After St Patricks Day Sale Ideas

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Now that March 17 has come and gone, you may be wondering about St Patricks Day sale opportunities. That is, what is marked down and put on sale after St. Patrick’s Day. And, what is great to stock up on during those after St. Patrick’s Day sales.

Well, in the spirit of my other after-holiday shopping posts, I’ve got tons of ideas.

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How to shop an after St. Patricks Day sale

So, what are some of the best ways to shop an after St Patricks Day sale? And where are some of the best places to go for those sales? Read on for all of my ideas and tips.

Green and white home goods

Speaking of home goods, I was just in Home Goods, you know the store connected to Marshalls. Well, everything related to St Patricks Day was marked down. This included green and white home goods, such as towels, plates and napkins.

So, for example, maybe your alma mater’s colors are green and white. Or maybe your favorite sports team shares those colors. An after St. Patricks Day sale would be a great time to stock up on home goods in all of those colors.

Sports teams in green, white and orange

Speaking of sports teams, and colleges and universities in green, white and orange, there are plenty of ways fans can use a post St. Patrick’s Day sale to find props for future parties. What are some of the teams or schools where this would make sense?

  • Boston Celtics
  • Green Bay Packers
  • New York Jets
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Philadelphia Eagles

And that’s just scratching the surface of teams that wear green and white. I’m sure there are many more. I feel confident that these fans who’d love to brainstorm how things you could buy for St. Patrick’s Day could also help them celebrate their favorite school or team.

Celebrating Ireland 

Another way to take advantage of an after St Patricks Day sale is to purchase home decor that reflects your Irish heritage. Or, the Irish heritage of someone you know.

Again, back at Home Goods, I saw tons of pillows with shamrocks on them, throw blankets in green and white and other soft goods celebrating Ireland.

In addition, maybe you’re getting married this year and plan to reflect your family history in Ireland in your wedding. Look around at an after St Patricks Day sale for favor ideas in green, white and orange. 

Maybe those are your wedding colors. Again, this is the perfect time to find items marked down and on sale.

St Patricks Day decorations for sale

I’m sure it’s obvious that March 18 and beyond is the perfect time to stock up on St Patricks Day decorations for next year. Plenty of teachers, doctor’s offices and other businesses like to decorate their space to reflect current holidays. 

For example, just this week I went to my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. For starters, the store was decorated with sparkling green shamrocks, green and white ribbons and leprechauns figurines. In addition, the staff had hidden gold coins throughout the store. If you decided to buy an item with a gold coin on it, you saved 20%. So, gold coins would be another St Patricks Day decoration to buy now and save for next year.

Stores where you can find deals

I feel confident that you can after St Patricks Day sales deals in all kinds of stores. This includes going in person, like I did at Home Goods, or shopping online. Below, I’ve included some links to sales on St Patricks Day goods at a variety of popular stores.

Chewy St Patricks Day Sale

Chewy has a whole St. Patricks Day shop for pets. So, stock up for next year’s celebration, such as costumes for your dog. Or find marked down squeak toys to fill your pet’s toy basket.

GAIAM St Patricks Day Sale

I love my GAIAM yoga products, and I love that GAIAM has a St Patricks Day sale–even though you might not associate yoga with Ireland. Anyway, when you use code LUCKY20 at checkout, you’ll save 20%.

Michaels Stores St Patricks Day Sale

Getting your crafting on and good deals, too. There’s plenty on sale for St. Patricks Day at Michaels Stores.

Use this link to shop the St. Patricks Day sale at Michaels. 

Target St Patricks Day Sale

You can find all kinds of goodies from St Patrick’s Day on sale at Target. This includes clothing, party supplies, accessories and more.

Here is a link to Target’s St. Patrick’s Day sale page. 

Final thoughts on shopping after St Patricks Day sales

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And you there’s no reason not to shop an after St. Patrick’s Day sale. As I’ve mentioned, now is a great time to stock up on anything green, white and orange. This could be items for your home, for an upcoming celebration or just because.

I expect that this article will become a perennially popular one, just as my shopping after Valentine’s Day and after Easter sales posts are, too. Let me know if you think I’ve missed including anything in these or those other posts.

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