My Baleaf Clothing Review

Since I’ve been wearing Baleaf clothing for years while enjoying my Peloton bike, I figured it was high time to write a Baleaf clothing review. I practically live in my Baleaf leggings, which have lasted for years.

They are my go to leggings for casual days at home or when cycling on my Peloton bike. I wear them for other workouts, too, including yoga and strength.

Here’s a picture of me doing a standing core class. Those camouflage leggings are from Baleaf.

leah in baleaf leggins doing a peloton class
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Why write this Baleaf clothing review

Of course, this won’t be my first time writing about Baleaf. Baleaf appears in my article about sustainable workout clothes as well as the must have essentials for your Peloton bike. However, Baleaf is so much more than just clothes for working out with a Peloton. Therefore, I’ve broken out this review to include a few of the different kinds of clothing they make.

Finally, people have asked me if Amazon owns Baleaf. No, they don’t. However, Baleaf uses Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) to fulfill its orders. So, if your Baleaf order shows up in an Amazon box, that’s why.

Also, Baleaf has a store on Amazon. It stocks some different items than the Baleaf website, such as bathing suits.

What Baleaf clothing I own

When I first realized I would need padded pants for my Peloton, I bought a pair of padded leggings from Baleaf. My husband, who also had a sore butt, bought men’s padded bike shorts from Baleaf.

Then, I realized I got too hot to ride in leggings. So I moved on to padded bike shorts, too. After that my daughter began riding the Peloton, and she, too, bought padded Baleaf leggings.

Over time I’ve accumulated additional Baleaf clothing: shirts, yoga pants, shorts (not padded) lined leggings and pullovers (great for winter outdoor workouts), shirts and more. Below, I’ve reviewed some of my favorite pieces from Baleaf.

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Also, in this picture taken at the reopening of the Peloton studio, I’m wearing my Baleaf leggings with a Peloton top.

leah and robin after ride peloton nyc

Baleaf shorts

I’d mentioned that my husband wears Baleaf padded shorts when riding our Peloton. However, Baleaf has many other non-cycling shorts to buy.

The Padded Bike Shorts come in seven colors. Also, this style of short is perfect if you wear a plus size short. They come in sizes up to 3XL and are available in 12 colors.

In fact, last year I bought myself a pair of Laureate 3-Pocket Athletic Shorts. They have become my go to uniform for walking my dogs in the summer–usually paired with a Peloton top I got using my referral credits. I own two pairs of these shorts.

Review of Baleaf Laureate 3-Pocket Athletic Shorts

Here’s what I love about these Baleaf shorts. One, they have pockets. In fact, there are two pockets on the front, big enough to hold my iPhone 13. However, these pockets don’t stick out so that you have hippo hips, which can happen with pockets on the front of bottoms. The third pocket is in the waistband.

Two, they are fitted but not too much. So, they aren’t baggy on my legs but also not skin tight like bike shorts. Three, they have a high waist, but not so snug that I feel like I’m wearing a corset. And four, they are the perfect length, with a 7-inch inseam.

Here is a link to these shorts on the Baleaf website.

Baleaf leggings

In my opinion there are three big benefits to owning and wearing Baleaf leggings. One, they are never seethrough. Two, they have generous pockets on the side of your legs that are big enough to fit my iPhone 13.

And three, they don’t stretch out with wearing, become baggy or start to slip off. Also, it helps that all of the leggings I own have a high waist. I find that high-waisted leggings are the least likely to fall down after multiple wearings.

Finally, the fabric blend is soft. Plus, there are no annoying seams. Seamless leggings rock!

Sustainable leggings

In my article about sustainable activewear, I review the Baleaf Women’s Sustainable Seamless leggings made with recycled materials. That is 75% of the nylon used is recycled from fishing nets. Some are made with recycled polyester, too.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe how lightweight and breathable these leggings were, even on a hot day. These are also a great option if you’re looking for plus size leggings. They come up to size 3XL. Unfortunately, they only come in one color–black.

However, Baleaf offers many different styles of leggings in a variety of colors and features. For example, there are those aforementioned padded leggings for women and cycling. Also, there are chamois padded bib tights for men.

Finally, I love my Baleaf leggings in printed fabric. My favorite is the gray camo (which is out of stock), followed by the animal print leggings. Even on Amazon, Baleaf doesn’t seem to stock leggings made with a printed fabric. They are absolutely my favorite to wear when practicing yoga.

Baleaf Women's Sustainable High-Rise Leggings

My absolute favorite leggings for working out, including doing yoga, because they are light and breathable.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fleece-lined leggings

Baleaf was the first company I’d ever encountered that made workout apparel that included fleece-lined leggings. So, along with the fleece pullover above, I got a pair of fleece-lined leggings. They, too, are great to wear in the winter.

When you look on Amazon for those fleece-lined leggings, look for a picture with a fireball on them. That tells you that they have a fleece lining. Also, some of these leggings are water resistant, too. For those, you’ll look for a splash of water along with the fireball.

BALEAF Women's Fleece Lined and Water Resistant Leggings

These fleece-lined leggings from Baleaf are also water resistant. So, great for winter workouts.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
02/18/2024 02:26 pm GMT

Baleaf shirts

I’ll admit that I have fewer Baleaf shirts than I do bottoms. However, the ones I do have are worth mentioning.

One, I have a sleeveless top from the sustainable line. It’s also cool, moisture-wicking and quite breathable, just like the leggings are.

Long-sleeved shirts

Also, I have a few different pullover tops designed for cooler weather. They each feature a notch cuff so you can put your thumb through it for extra warmth. Plus, they have zippered pockets.

My absolute favorite is a quilted, thermal pullover top in a grape purple color. Not only is it warm but it’s flattering. That’s hard to say about anything that’s thermal or quilted.

Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the Baleaf website anymore. I did get it in 2020/2021 so I’m not surprised. However, when I looked in the Baleaf store on Amazon, bingo!

My top is called the BALEAF Women’s Fleece Equestrian Shirt Long Sleeve Horse Riding Running Jacket 1/2 Zip Thermal Winter Gear. I don’t own a horse and I never go riding, but I can tell you this is excellent for walking your dogs in cold weather. It is part of my go-to gear during cold-weather months.

You can get it in multiple colors on Amazon, including the purple that I have.

BALEAF Women’s Horse Riding Half Zip Pullover Fleece Jacket for Cold Weather

This quilted fleece pullover is one of my favorite Baleaf tops to wear when walking my dogs outside in the chilly weather.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
02/18/2024 01:56 pm GMT

Affordable brand

In addition to loving the sustainable nature of my Baleaf clothing, the great fit and how comfortable they are, what I really love is how affordable this sportswear brand is. None of the Baleaf pieces I own cost over $40.

It just goes to show you that you don’t have to spend a premium price to get high-quality activewear.

Answering questions about Baleaf clothing

In addition to the question of whether or not Amazon owns Baleaf (as I mentioned, they don’t), I know that readers have additional questions about Baleaf clothing. So let me answer those now.

Is Baleaf a good brand

I think Baleaf is a good brand for one reason: their clothes hold up. There are some Baleaf leggings I’ve owned for more than three years. I wear them regularly, sweat in them when working out and wash them after wearing them. These leggings still look brand new.

The waistbands have not stretched, the fabric is still thick (never see through) and even the Baleaf “leaf” icon hasn’t flaked off. 

There is only one piece of Baleaf clothing that hasn’t held up as I would have expected. It was a purple crop top. It was one color when I first got it; now it’s two toned. However, Baleaf no longer sells this top, so maybe there was an issue with it after all.

Does Baleaf clothing have pockets

Boy, howdy, does this brand understand a woman’s love for pockets. My leggings have side pockets. Also, there is a waistband pocket for storing small items.

In addition, my pullover has zippered pockets, which is super convenient when doing outdoor activities. I can zip my car key fob in there and not have to worry that I’ll lose it.

Where is Baleaf clothing made

All apparel sold in the United States is required to include its country of origin on the clothing label. This is according to the International Trade Association, part of the Department of Commerce.

So, I checked the labels in my Baleaf clothing. They all say Made in China. Before you discount the brand for where they do manufacturing, keep in mind that high-end athleisure brands like Lululemon also manufacture in China.

Where can you purchase Baleaf clothing

Right now, I’m aware of two places where you can purchase Baleaf clothing. One is on Amazon. The other is the Baleaf website.

If you choose to shop on, see the coupon code below. However, let me add this caveat: some readers have told me that they’ve had difficulty doing returns or exchanges when buying directly from Baleaf.

However, over on Amazon, it’s a different story. There, you’ll be able to work with Amazon’s return policies. I took this screenshot of a Baleaf product on Amazon to show you this information. I’ve add the red arrow.

returns for baleaf clothing

If that’s where you’d prefer to shop, here is a link to the Baleaf store on Amazon.

Baleaf website coupon codes

As I mentioned at the top of this article, Baleaf created a unique coupon code for my readers. It is LEAH15. When you use it, you’ll save 15% off when you shop on the Baleaf website.

However, as I said earlier, Amazon fulfills Baleaf orders. Therefore, you likely will receive your order in an Amazon envelope, even if you placed your order on

Please let me know if this Baleaf clothing review leaves you with any unanswered questions.

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  1. hi leah, i live in switzerland and it is absolutely impossible to get shipping of baleaf items to here, neither from baleaf directly nor amazon, shipping agents charge more than 40$ for even the smallest box. i have 3 pairs of shorts in my basket. what if i send you the link to my basket, you buy for me, i pay you and you send me the items (total 93$) like a birhtday present to switzerland? thanks a lot kind regards ursula

  2. The return policy is ridiculous! Applying, not able to get return address, waiting, then entering a tracking # that could not be submitted
    Too much!