After July 4th Sales


In this article about after July 4th sales, I’m also going to address post Memorial Day sales, too. Why? Because both holidays tend to have similar themes.

For example, both holidays are associated with red, white and blue. Also, many people will grill or have a backyard barbecue on July 4th or Memorial Day weekend. So it all matches up perfectly.

How to shop after July 4th and Memorial Day sales

I’m writing this article in a similar vein to my other after holiday sales articles. In case you’re not familiar with them, earlier stories have offered advice for shopping after Valentine’s Day is over as well as sales after St. Patrick’s Day and also after Easter Sunday.

My advice focuses on products specific to each holiday–such as those aforementioned grills. However, I’ll also provide tips that can be applied to the colors associated with the holidays.

For example, in my post-Valentine’s Day sales article, I talk about stocking up on anything and everything red and white. You’re going to read similar suggestions here.

Wondering which stores are closed on July 4th, Memorial Day or other national holidays? This article can help.

What to stock up on at after July 4th sales

If you’re going to go shopping for after July 4th sales, be strategic with your shopping. Don’t just buy because things are on sale.

Rather, focus on the following items that are likely marked down. They can be used for other holidays or celebrations later in the year, or next year on Memorial Day or July 4th.

Red, white and blue party supplies

You always need red, white, and blue decorations for a Memorial Day barbecue or July 4th parties. So even though those holidays have come and gone, look for sales to stock up for next year.

I’m talking about anything in red, white and blue. This includes:

  • crepe paper
  • balloons
  • paper plates
  • napkins
  • plastic forks, knives and spoons
  • tablecloths

These are also great to keep on hand for future birthday parties or other celebrations you might have at your home.

Red, white and blue decor

Do you like to switch up your home decor for the season? Then sales after Memorial Day or July 4th are the perfect time to get pillows, rugs, welcome mat, beach towels and more in patriotic colors and patterns.

Red, white and blue home decor is also good to have if you happen to have a vacation home. Or, maybe you’re buying a housewarming gift for someone with a home at the beach or on the lake.

Again, this kind of patriotic decor just screams summer. So, why not buy it when it’s on sale. Stores want to clear out this summer stock so they can bring in all the back-to-school necessities.

Patriotic linens

Even home stores that were pushing red, white and blue linens for July 4th sales might have them on sale now. You may like red anyway. Or blue or white.

So why not use this opportunity to replace worn out sheets, blankets or tablecloths with new ones that you can purchase on the cheap at an after July 4th sale.

Some stores you should be checking out include:

  1. Target
  2. Bed Bath and Beyond
  3. Walmart
  4. CVS
  5. Kroger
  6. Kohl’s

Red, white, and blue candy

Once Memorial Day and July 4th have come and gone, stock up on any candy that might be themed or in the holiday’s color scheme. And if I haven’t said it enough already, that’s red, white and blue.

Think about all of the ways you can use these candies:

  • in your office candy dish
  • future batches of cookies or brownies that you might make
  • DIY trail mix for a hike

If you’re having a bridal or baby shower in the near future, the blue and white confections will be great for favors. And cheap for you since you bought them on sale.

Baking with candy you buy on sale

Do you do a lot of baking? Do you like to entertain? Chances are that if you answered yes to each, you would be smart to stock up on candies that can help you with both, especially when they are on sale after July 4th.

For example, chocolate candies in red coatings–who says they have to be with white and blue? Stock up on them and stash them in your freezer so, come Christmas, another holiday featuring red, you’ll have all the red goodies you need for holiday baking, and you will have purchased them at a discount.

Similarly, you can put those discounted candies out in party dishes in December. No one is ever going to know that you got them on clearance or at a steep discount at an after July 4th sale.

Buy backyard necessities

You may not be thinking back to school, but retailers are. Therefore, they’re likely looking to start clearing out and marking down products and items related to your backyard to make room for backpacks, notebooks and more.

After July 4th is a great time to look for deals on grills, inflatable pools, beach toys and more. Patio and deck furniture will start coming down in price, too. This is true even at big box home improvement stores that don’t stock items for back to school.

Final thoughts on shopping sales after Memorial Day and July 4th

Our backyard furniture could use a refresh. So you bet I’ll be shopping these sales. What about you?

Let me know what you end up buying and how much you saved. Also, if I’ve missed any category of products that are marked down after Memorial Day and July 4th, get in touch to let me know.