Must Have Best Peloton Bike Accessories: Just Updated

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I’ve updated this article on the best Peloton bike accessories in 2021 to reflect people who may have purchased a Peloton to help them exercise at home. Also, if you’ve ordered a bike and are waiting for your Peloton to arrive, this article will help you get started on the bike accessories to buy now.

Finally, you’ll find a number list of the best, must-have Peloton accessories. Then, further down in this article I’ll offer more editorial on each item and links to them.

Original post about best, must-have Peloton accessories

When I originally wrote this blog post on Peloton must haves, I’d highlighted 13 Peloton bike accessories that have made my Peloton ownership more enjoyable. But after having my bike since 2016, I’m continuing to discover new ways to improve and add to how much I love my bike.

Thus this update, which is now about the 15 16 best Peloton bike accessories. Some of these are Peloton products. Others are products that compatible with Peloton.

All are Peloton must haves in my book! Now, onto the original part of the post.
peloton acessories

Accessories for both the Peloton bike and Peloton Tread

Now that you have a Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread, are you looking for accessories to use with it? We’ve had our Peloton bike since 2016, and it’s been a great investment.

I’m all about getting the most value for your time and money, and the Peloton has been a great investment for getting fit and healthy. I believe we are smart consumers, having invested in a Peloton.

Here is a post dedicated to Tread accessories.

What are the best Peloton bike accessories

So now that you have the bike, you may be wondering what the best accessories for the Peloton bike are or even just the best Peloton bike accessories overall? I’ve put together a list of 16 products, nay 16 Peloton essentials, that can help you get more enjoyment from your Peloton. This includes the best Peloton shoes and the best headphones for Peloton–in my humble opinion, that is.

Peloton bike accessories on Amazon

Many of these are what I’m calling Peloton accessories Amazon. That is, you can buy many of them conveniently on Amazon. In fact, at the bottom this post, you’ll find a link to my shopping page on Amazon. But don’t head over there just yet.

Why? Because many of the products and add-ons that I’m recommending can be purchased elsewhere, such as on Etsy or the manufacturer’s website. Where possible I’ve added coupon codes to save you the most. As you know you usually can’t use coupon codes on Amazon.

List of the best, must-have Peloton accessories that you need

  1. Heart rate monitor 
  2. Moisture-wicking cycling socks
  3. Padded shorts or leggings
  4. Gel bike seat cushion or cover 
  5. Cycling shoes with Delta Look cleats
  6. Reusable water bottle that fits the Peloton holder
  7. Wireless, Bluetooth headphones
  8. Yoga or exercise mat
  9. Foam roller
  10. Shelf to hold your phone
  11. Hand weights or dumbbells
  12. Smart TV if you wan to cast your screen
  13. Headbands to catch sweat
  14. Handlebar towels
  15. For ladies only–good sports bras
  16. Fan to keep you cool

What originally came with our Peloton bike

I can tell you that when our bike first arrived in November 2016, we “upgraded” our purchase to include Peloton bike accessories. This Peloton gear included:

  • three-pound Peloton weights; these Peloton dumbbells attach to the back of the bike, underneath the seat
  • Peloton heart rate monitor
  • one pair of Peloton cycling shoes
  • Peloton mat for under the bike
  • pair of Peloton headphones

Called “the works” it added $249 to our bike purchase.

best peloton exercise room accessories must haves

The works weren’t enough

While it was an OK purchase, it wasn’t enough. That’s because there were two adults using the bike.

My husband and I do not wear the same size shoes so we would need at least one more pair. Plus our college-aged daughters would want to hop on the bike when they were home from school.

Need another heart rate monitor

The idea of four people sharing the Peloton heart rate monitor was just so gross. We definitely needed to get more accessories, nay, essentials, for our Peloton Bike.

And we’re not talking specialized bicycle accessories. We’re talking basics that will make using your spin bike much more comfortable and fun.

That being said, we quickly discovered the Peloton gear that we did not need to buy for our bike. And that would be the Peloton weights and the Peloton bike mat. 

Alternatives to the Peloton bike

Are you looking for an alternative to Peloton bike?

Here is a newer blog post that goes more in depth on Peloton bike alternatives.

Regardless of which bike your ride, nearly all of these accessories are a good investment to enjoy your bike more.

Peloton Before and After

Let’s be honest. You probably got your Peloton because you were looking for some kind of transformation. That could be better health overall or losing weight.

We got our Peloton because my husband needed to do both–improve his health and take off some weight. While I didn’t think I needed to lose weight, I did end up losing some. That was once I got serious about riding my Peloton or using the Peloton app daily. Here’s my review of the Peloton app. 

Losing weight with Peloton

Signing up for the Noom diet plan helped, too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my Peloton cycle before and after. I haven’t lost that much weight between the photos on the left and right–only about 15 pounds–but the transformation, I think, is pretty dramatic.

I’m sharing these photos from my in-studio rides with Christine D’Ercole. Seeing these photos side by side makes me want to continue using my Peloton regularly.

my peloton before and after pictures

13 15 16 Best Peloton Bike Accessories

I’ve put together a list of 13 16 total of the best accessories for the Peloton bike. This is from someone who has been riding since 2016. Therefore, you can trust I know what I’m talking about and will only recommend products I trust.

This list of best Peloton bike accessories including Peloton clothing. That is clothing to wear while riding your Peloton bike or using your Peloton tread–not necessarily clothing from the Peloton brand. But they do have some cute stuff in the Peloton boutiques!

Speaking of Peloton apparel, I just did this Q&A about Peloton workout clothes.

Updates to Peloton

As you know in 2020 Peloton introduced the Bike+–a new, fancier bike with a swivel monitor. The bike will have many other bells and whistles beyond the swiveling screen. It will also have a sound bar, among other upgrades.

How to make the Peloton screen swivel

If you want to be able to get the swivel screen or make the tablet pivot 90 degrees to the left or right, I have a solution. It’s a product called “The Pivot.”

The Pivot is an add-on product adapter that goes on the “arm” where the tablet is mount. Once installed it gives you the screen experience of the Bike Plus without the pricetag.

Aftermarket accessories for Peloton

Aftermarket Product to Swivel Your Screen

The Pivot, from Top Form Design, makes it so that the screen, tablet or touchscreen on your original Peloton bike can pivot or swivel to the side like the Bike Plus' can.

This is a great, affordable option for doing bike bootcamp classes without having to buy a new bike.

NEW: Use code LEAH10 at checkout to save 10%.

“Casting” your Peloton screen to a TV

There is another Peloton hack that you can use now and not have to buy a new bike. It’s called “casting” your Peloton to another screen.

How do you do this? You can use an integrations so you could broadcast your workouts to a nearby TV, such as with an Amazon Fire TV enabled device or another Smart TV. Right now we just use our HDMI cable connected to a laptop.

Amazon Fire TV isn’t the only new Peloton integration. Peloton is also letting users with Chromecast broadcast enjoy these new features. My daughter has a Roku TV and it works seamlessly with the Peloton digital app

Apple Watch sync

Speaking of new features, finally finally the Peloton can sync with your Apple Watch. Forever people have been complaining about how they couldn’t really use their Apple Watch 100% with the Peloton. Now they can.

Helps you enjoy your Peloton more

With my list of the best Peloton accessories at your disposal, once you’ve done your shopping, your brain can focus on getting the best workouts of your life–period. I love my Peloton bike, and I hope you’ll love yours, too.

This list of the best Peloton bike accessories, essentials and must haves can also help you find Peloton gift ideas. So if you have someone in your life who is obsessed with their Peloton like I am, many of the products I’ve suggested would make perfect Peloton gifts.

Waiting on your bike delivery? I just got the Bike Plus. Here’s my experience.

Gifts for Peloton lovers

However, I did just write a new Peloton gift guide chock full of Peloton bike gifts and ideas. This is in addition to a post about Peloton instructor quotes. So if you’re looking for products featuring Alex Toussaint quotes, you’ll want to check out these two blog posts.

Kids and Peloton

Finally, if you have kids looking to use your Peloton, here is a blog post on Peloton kids classes and overall information on Peloton for kids. This includes tips on finding kids Peloton shoes that fit.

Now onto the list of the best accessories for your Peloton bike or Tread!

1. You’ll want to wear a Peloton compatible heart rate monitor

best heart rate monitor for Peloton bike accesoriesWhile the Peloton hr monitor is perfectly adequate, with multiple people riding, no one wanted to share their heart rate monitor. Of course you need a heart rate monitor that is compatible with the Peloton.

Peloton heart rate monitor

Why do you want to wear a heart rate monitor when using the Peloton? Because a bunch of the classes that go live or On Demand on the Peloton IOS app are called Heart Rate Zone Training or something such.

Next, if you want to get serious about training your heart, you’ll need a heart rate monitor. It’s one of those home workout equipment essentials. So when thinking about investing in Peloton equipment, put a heart rate monitor on your list.

Forget the FitBit

Finally, while your FitBit can track your heart rate, it won’t pair with the Peloton bike for heart rate training. However, it will work with your Peloton bike to track distance and calories burned.

Here is an in-depth review of the best heart rate monitor to use with Peloton.

TL;DR? I love my Scosche heart rate monitor. Plus, if you buy directly from the Scosche website and use my code, you can save big. Use code SCOSCHE15 at checkout to save 15%.

Best heart rate monitor accessories for Peloton

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

I love my Scosche Rhythm+ HRM. And I love that I can offer you an exclusive discount at Use code SCOSCHE15 at checkout to save 15%.

However, I've included other brands of HRMs here, too.

2. Best socks for Peloton

You wouldn’t think that you need special socks for riding your Peloton or spin class in general. You would be wrong.

One of the challenges of biking is that on long rides your feet and toes tend to fall asleep. This is due to no fault of your own, except for wearing too thick socks.

Yes, that’s right. The best socks for Peloton are those that are on the thinner side. It just means you need to cinch your shoes a little snugger so they stay on your feet.

Moisture-wicking socks are a must

Another thing that makes socks the best socks for biking? Wicking away moisture.

One of the things I’ve learned while riding my Peloton is that there are parts of me that sweat that I didn’t know could sweat. This would include the backs of my knees and the bottoms of my feet.

Why I recommend Bombas socks

Wicking socks are a must. Some of the best wicking socks are from Bombas.

Here is how Bombas describes its sock technology:

“We believe in the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties of high-quality, natural fibers. Our socks contour to your feet, keep you dry all day.”

Why I love Bombas socks

There are many other reasons to love Bombas socks. Here are two.

First, for every pair of socks you buy, Bombas donates a pair of socks to a person in need. And, second, Bombas socks come with a lifetime guarantee. 

leah with bombas socks

Shop now for Bombas socks and use code BOMBAS20 for 20% off your first purchase.

Bombas Products Guaranteed for Life

Check out my article here on companies and brands that stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee or warranty like Bombas does.

3. Don’t ride without padded shorts or leggings

Unless you’ve been spinning for a long time, using the Peloton bike on a regular basis takes some getting used to. And I mean for your delicate lady parts and manly bits.

Put plainly the Peloton bike seat hurts. Let me tell you–a spin bike seat can be very unforgiving, if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, there are no Peloton padded bike shorts. That is, there is no Peloton branded bike shorts. So you have to look elsewhere to protect your butt from the Peloton bike seat.

Baleaf clothing

That’s why one of the first extras my husband purchased was a pair of padded bike shorts from Baleaf. He loves them and wears them every time he rides the bike.

I have the Baleaf padded leggings. It’s what my 25-year-old daughter wears when she rides. 

Leah is on the Baleaf blog

Hey, check me out. I’m a guest blogger over on the Baleaf website blog. There, I’m talking about why it’s important for Peloton users to invest in workout gear, like those aforementioned padded shorts.

Exclusive Baleaf discount code for you to use

Speaking of Baleaf, I’ve recently partnered with the company to be able to bring you a discount code on your purchase of padded bike shorts. When you shop on and use code LEAH15 at checkout, you’ll get 15% off.

This coupon code will not work on Amazon, where I’d previously linked for you to shop. This is a much better deal.

I also have these Terry padded shorts for women. Anyway, the Terry shorts are amazing.

Terry padded shorts for women

Terry Cycling Shorts

I love the Terry padded shorts so much that I have three pair. They have helped keep my butt from getting sore while riding my Peloton. I've collected a range of Terry shorts for women so that if you like long or you like short, or something in between. That way, you can find something that works for you--and keeps your butt from being sore on the Peloton or any spin bike for that matter. Finally, Terry comes with a lifetime warranty--one of my favorite features.

One of the best Peloton accessories for men

Padded shorts may have been one of the best Peloton bike accessories for him to get. Because once he stopped complaining about how much his butt hurt, he started riding more.

With doctor’s orders to get more exercise and drop some weight, it became much more, ahem, comfortable for him to take a 20-minute class each morning before work.

Here is my new post on Peloton for beginners.

Padded shorts for men

I’ve noticed instructors Matt Wilpers and Denis Morton both wearing different kinds of Peloton bike shorts on their rides. I’m assuming they have the padding built into them. If not, I do not know how they last through a 60-minute Power Zone ride!

Best padded shorts for men

Best Peloton Accessories: Baleaf Padded Shorts for Men

4. A gel seat is one of the best Peloton bike accessories

After reading reviews online for the best gel seat cover for a road bike–since riding on a Peloton is more akin to riding a road bike than a mountain bike–I settled on the Komfy gel bike seat. It really is the most comfortable spin bike seat I’ve ever used. You’ll want it as your Peloton seat cover.

GREAT NEWS: Use the code LEAH10 to save 10% on a Komfy gel bike seat cover.

Another option is the Domain Cycling gel seat cushion. It’s got great reviews. If you use code LEAH when you shop on the Domain Cycling website, you’ll save 10% on your purchase!

Looking for more information on how not to have your Peloton seat hurt? Here is my newest blog post on how to make your Peloton seat more comfortable.

Padded gel seat covers and cushions

Seat Covers and Cushions for Peloton Cycle

5. Best shoes for Peloton bike

Like I said earlier, when we purchased our bike, we also purchased an accessories package. This package included one pair of Peloton bike shoes or Peloton cycling shoes.

We got them in my husband’s size. My husband has hard to fit feet.

Peloton shoe sizing

As far as the Peloton shoe sizing went, they fit him perfectly. That never happens so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Peloton shoe sizes were on par with men’s sizes.

So if you’re looking for a Peloton shoes review, here’s what my husband would say: two thumbs up on the Peloton shoes.

More info on Peloton cycling shoes

For a more in-depth look at the best Peloton shoes, please check out my new blog post focuses solely on Peloton cycling shoes and what size to buy. It also includes information on the Peloton shoe size chart.

It’s the cleats that make the Peloton bike shoe

Another thing to consider: once you get spin shoes, it’s not the footwear itself that makes your shoes compatible with Peloton. It will be the cleats you attach to the bottom of the shoes that make them compatible with your spin bike.

So if you’re asking, “Do you need Peloton shoes?” or “Do you need special shoes for Peloton,” the answer is yes and no. This blog post that reviews the Peloton shoes answers both questions–and more.

For more about how the Peloton pedals work, including a video on clipping out and where you can find pedal cages or toe cages for a Peloton bike, check out this blog post.

6. Treat yourself to reusable water bottle or two

One of the nice features about the Peloton bike is it comes with two water bottle holders. That’s great when you’re taking longer rides where you’re really going to sweat. And when you sweat, you get thirsty.

Here’s what I do not love about the Peloton water bottle holders–they are really narrow. At just three-inches wide they can barely hold my regular-sized, reusable water bottles that I normally use when exercising.

Best bottles or cups for Peloton bottle holder

I’d suggest that you invest in a few stainless steel bottles that have a narrow base as your Peloton water bottle. This will help cut down on plastic bottle waste, ensure that your water bottles stay in the bottle holder throughout your class, and keep you from having to worry about BPA in plastic bottles.

My favorite way to stay hydrated while riding my Peloton is using reusable water cups with a top and a hole for a straw. Then you don’t have to fumble with opening a top to take a drink.

Why I love Tervis Tumblers

I’ve got a few Tervis Tumblers in rotation. We use the insulated, BPA-free drinkware. (Tervis also makes stainless steel cups.) Pro tip: get the 16-ounce Tervis Tumblers as they are the ones that fit into the water bottle holders, not the bigger 24-ounce size; they fall out!

I also bought multi-packs of generic reusable straws that can go in the dishwasher and use them with my Tervis Tumblers.

Tervis Tumblers

Tervis Tumblers Guaranteed for Life

7. Bluetooth headphones might be one of the best Peloton accessories

You definitely want to be riding your Peloton bike with a pair of Bluetooth headphones on. I’ve included below some of the brands I recommend.

For more on the best headphones for Peloton, including answers to common questions, please read this blog post called Peloton Bluetooth headphones.

Best Bluetooth headphones to use with Peloton

AfterShokz Headphones

Urbanears Headphones

Bose Bluetooth Headphones

I loved using these Bose In-Ear Bluetooth headphones...before my daughter stole them from me!


Refurbished Headphones on eBay

You can find an excellent selection of refurbished headphones on eBay.

8. A yoga mat and accessories are a good idea

You may think about Peloton as just a tool for spinning. But you can take Peloton classes without a bike.

Peloton offers stretching classes, weight lifting bootcamps, running instruction via the Peloton Tread and yoga content. Peloton is now live streaming yoga classes. Here is my review of Peloton yoga.

yoga mats best peloton accessories

My yoga essentials

With yoga comes the need for yoga essentials. I’ve had great luck with the Gaiam yoga mats. Sure, they might be a bit pricey but they hold up beautifully. And they come in gorgeous colors. I had to work hard to keep my younger daughter from stealing my purple Gaiam yoga mat and taking it back to college with her.

In addition to a yoga mat, you should also invest in the following:

Gripper socks are great

Why gripper socks? Remember how I talked about how I discovered that the bottoms of my feet sweat? Well, this can be a real problem when you do yoga in bare feet.

When my feet sweat, they slide across my yoga mat. But once I started wearing gripper socks, no more slipping. Bombas makes great gripper socks. So does Gaiam.

Gripper socks to wear when doing Peloton yoga, barre or Pilates

Yoga Gripper Socks

I love Peloton yoga

FYI, the new Peloton yoga is awesome. I’m so glad that I invested in the yoga blocks. I’ve needed them for every class that I’ve taken live or On Demand. The purple Gaiam blocks are working out great for me.

By the way, have you checked out my blog post on Peloton yoga basics?

Peloton yoga clothing

Peloton Yoga Clothing

Baleaf, maker of padded bike shorts, also has a great collection of yoga clothing.

The company recently sent me some clothing to try out in my yoga practice and I love it. I got two great shirts plus two pairs of leggings.

If you're looking to add new, fabulous clothing to your yoga practice, definitely check out the clothing from Baleaf.

Use code LEAH15 at checkout to save 15%.

Manduka yoga mats

Edited to add: I just discovered that Manduka yoga mats come with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re familiar with my article on products and brands that offer a lifetime warranty, you know how important this feature is for becoming a sophisticated consumer.

So here is a link to the Manduka store on Amazon in case you want to check out those yoga mats instead for your Peloton yoga mat. In addition, I’ve written a completely new blog post that reviews Peloton yoga classes, and I’ve got another blog post about the Peloton mat for your bike, Tread and yoga or strength classes.

Mandunka guaranteed for life

Manduka Products Guaranteed for Life

9. Get yourself a foam roller

A foam roller is like a big thick pool noodle, but harder. I love that this Gaiam foam roller has exercises and how to use the foam roller instructions built right into it! You have to check it out.

There are some foam rollers that have bumps and nubs on them to really work deep into your muscles. Regardless of what your foam roller looks like, they’re great for rolling over your muscles to work out the kinks.

Foam rolling and Peloton

Foam Roller to Use in Foam Rolling Classes

10. Try these cork balls to work out knots

Once you start doing the Peloton post-ride stretches, you’ll start hearing a lot about a stretch called the Figure 4. It is designed to target your piriformis muscle in your butt, which gets tight and sore from riding. Even with my aforementioned foam roller and doing Figure 4s until the cows come home, my piriformis and my IT band still need some work.

Peloton instructor Christine loves these

Recently, I saw a Facebook video with Peloton instructor Christine D’Ercole (CDE) using these amazing cork balls from RAWLOGY to work out knots in her shoulders, back and butt. I’ve taken hundreds of classes with CDE so if she recommends a product, you know you’ve got to have it. I ordered my cork balls (can you read that without laughing? I can’t!) on Amazon and Oh. Wow. What. A. Difference.

I’ve recommended these cork balls in my gift guide focusing on gifts for Peloton users. If you’re looking for a gift for a Peloton cyclist or gifts for Peloton lovers, you must check it out.

11. Phone holder for your spin bike

I know that tons of Peloton riders like to keep their phones near them when they are riding their bike. I’ll admit that during a recent two-for-one Power Zone ride, when I had a feeling Matt and Denis would be announcing the new PZ instructors–woo hoo-Christine and Olivia–I kept my phone nearby in case I wanted to take a picture. There are other reasons to keep your phone nearby, such as downloading your graphs to mPaceline so you can see the results of your ride.

Spin bike phone holder

In addition, there are plenty of people who use the Peloton app only on other kinds of spin cycles at home or in a gym. I know this is the option I use if I’m not staying in a Peloton hotel. Instead, I’ll fire up the Peloton app and do a ride the best I can on a spin bike. Given this option, you might want a spin bike phone holder for such occasions.

Peloton phone mount

So many people have landed on this blog post looking for a Peloton phone mount or holder, or a Peloton iPhone holder. Well, I’ve got good news. I found someone on Etsy that makes these. 

They say these phone holders can handle every size of smartphone, both Apple and Android. Note: these are phone holders for indoor spin bikes only. They are not designed to hold a phone when you ride a bike or motorcycle outside.

Phone mount for a Peloton

Must Have Best Peloton Bike Accessories: Phone Mount

12. You might need Amazon Fire TV or Roku

Important update: Peloton just announced that Peloton is streaming on a Roku TV. So if you’ve been holding off upgrading to one, now is a great time to consider buying a Roku TV. You can find great prices on Roku TV options on Amazon. 

I’ve already mentioned a bunch of ways you can do Peloton classes without the bike. First, you can use the Peloton IOS app to stream classes on your phone or iPad. But this solution isn’t always perfect because the screens are so small.

Stream Peloton to a Smart TV

Next, I know plenty of people who are using a Peloton hack to stream the classes via Amazon Fire TV or their Roku device. This way they can watch the broadcast on a flat screen TV that they’ve hung on the wall near their bike.

This Peloton hack is especially helpful when doing the yoga, stretching or bootcamp classes. If you’ve ever needed a reason to invest in Amazon Fire TV or Roku, having the Peloton bike might be it.

If you’re having trouble casting to your Smart TV, maybe you’ll find a solution to your problem in this blog post about Peloton troubleshooting

My favorite Peloton hacks

Another options: you can try the $13 hack that I’ve been using to see my Peloton workouts on my flatscreen TV: when I do On Demand strength, stretching or yoga classes, I boot up the Peloton website on my laptop. Then, using an HDMI cable, I connect the laptop directly into my TV. That’s right–you can get an HDMI cable on Amazon for under $13 and stream all of your workouts!

13. Headbands are a great idea while riding

As I mentioned earlier, you are going to sweat buckets when riding your Peloton. You know you’re getting a great workout.

I’ve found that regardless of how you wear your hair, having a headband on during your ride is a must. You can wear it at your hairline or across your forehead to catch the sweat. Honestly, the Goody brand stretchy headbands, which are super cheap, are the best to use.

Sweaty Bands headbands

Finally, many readers have asked where they could find the sparkly headbands that instructor Christine D’Ercole wears. The brand is called Sweaty Bands.

Sweaty Bands offers a no-slip headband that you can buy on Amazon. You’ll notice that Christine tends to match the headbands to the outfits she wears in class. I particularly like the royal blue sparkling headbands.

FYI, the sparkly headbands are the “Viva Diva” kind from Sweaty Bands. They come in a variety of widths. I’ve highlighted a few below.

Headbands for Peloton users

Headbands for Peloton Users

I've just updated this selection of headbands for Peloton users to include the Sweaty Band sparkling headbands that instructor Christine D'Ercole wears. I know that many of my readers were interested in finding out more about them.

Sweat guard for your bike

Look for a sweat guard for your bike? You’ll want a special towel to put on your bike and underneath it. One company making these products is called Velotowel. 

Velotowel make a towel cover for your Peloton handlebars–including to fit the new Bike+ or Bike Plus handlebars, which are shaped slightly differently than the original bike. 

Velotowel for Peloton

Must Have Best Peloton Accessories: Velotowel

The brains behind the super-absorbent Velotowel have a number of products to protect your bike from sweat. So you can think of them as a sweat guard for your Peloton.

The company recently introduced something called the Velo Mat, which goes underneath your bike to absorb sweat. It is machine washable and a great addition to your Peloton accessories.

A “headband” for your bike?

Spin Towel also makes a towel that fits over your Peloton handlebars to catch your sweat. Think of it as a your spin bike handlebar cover or a towel cover so you can wipe sweaty hands on. Here’s my Spin Towel covering the handlebars on my bike.

I just did a post on the best workout sweat towels. Check it out.

Coupon code for Spin Towel for Peloton

Brand new: the folks behind the Spin Towel have created an EXCLUSIVE savings code for my blog readers. Be sure to use code LEAH10 at checkout to save 10% on our purchase of any Spin Towel product.
spin towel on peloton bike

The people who make the Spin Towel make a bunch of Peloton-specific products. Here are a few of my favorites.

Towels and other best Peloton accessories

Spin Towel and Other Peloton Accessories

Spin Towel is made by a company called Drip Accessory. You can get your Spin Towel in different trim colors. In addition, the company makes Peloton screen protectors for both the Peloton bike and the Peloton Tread. I've included both here.

For your cycle, the Spin Towel really is a great spin bike handlebar cover. Use it every time you ride the bike.

Spin Towels are super popular. If you want one, buy it TODAY. They sell out very fast and quickly go on back order. If it were me, use this link (or any link below) to make your purchase ASAP so you don't miss out on one of the coolest Peloton accessories.

Most importantly, use my exclusive discount code LEAH10 at checkout to save on your purchase.

14. Invest in a good sports bra

Clearly, this advice is for women only. That being said, for the most part spinning is a low-impact exercise. But let me tell you–some of the best Peloton instructors encourage you to jog out of the saddle. If you’re, ahem, well-endowed on top, you’ll need to invest in a good sports bra. We’ve become big fans of the Brooks sports bras.

Why I like Brooks sports bras

Some time ago Brooks bought the Moving Comfort brand, which was our prior go-to sports bra company. Now the Brooks bras are the only ones the women in our family wear while exercising.

I’m particularly fond of the Brooks Moving Comfort Fiona bra because it has Velcro for adjusting the straps. The only downside is this is a traditional bra design with straps, not a racerback.

So if you like to wear racerback shirts when you exercise, the straps are going to show. Then again, the benefit of exercising at home with your Peloton is that you never again have to exercise in public or at the gym with people watching.

You may be interested in reading this blog post dedicated to Peloton workout clothing.

Best sports bras to wear with Peloton

Brooks Sports Bras

15. Start using Cetaphil after you shower

How much are you moisturizing the backs of your thighs and the area under your butt? I’m not asking to be perverted but to point out one of the downsides of spending so much time in the saddle. There is a lot of, um, rubbing going on back there and you might find yourself getting in-grown hairs. Ouch.

Believe it or not one of the best ways to avoid or treat these in-grown hairs is through moisturizing. I spoke with a skincare professional about this, and she recommended using Cetaphil liberally after every shower. Also, exfoliating regularly. I picked up a multi-pack of Cetaphil moisturizing cream, and it’s been a real game changer.

16. Best fan for Peloton bike

You’re going to want a fan for your Peloton. Plain and simple. Because when you’re riding your Peloton bike, you will be sweating. A lot.

Many of the Peloton fans on Reddit swear by the Vornado Pedestal fan. They say it keeps them cool while riding, even during HIIT, Tabata and Power Zone rides.

Speaking of power zones, here is my new blog post on Peloton Power Zone.

Obviously, if your workout room includes a ceiling fan, you’re good to go. But if you find yourself needing a way to cool down even more, this Vornado fan seems to be the best fan for the Peloton bike user.

Important update on the Vornado pedestal fan. Previously, I’d linked to the fan on Amazon. However, I just discovered that you can buy this fan for $100 less at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so I’ve updated links to the fan accordingly.

Fan for your Peloton

Must Have Best Peloton Accessories: Peloton Fan

Hands down the best Peloton fan for people who run or ride hot or sweat a lot is the Vornado fan. I've found the best price on it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

You can shop online and pick it up in store to save on shipping.

Additional Peloton exercise equipment

Since first writing this blog post in 2018, I’ve come to realize that the list of Peloton bike accessories continues to grow the longer you have your bike. You may see someone in a Facebook group with equipment you like or you may be looking to up your exercise game.

For example, in 2020 Peloton introduced a strength program with instructor Andy Speer. This is part of the Amazon bootcamp classes. These are weight lifting classes. And let’s be honest–the weight that come with your Peloton are simply not sufficient.

SpinTray for Peloton

Recently, I discovered something called the SpinTray for Peloton. It’s a custom-cut piece of acrylic that slips over the Peloton handlebars. It’s a got a little “stick” to it (but not like flypaper) so your laptop doesn’t slide off.

This is a great option when you want to use your Peloton for a “Just Ride” while checking email or working on your computer. There are additional spin-tray like Peloton desk options, which I’ve highlighted below.

Make a desk for your Peloton

For more information about creating an exercise desk at home, please check out this blog post

Peloton weights

Looking for detailed information on the best weights for Peloton? Please check out this new blog post on the best Peloton weights. In the meantime here are some shopping recommendations–specifically weights for Peloton that you can find on Amazon.

Peloton weights on Amazon

Peloton Weights Amazon

Whether you're taking bootcamp or other classes on the Peloton bike or the Peloton Tread, you're going to need weights for your Peloton workouts. While some bikes come with a three-pound weight, you're going to want more than that.

I've rounded up various options for Peloton weights up to 15 lb dumbbells. Plus, I've included resistance bands on Amazon, since some of the Peloton strength and bootcamp classes are now using them. 

To make your shopping easy and convenient, this list is exclusively weights for Peloton that you can buy on Amazon.

Peloton mat

If you’re looking for best mat for Peloton, please check out my new blog post on the topic of Peloton mats. It covers the mat for under the bike, the mat that you can get with your Tread as well as the Peloton yoga mat.

This blog post on the Peloton mat includes the Peloton mat size or, if you’re buying your mat elsewhere, what size mat you should get.

Bike mat for Peloton

Best Bike Mat for Peloton

There are a number of places that you can shop for a mat to put under your Peloton bike. I've found many Peloton mat options on Amazon.

However, if you can't find one you like on Amazon, don't forget to look on bike-centric websites like or at sporting goods stores like Dick's Sporting Goods.

Finally, home goods stores online, like Wayfair and Overstock, also sell great options for a bike mat to put under your Peloton.

Peloton Inspired Workout Planner PDF

Peloton-Inspired Workout Planner Schedule Calendar PDF Printable

I designed this Peloton-inspired workout planner calendar because I found that I was great at getting my cardio on my Peloton--through cycling classes or walking on the Peloton app, for example--but I was neglecting the rest of my fitness routine, meaning strength and stretching.

Once I created this planner, which is now available on Etsy, and could fill in which classes I was going to do each week, I got better at actually following through. This is from someone who has had the Peloton since 2016.

How it's organized

To make it easier for me--and for you--to find your class on the Peloton tablet or in the app, I created a space for the class instructor, the kind of class, the date and time, and the class length. That was if you're doing the classes On Demand, you can filter by class length and instructor so it's easier to find them and bookmark them. I've also suggested themes to make it easier for you to find classes you could do for cardio, strength and stretch.

I find that writing down my workout plans as my fitness tracker on this calendar works better for me than putting them in a digital calendar, where I can simply ignore the notification.

Page 1 of this PDF is Monday through Wednesday.

Page 2 is Thursday through Sunday.

This comes in a version that is pink and red and another that is blue. Download once and print forever.

If you want to follow me on the Leaderboard, I'm #Leah_is_Pawsome

Here is my blog post that explains more about this calendar.

A few final thoughts on the best Peloton bike accessories 

I hope these tips on the 13 16 best accessories for Peloton bike have been helpful. Like I’d said earlier, I’ve been riding since 2016.

If I can answer any questions about the Peloton bike app, the best Peloton instructors, how to do Peloton On Demand rides, or anything else, please post a comment here. Again, I’ve created a special shopping list on Amazon of my favorite Peloton bike accessories

Aerow Comfort Grip handlebar extender

As a member of the Peloton Shortie Tribe (those of us 5’4″ and under), I know how frustrating it is that the Peloton handlebars move up and down, not forward and back. There are expensive add-ons out there that can help move the handlebars closer, but for now I’m super pleased with the Aerow Comfort Grip.

It’s an oversized EVA foam grip that snaps onto the existing handlebar. After getting my bike fit and having to move my handlebars lower–and therefore a bit farther away from my seat–this Aerow Comfort Grip was a welcome aftermarket product.

Makes handlebars feel closer

It legit brought the handlebars one inch closer to me. Or rather it felt like a handlebar extender because it was one inch closer to me. Either way, reaching the handlebars was so much easier.

It was also softer, way softer, than the hard Peloton handlebars. After a 60-minute Power Zone ride, my hands and wrists were not sore–that’s a first!

Also, here is my post on Peloton for short riders.

peloton handlebar extender

Why I like the Aerow Comfort Grip

I also like that the foam is molded so that you have built-in hoods, like those mentioned below. The come up about four inches higher than the handlebars so provide lift, too.

Say “hi” to my Pelopup Oscar, who was checking out this new accessory. By the way, you can buy this handlebar extender on Amazon.

peloton handlebar extender

Must Have Best Peloton Accessories: Aerow Comfort Grip

Hize Hoods improve your posture

If you’re not part of the shortie tribe but want to improve your posture on the bike, here’s another option. Check out the these Hize Hood handlebar extenders. They go on your handlebars so that riding the Peloton is a lot like riding an outdoor bike. You know, where you put your  hands on the brakes on your bike that goes somewhere. 

Hize Hood handlebar extender

Here is how the website describes it:

“Cyclists spend upwards of 90% of their time riding on the hoods on their bikes so why not offer the same experience indoors.

The HIZE hoods were designed from the shape of a conventional brake hood cover on road bikes to offer a riding position that is more efficient, familiar, and easier on the wrists, neck, and lower back.”

If you use code LEAH at the website, you’ll save 10% on a set of Hize Hoods.

Hize Hoods Peloton Handlebar Extender

Peloton bike covers

There are two kinds of Peloton bike covers. First, there is a Peloton screen cover. Second, there is a Peloton bike cover–like for the whole bike.

Peloton screen cover

The screen cover isn’t like an Otter Box for your Peloton screen; it’s just something to go over your Peloton tablet when you’re not using it.

However, if you’re set on getting a cover of some sort, I found a great one Peloton cover with the #JFDI hashtag on it. I’ve included it in my Peloton gift guide.

Or, consider the Peloton screen covers from the folks at Drip Accessories

Bike cover for your whole Peloton

Same for the bike cover. Unless you’ve got your bike in your garage or an area of your home that’s especially dirty, honestly, don’t waste your money. But if you are looking for Peloton bike cover, here you go! It reminds me of the cover we use on our outside grill in the off season.

Get your kiddos a bike of their own

I’ve seen plenty of pictures on social media of #pelomoms who have set up their kids with a bike of their own. Mostly, I’ve seen the Fisher Price bike shown here. Lots of people have taken to calling this a Peloton kids bike, even if Peloton has nothing to do with bike for tots.

The idea is to give yourself more time to work out with kiddos at home by having them “ride” along with you on their own bike. I mean, how adorable is this Fisher Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle “spin bike” bike? If my girls were still tykes, I’d definitely get one of these “Peloton kids bikes” for them!

Peloton for Kids: "Workout" Equipment

If your youngster wants to workout right alongside you on your Peloton, here are two cute products that can help them do that.

Did you know Robin Arzon wrote a book?

Robin Arzon doesn’t just run ultramarathons, teach both Peloton bike and Tread classes and work as the VP of fitness for the company. Now, she’s an author, too. I just came across her book
Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger, which sounds very Robin.

Once more, I put together a shopping list over on Amazon that will make getting 99% of these recommended products much easier.

Again, here is a no-fail way to get the sweat smell out of clothes.

Here is how you spell Peloton

The actual definition of peloton is a group of riders. When you think about it, it was brilliant of the company to call itself Peloton. However, some people may not know how to spell Peloton.

Here are the spellings I’ve seen:

  • peleton
  • pelaton
  • peliton
  • pelton
  • pelatron
  • pentalon
  • pendleton

Just so you know it is P-E-L-O-T-O-N.

Now, how about a Peloton Discount Code?

New for 2021: You can use my promo code to save money when buying a new Bike or Tread. That is, when you use my promo code M3JRHF, you’ll save $100 on Peloton accessories. The code is good in the United States, Canada and the UK.

Once you get your Bike or Tread, you’ll get your own promo code, too. Then, like me, you can share it up to 12 times each year for free swag, explained below.

Discount code shared=free Peloton swag

Another thing: if you use my Peloton Bike discount code, I get my own Peloton Boutique discount code, in the form of a $100 credit I can use at the Peloton Boutique for Peloton merchandise. That’s kind of cool, too, for getting free Peloton swag, such as the cool Peloton shirts I’ve seen my favorite Peloton instructors wearing.

Once you are a Peloton owner, you can share your own Peloton promo code with friends and family to help them save on accessories in the same way and you, too, will get your own Peloton Boutique discount code.

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  1. Great article Leah! Some more comments from me now that I’ve followed some of your suggestions, and found a few of my own
    – cycling gloves – I now use an old pair instead of a towel over the bars
    – mini-fan – perched on the handlebars (gorrillapod-style arms wrapping around the bars), pointed up at my face. USB rechargeable

    If anyone wants to save themselves $100 off the accessories – here’s my code:

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  10. Hi there! A great list!
    The fan, I think, is one of the key items to buy (once you have shoes and a water bottle!)
    The one I bought has a remote control, and three speeds. This is particularly good as when I get on the bike, and it’s cool, I don’t need a fan on me at all, or else I’ll get cold. After 10 minutes or so I can turn it on, and if it’s warm outside, get it on a fast speed quickly.
    Keep up the Peloton Tips!
    Dave, UK

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    • I’m a size 7 women’s in pretty much everything (Asics, Brooks…) The peloton shoes size 7 was perfect for me. My husband is a size 10.5- 11 depending on shoe size and he went with the size 11 and they fit perfect as well. Our Peloton bike was literally the best purchase we have made. Our referral code is 3RB9AE

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