Stores That are Closed on Thanksgiving

I’ve never been a fan of retailers that stayed open on Thanksgiving so was thrilled when I discovered a long list of stores that are closed on Thanksgiving. And when I say stores, I mean non-food stores.

While I don’t love the idea of employees having to work on Thanksgiving, I understand if supermarkets stay open for a few hours on Thanksgiving morning. I’ll admit to running to my local grocery on a past holiday because I forgot something.

Thanksgiving, We will be closed sign
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Stores that are closed on Thanksgiving

Nonetheless, 2020 changed the Thanksgiving retail landscape here in the United States. As I was researching this article, I came across statements from both Walmart and Target about how 2020 altered their thinking about staying open on that fourth Thursday in November aka American Thanksgiving.

Sidebar: Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving. However, it is on the second Monday of October, not the fourth Thursday in November like in the US.

We all know that in 2020 many stores were not open like they normally were. However, by November, many had reopened. Even so, these large retail companies decided that letting their employees spend time at home that day was important for their health and well being. And the trend stuck.

Of course, in some places, it is state law to be closed on certain holidays. This article explains about Maine laws that require stores of a certain size to close their doors on national holidays.

Retailers started opening on Thanksgiving

On the other hand, Thanksgiving used to be a sacred holiday as far as being a non-shopping day. That is, most retailers stayed closed so that employees could stay home and celebrate with their families.

However, as the desire to become the first for Black Friday deals increased, stores started opening up earlier and earlier. Suddenly, we were encouraged to leave the Thanksgiving table in the afternoon in order to start our holiday shopping.

I’ll admit to getting into lines with my daughters for early Black Friday deals on the Thursday of Thanksgiving. When we lived in New Jersey, there was a retailer that gave out mystery envelopes to the first 100 shoppers in line. At least one person received a $100 gift card in one of those envelopes. We always hoped we would be that lucky person. Alas, we never were.

List of stores closed on Thanksgiving

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Even though I have an article entirely devoted to stores closed on national holidays, here’s why I decided to write this one specifically about Thanksgiving: I received a press release from Target with this snippet in it:

“As previously announced, Target stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, with most reopening at 6 a.m. local time on Friday, Nov. 24, along with online deals available 24/7.”

Good job, Target. No wonder you top my list of favorite retailers and brands.

Another favorite brand is Nordstrom, which continues to stay closed on Thanksgiving. This and its discount sister Nordstrom Rack are always closed on Thanksgiving.

Here’s another reason to love Nordstrom: they won’t decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. Or at least that was their position when I snapped this picture a few years ago at the Nordstrom department store near me.

nordstrom wont decorate for christmas until after thanksgiving
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It was painful to hit the stores for after Halloween sales this year and find them not only decked out for Christmas already but also playing holiday music. No, just no. It’s too soon to hear Mariah Carey’s earworm “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Nonetheless, here are the retail stores that were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday last year and, by all accounts, will be closed this year, too.

costco holiday closure sign new vertical
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