Best Peloton Row Accessories

We’ve owned our Peloton Row for about a year now, and I’ve been slowly adding to the accessories that I’m using with this rower. Some of these items I use with my Peloton bike as well — and appear in this article on must-have Peloton bike accessories. On the other hand, I’ve acquired some add-ons that are exclusive to the Row and which I think you’ll like.

Also, this list is separate from the accessories I purchased at the same time as our Peloton Row. At that time, you could get packages for practically nothing that included workout mats, hand weights or dumbbells, Peloton water bottles and more.

accessories on peloton row with my feet strapped in
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Best Peloton rower accessories to own

When recommending rower accessories, I’ve focused on the main parts of the rower where you may be looking for an aftermarket product. This includes:

  • seat
  • handle
  • monitor
  • cup holder

If you own a Peloton bike like I do, you’ll recognize the similarity in these parts. However, save for the monitor, everything is designed differently on the Row. That’s why you need things that are made specifically for it. I can help.

Also, another similarity to the bike (and really the Tread, too) is the fact that you can expect to sweat when rowing. So, some of the products I’ve come to use have to do with sweat specifically. Or rather keeping sweat off me or the equipment or the floor.

Cushioned Peloton Row seat

There’s no denying that the Peloton bike seat is not the most forgiving thing. That’s why people continue to write to me and ask for advice on making the seat more comfortable.

Now the Peloton Row seat is completely different. For one thing it’s twice as wide. Also, you’re seated in a completely different position. So it doesn’t hit pointy butt parts the way a bike saddle does. It’s also pretty squishy.

For the longest time I didn’t think I needed a Peloton row seat pad. Until a friend talked me into getting one. It is the Row Padded Seat Cushion from TruBliFit. Here it is on my rower.

row padded seat cushion on my rower
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

How the padded seat cushion feels on the Row

I just finished taking a 20-minute rowing class and then a 10-minute row bootcamp class (my first ever!). These were the first classes I’ve taken with the seat pad on the rower. Not that my rear end was ever sore after rowing. However, I really did feel very comfortable rowing with it.

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Also, I realized that before I put the cushion down, I was always shifting in my seat, trying to find the right position so I didn’t feel like I was slipping off the rower seat. With the cushion on, I never felt like I was slipping. Also, I didn’t fidget at all in my seat.

The makers of this rower seat cushion have created a coupon code exclusively for my readers. Just plug in promo code LEAHINGRAM when you check out at the TruBliFit online store, and you’ll save 15%.

Sweat towel for Row handle

Like the handlebars on a Peloton bike, the handle on a Peloton Row can get sweaty. And if your sweaty hands are like mine, then you know that the sweatier they get, the more slippery they feel. And the last thing you want to do is lose your grip on the handle.

Or, you don’t want to have to stop rowing to wipe your hands on your pants or shirt. Yes, I’ve done this.

Enter the Gus Grip Row for the rower. I already have the Gus Grip handlebar towel for my Peloton bike. And I was thrilled to learn that Gus Grip was making a version of the handlebar towel for the Peloton Row handle.

gus grip row marketing picture
Photo credit: Gus Grip.

Bonus: it provides some extra padding so if you tend to grip the handle too hard — Row instructors continually remind you to keep a light grip on the handle — this will help cushion your hands. And it absorbs sweat and is machine-washable.

Also, make sure you don’t put the Gus Grip Row on backwards like I did. I was wondering why the towel wasn’t covering the back of the handle. Well, doh, I’d put it on the wrong way. Once I fixed it, everything felt so much better.

Towel for under the Rower

If you sweat a lot, you may want to put a towel down underneath the rower — even if you have a mat there. It will make cleaning up much easier. This terry cloth towel for the Row covers the entire space under the machine.

Row Monitor

In case you didn’t know, the monitor on the Peloton Row is pretty much the same monitor as on your Bike Plus. Regardless, when it comes to accessories for the monitor, I would focus on protecting it and keeping it clean.

For starters, you probably know that you should wipe down your Peloton (bike, Row, Tread) after each use. Sweat is exercise equipment’s worst enemy. Sweat equals salt equals eventual rust.

If fingerprints on your monitor drive you a little nuts (guilty!), then you can wipe down the monitor, too. However, make sure you use electronics-safe wipes. I swear by Wipex wipes for my exercise equipment, and I use only Wipex Touchscreen Wipes on my Peloton monitors. Also, they work on my iPhone and MacBook screens.

Cover for your Peloton monitor

If you keep your Peloton in a space where it can get knocked around, then you’ll definitely want a monitor cover for it. But here’s how you can get the most bang for your buck: this Neoprene Monitor Cover from TruBliFit fits all of the following:

  • Peloton Row monitor
  • Bike Plus monitor
  • Tread monitor. (Note: that’s the smaller Tread, not the bigger Tread+ screen.)

If you’re looking for a screen cover for an original Peloton bike, TruBliFit makes an OG Peloton monitor cover, too.

In our house, I have the Peloton Row side-by-side with our Bike Plus. And I was thrilled that I could use the screen cover on either.

peloton row monitor cover on my rower
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Once again, you’ll notice that I didn’t put something on correctly. That was on purpose as I just wanted to grab the photo above before my 20-minute HIIT row class and then so I could include it in this article, which I wrote after working out.

However, I should point out that this screen cover has a Velcro closure and a zipper so it protects your (very expensive) Peloton monitor 360 degrees. I’ve seen other monitor covers that do not go all the way around. Also, they’re not made of a sturdy Neoprene material (that’s what wetsuits are made from) and lined with a soft terry cloth.

Like with other TruBliFit products, you can use code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

Cup holder fan

Even though I run hot when I exercise and sweat plenty, I do not like working out with a fan blowing on me. I know, I’m weird. However, my husband does. So, we needed something for the rower.

For those of you that do like a breeze blowing on your to keep you cool, I know that the Vornado pedestal fan is a fan favorite. However, if you’re looking for something a bit smaller yet still effective, I recommend this combo product from TruBliFit. It is a phone tray and fan that fits perfectly in the Peloton Row cup holder.

Here it is on my Row. Clearly, it is not fully installed. However, I wanted to show you where it goes on the machine.

accessories on peloton row with my feet strapped in cropped vertical
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Roundup of the best accessories for your Peloton Row

Here is a chart to help you identify exactly which of the products I’ve mentioned already that you should invest in to get the most enjoyment out of your Peloton Row.

  • Use coupon code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

  • Use coupon code LEAH10 at checkout to save 10%.

  • This is the only product I'll use to clean my Peloton screen.

  • Made of a sturdy Neoprene fabric, this screen cover from TruBliFit protects a Peloton monitor on all sides. Use code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save !5%.

  • Used code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

  • Use code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

Use coupon code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

Use coupon code LEAH10 at checkout to save 10%.

This is the only product I'll use to clean my Peloton screen.

Made of a sturdy Neoprene fabric, this screen cover from TruBliFit protects a Peloton monitor on all sides. Use code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save !5%.

Used code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

Use code LEAHINGRAM at checkout to save 15%.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Currently, I’m finishing up the Perfect Your Pace Targets program for the Peloton Row. Once I’m done, I will be writing a review of that experience.

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