform. The remaining idea is on Facebook.

Search for certain Peloton classes

One, start by using the Peloton search function. I’ve explained how search works in this blog post.

For example, when I typed in the word “standing” in the Peloton search, I got all of the standing Peloton yoga classes. That was awesome. Honestly, I didn’t realize how many there were.

However, I also got all of the Stacking Stuffer classes from the holidays. I guess the search algorithm sees “standing” and “stacking” as the same word. So, keep that in mind.

Instructors who teach Peloton standing core classes

Two, search for core classes with instructors you know teach the standing classes. Right now, as I said, Peloton instructor Rebecca Kennedy teaches nearly all of the standing core classes. There is a single standing core class from Becs Gentry, too.

You can usually tell from the screenshot preview of the class if there will be standing core work. For example, I searched under “Strength” classes on the Peloton website, then filtered by instructor (Rebecca Kennedy) and class type (core). As I scrolled through the results, it was pretty easy to determine which of these were standing core classes and which weren’t.

In fact, I just discovered (and did) two new standing Peloton core workouts with Rebecca Kennedy. They are from 1/3/22 and 2/14/22. Both are five minutes so easy to work into your stack.

Hardcore on the Floor list of standing classes

Three, you can join the HCOTF Facebook group. Once you do, you’ll have access to the files of those Peloton standing core classes. 

In fact, there are now two standing class files. One has a list of all of the standing classes on Peloton–core, yoga and barre. The other list has the list with links to the Peloton website so you can stack your classes accordingly.

More on how to stack Peloton classes here.

According to the most up-to-date standing core class file on HCOTF, Rebecca Kennedy has eight standing core classes. Seven of these are 10-minutes long, and one is a five-minute class. 

Becs Gentry standing core classes

There is one Becs Gentry standing core class as of right now. It is 15 minutes long.

However, without the file from Hardcore on the Floor, I never would have found this Becs Gentry class. Because when I searched Peloton for Becs, core and 15 minutes, the class never came up. However, if I unselected the core option and just searched by her name under strength, I found the class. (It’s from January 26, 2021, FYI.)

New standing core collection

In August 2022 Peloton introduced a new collection called Standing Core with Rebecca. It included 11 standing core classes that Rebecca Kennedy teaches. 

Here’s how Peloton describes it:

“Off-the-floor core: Rebecca Kennedy leads this set of 5–20-minute core classes you can do anywhere. Take the heat to your core—and stay off the floor. No mat needed.”

Peloton standing yoga classes

You’ll find the Peloton standing yoga classes under “Yoga Anywhere.” These classes are designed to be done, literally, anywhere and without equipment or props. You don’t even need a mat.

The other kind of classes within Yoga Anywhere are the chair yoga classes. Both of these yoga classes are great options for so-called seniors or anyone who is rehabbing from an injury. Or, someone who wants to keep their Peloton streak going and doesn’t have time to hit the gym, or is away from home. My husband started doing chair yoga classes in his hotel room whenever he had to travel for work.

Here’s a roundup of my favorite Peloton yoga instructors.

Full-length Indian mum and preschooler daughter in casual wear practicing Tree asana or Vrksasana standing together in cozy warm living room. Beginner yoga work out at home, good life habit, lifestyle
Photo credit: Adobe Photos.

How to find Peloton standing yoga

Anyway, about the Peloton standing yoga classes: you can find them on the Peloton app, the website or the Peloton channel on your Roku TV. You can also access yoga classes on your Peloton bike.

Here’s how you get to where you want to go. Select Yoga from classes. Then, use the filter to select Yoga Anywhere. After that you’ll see both Standing Yoga and Chair Yoga classes.

I will admit that standing yoga classes are more difficult than chair yoga. You will need a decent sense of balance for standing yoga. So, it’s a good idea to keep a chair nearby or to do your standing flow near a wall. Basically, you want to have something to hold onto if you become wobbly.

Who teaches Peloton standing yoga

Right now it appears that every Peloton yoga instructor has at least one standing yoga class. While writing this article, I found standing yoga classes with the following:

  • Mariana Fernandez
  • Anna Greenberg
  • Kristin McGee
  • Kirra Michel
  • Denis Morton
  • Ross Rayburn
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • Nico Sarani
  • Aditi Shah

What’s great is that there are standing yoga classes in other languages, too. This includes German with Peloton instructor Nico Sarani and Spanish with Mariana Fernandez.

Here is my review of Peloton yoga classes.

Peloton standing barre classes

When you think about taking a barre class, you probably think about standing at a ballet barre. And that is traditionally how barre classes are.

However, most of the Peloton barre classes involve doing work on the floor. That is, except for one with Hanna Corbin. It is a standing barre class, and it’s from February 22, 2021.

Also, recently there was an Ally Love barre class on the HCOTF calendar, and I’m pretty sure we were standing up the whole time. It’s the 15-minute Ally Love barre class from December 29, 2021.

How to find Peloton barre classes

In case you didn’t know, Peloton barre classes are listed under strength. So, under classes, choose strength, and then use the filter for class type. Scroll down to barre and search away. FYI, this is also where you’ll find Peloton Pilates classes.

Unfortunately, you would never know that this is the only standing barre class. Because when you search on Peloton for barre classes, many of them show a snippet of the instructor standing up.

Here is my review of Peloton barre classes.

Final thoughts on Standing Peloton Classes in Core, Yoga and Barre

Some days I just don’t want to get down on the floor to do my workout. So, I’m thrilled to have found the Peloton standing core classes among other standing ones. I also love the standing yoga options when I want to get a good stretch but either don’t want to get my mat, blocks and strap or I don’t have access to them.

Let me know if you’ve tried these standing classes and what you thought of them. I hope Peloton instructors continue to add them. Finally, here is a link to the HCOTF Facebook group.