Best Wide Calf Boots for Women

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I decided to write about the best wide calf boots for women because I know what it’s like to find a fantastic pair of boots. Then, when you go to zip them up over your socks or skinny jeans, well, they just won’t close.

You probably never thought about if you have wide or big calves. I know I never did until I tried to buy riding boots.

I found a cute pair that would look great with jeans and a blazer. But, wouldn’t you know it, I could barely zip them past my ankles. And I don’t have cankles!

So, I did some digging on what constitutes “regular” calf sizes, what are considered to be wide calves and then extra wide calves. After that I started tracking down companies that make the best boots for women with wide calves.

Before I get into the list, though, let me share measurements. This can help you figure out if you have wide calves or extra wide calves.

Shopping for the best wide calf boots for women

One of the reasons I prefer buying my shoes at places like Zappos and Nordstrom is the free shipping to and from my home. I’ll usually buy shoes I’ve never tried on before in two sizes, just to be on the safe side.

I would use the same approach when trying out wide calf boots for women. When you find a brand that offers wide calf or extra wide calf boots, you may want to order both. 

Also, read the reviews. Because there are brands that don’t advertise having wide calf boots but they’ll fit wider calves like mine, on the border of being technically wide. 

On the other hand there are boots I’ve tried that advertised as being for wide calves. And, frankly, they were just too wide.

I’ve done my research on the best wide calf boots for women. So I’ve broken them down going forward based on style or color or brand–whichever I think is the most helpful for you as you shop.

Knee high wide calf boots

Keep in mind that knee high boots are not the same as over the knee boots. So this section focuses on riding books and the like that come up to just under your knee, really. 

One of the ways I’ve found that knee high boots can accommodate a wider calf is this: when there is a stretch panel built into the shaft.

For example, I bought these LifeStride riding boots years ago. They are not marketed as being for wide calves, but they do have the stretch panel.

Also, when I bought these boots from Zappos, they were selling them in the double wide foot width that I needed. I’m sad that they no longer are. However, if you have a single-wide foot, you’re in luck.

Here is some inspo for fall outfits with knee high boots.

These are some other black knee high wide calf boots to consider.

Black or brown knee high wide calf boots

Black knee high wide calf boots

Women’s rubber boots for wide calves

A few years ago, Tretorn, the brand of tennis sneaker that inspired a few dog names, had a rubber rain boot for wide calves. I know because I owned a pair, which I bought in Amazon.

Those boots were amazing for everything from walking my dogs in the rain to gardening in the mud. What worked for my calves was the fact that there was a zipper on the calf of the boot.

Unfortunately, none of the remaining Tretorn rain rubber boots work as their calf openings are too small. However, I did track down a few, non-Tretorn options on Amazon.

Rubber boots for wide calves on Amazon

Wide calf suede boots

While I’ve been able to find wide calf suede boots, what I haven’t been able to find are those same boots in a wide width. In my experience women with big calves often have big feet or wide feet.

Nonetheless, if you’re the kind of woman with wide calves but regular width feet, you’ll want to check out these wide calf suede boots on Zappos.

Wide calf suede boots for women on Zappos

Do Ugg boots fit wide calves

As you likely know, Ugg boots come in a variety of heights. The taller the boot, the more likely you may be to run into an issue with big calves.

Here’s why I can tell you from my own personal experience: the mid-height Ugg boots definitely fit wider calves but with a caveat.

As I mentioned my calves measure 15.5 inches around. So, they’re definitely on the smaller side of what’s considered to be big calves.

However, I own two pairs of Ugg boots. One is a dark green, and the other is a dark gray.

While I call them mid-height, technically they are the Ugg Short boot. Not the ankle height, which Ugg calls a Mini. But the boots that I have come up just over the bottom of your calf. The shaft is eight inches high.

Finally, there are the Ugg tall boots. According to, the boot itself has a 12-inch shaft and 16-inch circumference. I’m assuming that’s the exterior circumference. So if you have calves on the cusp of wide like I do, I’d bet they’ll fit.

I’m really pleased that the Nordstrom includes information about Ugg boot circumference. Zappos also includes information on the circumference of some Ugg boots, too.

How to measure your calves

In order to figure out if you have wide calves–and therefore should be buying boots made to fit big calves–you need to measure them first. The best way to do this is with a tailor’s measuring tape. Or, you can use a piece of string and then lay it down on a regular measuring tape.

Make sure you measure around the widest part of the calf. Bring the string or tape all the way around.

What constitutes wide calves on women

One, “regular” calves measure up to 15 inches around. That’s the circumference.

Two, wide calves, depending on your shoe size, can be from 15.5 inches around to 17 inches.

Three, extra wide calves are up to 18 inches around or beyond.

Also, people with smaller feet may discover that their calves are considered to be wide, even though they don’t measure the same.

For example, a size 7.5 foot may have a wide calf that measures 16 inches or an extra wide calf that measures 17 inches, even though the metric above says extra wide calves start at 18 inches.

With my calves, they are 15.5 inches around, so just on the border of wide calves. I wear a size 9 boot in a double wide, which you know if you’ve read my article on the best wide width shoes for women.

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