Hit the Stores for Best After Valentine’s Day Sales

One of the ways to be a smart consumer and a sophisticated shopper is to shop after holiday sales.

Right now you should be focusing on after Valentine’s Day sales.

As a blogger looking to get the most value for the money I spend, I must admit that I do enjoy shopping holidays after they’re over.

That’s because I know that’s when I can hit the stores and get the best after holidays sales.

February 15 and beyond is always one of those awesome times to find after Valentine’s Day sales on items marked down.

For example, I always treat myself to Valentine’s Day chocolates the day after Valentine’s Day.

The chocolates still taste delicious.

Plus, paying half off is delicious, too.

So, if you’re wondering when Valentine’s Day candy or other items from Valentine’s Day will go on sale, February 15th is your day.

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Mark your calendars and get to the stores.

after valentine's day sales

You can also find deals after other holidays like Easter.

Best stores for after Valentine’s Day sales

One of the great things about after Valentine’s Day sales?

They often bump up against President’s Day sales.

So, you may find even more ways to save.

Here are some of the best stores for after Valentine’s Day (or any after holiday) sales:

What to stock up on at after Valentine’s Day sales

If you’re going to go shopping for after Valentine’s Day sales, be strategic with your shopping.

Don’t just buy because things are on sale.

Rather, focus on the following items that are likely marked down.

They can be used for other holidays or celebrations later in the year.

Here are America’s most popular Valentine’s Day candies.

Valentine’s Day decorations

Anything red–crepe paper, balloons, paper plates, napkins, etc.–is great to stock up on now.

You can keep these on hand for future birthday parties or other celebrations you might have at your home.

Also, you could even get the red and white for red, white, and blue decorations you might need for Memorial Day or 4th of July parties later this year.

This article focuses on deals after Memorial Day and July 4th.

Red decor

Who says that February is the only time of the year when you can decorate your home with red decor?

I’ve seen plenty of interior design pictures featuring heart-shaped pillows or blankets and throws with hearts on them.

These are especially great to use in girls’ bedrooms, or in a kids’ playroom.

Even home stores that were pushing red linens might have them on sale now.

You may like red anyway.

So why not use this opportunity to replace worn out sheets, blankets or tablecloths with new red ones that you can purchase on the cheap.

Some stores you should be checking out include:

  1. Target
  2. Walmart
  3. CVS
  4. Kroger
  5. Kohl’s

Heart-shaped items

If you’d always wanted to invest in a heart-shaped cake pan or muffin tins, be on the lookout for those items to be marked down in the coming days.

Rather than wait till next February to finally buy them, do it now when they’re dirt cheap.

Also, are you planning a wedding in the near future?

Post-Valentines Day sales are ideal for purchasing items that you could use as favors, centerpiece, decorations or anything else that you might want to use at a wedding or bridal shower.

I mean, besides Valentine’s Day, a wedding is a love-filled day.

I’m confident no one would find it weird that in the middle of June you have heart-shaped candy dishes out, filled with pink and red candies (also purchased on sale after Valentine’s Day).

Clothing with hearts or roses on them

I’ve always loved fun socks.

Therefore, I would have no problem snapping up heart socks to wear all year long, especially if they were cheap and on sale after Valentine’s Day.

Similarly, boxers with hearts on them could be fun for a future Halloween costume.

In addition, socks with hearts on them or boxers with hearts on them would be great stocking stuffers some 10 months from now.

Finally, another symbol of love associated with Valentine’s Day is the rose.

So, I’ve gathered together some clothing items with hearts or roses–or both–that you can get on sale right now.

Red wrapping paper

Valentines Day isn’t quite up there in traditional gift-giving and gift wrapping as Christmas and Chanukah.

However, it is possible that stores will have marketed red wrapping paper as a must-have for gift giving.

Therefore, if you happen to stumble upon solid red wrapping paper that’s marked down on clearance, snap it up.

Red wrapping paper will do nicely for Christmas or, frankly, any other gift-giving occasion for which you need wrapping paper.

So, be sure to peruse the Valentine’s Day clearance aisles or shelves to ensure you’re not missing any wrapping paper that you can use at another time during the year.

Red, white, and pink candy

After Valentine’s Day candy sales are a great time to stock up on red, white and pink candy–or any candy for that matter.

Think about all of the ways you can use these candies:

  • in your office candy dish
  • future batches of cookies or brownies that you might make
  • DIY trail mix for a hike

If you’re having a bridal or baby shower in the near future, the pink and white confections will be great for favors.

And cheap for you since you bought them on sale.

Baking with candy you buy on sale after Valentine’s Day

Do you do a lot of baking?

Do you like to entertain?

Chances are that if you answered yes to each, you would be smart to stock up on candies that can help you with both, especially when they are on sale after Valentine’s Day.

For example, chocolate candies in red coatings–who says they have to be for February only?

Stock up on them and stash them in your freezer.

Then, come Christmas, another holiday featuring red, you’ll have all the red goodies you need for holiday baking.

Plus, you will have purchased them at a discount.

Similarly, you can put those discounted candies out in party dishes in December.

No one is ever going to know that you got them on clearance or at a steep discount at an after Valentine’s Day sale.

Besides Valentine’s Day candy, here are the best things to buy in February.

Cash back on Valentine’s Day

If you happen to be landing on this blog post before Valentine’s Day, I wanted to offer this tip.

You can earn a ton of cash back on Valentine’s Day purchases.

I mean, if you’re going to be shopping anyway, why not earn extra cash on the things you’re buying.

Here are the cash back opportunities for Valentine’s Day this year. I’ll add more as they become available.

Rakuten cash back for Valentine’s Day

Rakuten used to be called Ebates.

I explained “What is Rakuten” in this blog post.

Anyway, for Valentine’s Day this year, Rakuten offered a bunch of offers.

But they tend to offer cash back bonuses throughout the year as well.

If you haven’t signed up for Rakuten yet, what are you waiting for?

That’s free money you could be earning on your gifts.

I mean, I’ve earned $2,626.44 cash back from Rakuten since I first signed up.

Final thoughts on shopping after Valentine’s Day sales

If you’re going to be doing any after-holiday shopping online, always ALWAYS start at Rakuten, the online shopping portal where you can earn cash back at hundreds of stores.

Finally, there are other holidays with great after sales, including St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving clearance deals.

Specific pre-Valentine’s Day sales deals this year

Before I get into the best items to stock up on during after Valentine’s Day sales, here are links to some stores and brands with specific sales that coincide with Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. I’m including this for readers who land on this page before February 14th so they can get great deals.

Here are the best things to buy in February.


Book a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway and save 15% on Booking.com.


You’ll find a few Groupon deals specific to Valentine’s Day. Here’s one worth checking out:

Celebrate Valentines with up to 75% off spa, dining, flowers & more.


Valentine’s Day Special – Buy Three Bottles of Wine & Get 20% Off Your Order with Code: VDAY20 at GoPuff.

Not familiar with GoPuff, the food and essentials delivery service? Read my GoPuff review.

gopouff bag


Cratejoy is a subscription box marketplace.

You can subscribe to all kinds of your favorite boxes through the Cratejoy platform, including for Valentine’s Day gifts.


The Nordstrom Winter Sale coincides with Valentine’s Day or the lead up to it. I just splurged and bought myself two new bras and saved big.

Nordstrom Rack

Save up to 60% on Valentine’s Day gifts at Nordstrom Rack, including the perfect presents for Galentines.

Sandals Resorts

Various Sandals Resorts have a Valentine’s Day sale going on.

You can save up to 65% at some resorts or get an instant $1,000 credit at another.

Sandals is calling another sale the 7-7-7 deal.

That is, for seven days, you can save 7% on 7 rooms. More details here.

Last fall, I took a girls’ trip to the Sandals’ Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos. I loved it there.

beaches boats on the shore turks and caicos
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

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