Uggs Kids Sizes Compared

I wrote this article about how to compare Uggs kids sizes with adult sizes for a simple reason: I wanted to provide information and resource to help you with your shopping. Therefore, while educating you on how you might save money on Uggs by buying children’s sizes — if you have small feet — I’m also including links to shopping sites. That way, if you like what you read and want to shop, you can do that with just one link or tap.

Also, if you click or tap any of those links, I may earn a commission from the retailer. There is no cost to you for using my links. But I need to be upfront about all of that.

Anyway, at first, I wrote a generic article on how to convert youth sizes to women’s sizes. However, as that article became more popular, I realized that readers wanted information on specific brands like Uggs. That’s when I learned about Uggs sizes and how they can differ.

Also, side note: if you buy a pair of Uggs boots, note that they may feel too tight at first. Overtime, the fleece inside will conform to the shape of your feet for a perfect fit.

I know this firsthand as someone with a wide foot. At first I didn’t think Uggs would fit my wide foot because of that snug fit. I have both Ugg boots and Ugg slippers. Anyway, after a few wearings, they fit perfectly and have become my favorite winter footwear.

Ugg kids to women’s shoe size conversion

stack of uggs shoe boxes vertical
Did you know you can buy Ugg boots at Costco? I took this photo when Costco opened in Maine. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Like Adidas, makes you do a little extra work to figure out what youth sizes in Ugg would be in a women’s size. Or vice versa.

On this Ugg website, you can use a slider or different tabs to compare youth, women’s and men’s shoe sizes. However, these Ugg shoe size charts include size measurements.

Kids shoe sizes

Women’s shoe sizes

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Uggs kids sizes conversion chart

Here we see that if your foot is about 9.25 inches long, then you wear a 6 1/2 in women’s Uggs and a 5 in youth size for Uggs.

Or, in other words, when converting Uggs kids sizes to women’s, a size 5 youth is 6.5 in women’s. In other words, you add 1.5 or +1.5.

Given this information, I was able to create this chart — an at-home size guide, if you will — to help you find a youth size converted to a woman’s size in Uggs.

Youth or Big Kids SizeWomen’s Shoe Size
Uggs Kids Sizes Converted to Women’s Shoe Sizes

Drawing your child’s foot

A basic way to figure out how Uggs kids sizes compare to Ugg womens sizes, especially if the measurements do not match up perfectly with those above, is to draw your child’s foot. Then you can measure it and compare those measurements to the Ugg size chart so you can get the correct shoe size.

Start with a piece of paper on the floor or another flat surface. Have your child stand on it in stocking feet. Grab a pencil and start tracing your child’s foot. You want to make sure you go all the way around the back of the heel as well as capture the tip of the longest toe.

Be sure you do this separately for both the left and the right feet. Now, draw a straight line, using a ruler, from the longest part of the heel just past the tip of that longest toe. Next, get out a measuring tape to see how many inches or centimeters your child’s foot is.

If you discover that your child’s feet are two different lengths, guess what? They’re human. Many people have feet of different sizes. To ensure that the Uggs fit your kids’ feet, buy the size that corresponds best with the larger foot size.

If your child’s foot size, left to right, is more than one size bigger, you may want to buy these Uggs in single shoes. Did you know you could even do that? Nordstrom offers something called the Single & Split-Shoe Service.

Saving money with kids sizes

So, for example, as you can see below, if you wanted to buy a classic Ugg boot, you could buy it as a Kids Classic Ugg Boot II for $130 or a Women’s Classic Short Ugg Boot II for $170.

ugg boots on leah
Me in my classic Ugg boots. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Finally, on this Ugg size chart page, you can use sliders or different tabs to compare youth, women’s and men’s shoe sizes. Also, this would work if you’re interested in buying Ugg slippers.

Uggs kid sizes

When it comes to Uggs kid shoes, you can buy them in three categories:

  • Big Kids (6 to 10 years old)
  • Toddler (2 to 5 years old)
  • Baby (Newborns to 2 years old)

So, if you were looking for baby Ugg slippers or boots for a kid 12-18 months old, you would probably want to buy either a baby size or a toddler size.

However, if you’re looking to shop for kids Uggs as a way to save money, because you’re a person with a small foot, well, guess what? There are some Big Kids Uggs sizes that overlap with Toddler Ugg sizes. I kid you not.

Sidebar: have you seen what a baby bootie from Uggs looks like? So adorable!

I hope this information has helped you figure out if you can get away with buying children’s sizes in Uggs to save money on them.

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  1. This was helpful. The size conversion is still a bit off since Uggs do not sell half sizes. Their website suggests to go down half a size. Example if you wear 6.5 in women’s, then size down to a size 6 in women’s. However, based on this article and the size conversion, a Kids size 5 would be the same as 6.5 in women’s. With that said, the Kids size 5 is still a bit snug. Maybe I should have sized up to a Kids size 6, which based on this conversion would be equivalent to a women’s size 7.5, which is one whole size bigger than what I wear.