Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Review

Can you get workout clothes delivered monthly, just as you can use an online stylist service to dress you professionally?

Yes you can.In fact, I’ve learned that subscription boxes can help you for all sorts of occasions.

Did you know that there are shoe subscription boxes?

There are also sock subscription boxes, loungewear or lingerie subscription boxes, and underwear subscription boxes.

These are all ways you can enjoy a personal stylist online.

Why cover workout clothing boxes

To be fair some of the best online stylist services I’ve reviewed in the past offer what you might call a workout clothes subscription box option.

They’re happy to send you workout clothing on a monthly basis.Knowing that I would be writing this post on the best workout clothes subscription boxes, I asked for an activewear subscription box of fitness apparel.

I also signed up for a yoga subscription box.

At the same time I had each of my daughters try out workout clothes subscription services like the Fabletics subscription box.

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Looking for info on Peloton workout clothes? Read my Q&A here.

List of online workout clothing options

Here, I’ve reviewed these online workout clothes options for women. They are:

  1. Dia&Co Active Box
  2. Fabletics Subscription Box
  3. Stitch Fix Workout Clothing
  4. Wantable Active Edit

So this is Stitch Fix vs Fabletics vs Wantable vs Dia&Co for activewear.

One last note: there are a lot of ways people might describe a workout clothes subscription. This might include the following phrases:

  • athletic clothes subscription box
  • workout clothes delivered monthly
  • activewear subscription box
  • fitness clothes subscription box
  • workout clothes monthly box or subscription box
  • gym clothes subscription box
  • fitness apparel subscription box
  • monthly workout clothes
  • fitness clothes monthly box
  • athleisure subscription box

Why list all of the different ways that people refer to workout clothes subscription services?

So that if you landed here using one of those search terms, you’ll know you’re in the right place to read a review about the best workout clothing subscription services!

Dia&Co Active Box Review

If you’ve read my popular blog post on online stylist services for women, then you know that my daughter Jane is a big fan of Dia&Co.

She’s been getting style boxes from them for years now.When she heard I was writing this post on workout clothes subscription boxes, she wanted in.

Before I could say “sports bra,” she’d submitted a request for a Dia&Co active box.

About a week later, it arrived.

best plus size workout clothing

What’s in a Dia&Co workout clothes subscription box

Like with the other times that Jane has received a clothes box from Dia&Co, her active or workout clothes subscription box included five pieces.

The five pieces in a subscription box is pretty standard with many online stylist services or companies that offer a personal stylist online.

I know that Dia&Co also carries Venus Williams activewear clothing, EleVen, though Jane did not receive any.

Here’s what was in her box:

  • ActiveZone Mock Neck Jacket in Black
  • ActiveZone Sorrel tee shirt with cutout details in a light blue/turquoise
  • Lola Getts Walker capri tights (aka leggings) in black/olive
  • Livi Mead underwire sports bra in royal blue and black
  • Beyond Yoga Maiden high-waisted tights (aka leggings) in red

How the workout clothes fit

Jane tried everything on as soon as the box arrived.

Because she received two sets of leggings, one tee and a jacket, she was able to mix and match a bit.

It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she loved everything–and was keeping everything.

There is a benefit to keeping everything in her Dia&Co active box.

Now, she is set for workout clothing.

Also, because she kept all five pieces, she got 25 percent off.

In fact, everyone gets a discount when you keep all five pieces.

Everyone also pays a $20 styling fee that is deducted from whatever clothing you keep.

You get five days to try on your clothing and decide what you’re keeping.

If you have anything to send back, Dia&Co picks up the tab for shipping.

It provides a prepaid envelope in your subscription box to make that even easier on you.

You can also exchange items for a different size.

The workout clothes subscription box worked out great

Jane has loved the workout clothes she received in her Dia&Co active subscription box.

In fact, she loves them so much, she’s been wearing them everyday, too.

That’s no surprise, given the popularity of athleisure clothing and leggings everyday.

Here’s another plus for Dia&Co. It doesn’t have to be a monthly box.In fact, you can get clothes more often.

When you sign up for Dia&Co, you can choose how often you want to receive your clothing subscription.

Here is a no-fail way to get the sweat smell out of clothes.

Fabletics Subscription Box Review

My younger daughter Annie lives in her workout clothing.

For her getting a workout clothes subscription makes sense because, frankly, it cuts down on the laundry she has to do.

Plus as someone who is wearing and washing and wearing her workout gear regularly, it’s good to have new pieces coming in regularly.

As a Kate Hudson fan she loved supporting her with her business Fabletics.

In case you didn’t know, Fabletics is a monthly box of fitness clothes or an athletic clothes subscription box.

Now that she’s a committed Fabletics user, she simply loves the workout clothes that they send her.

Signing up for the Fabletics subscription box

Annie definitely wanted to take advantage of the 2 leggings for $29 promo that she has seen Fabletics promoting everywhere.

You have to sign up as a VIP member to get this deal.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be a VIP or feel like you are one?

To get started with Fabletics, you have to take a fun quiz.

It is Fabletics’ way of capturing your style profile like other online styling companies do.

But this one has pictures and is colorful, and Annie loved that.

Questions Fabletics asks of you

First, Fabletics wanted to know Annie’s favorite way of getting fit.

Her options were:

  • Yoga
  • Run
  • Gym
  • Cycle
  • I Mix It Up

Annie chose “I Mix It Up” because she has a yoga practice, she runs, she goes to the gym, and she does spinning classes.

Next, Fabletics asked her favorite places to work out. Her choices were:

  • Yoga Studio
  • Outdoors
  • Gym
  • Home
  • Depends on the Day

Annie chose “gym” because that’s where you’re likely to find her on any given day.

Plus, her gym is where she takes yoga classes so that made the most sense.

Color choices 

After that Fabletics asked her about which colors best match her style.

It showed four color and pattern swatch trios she could choose from.

She would describe them as:

  • Black and white
  • Pinks and red
  • Fun patterns
  • Blues and grays
  • They’re all fab

Annie’s favorite color since she could say purple has been purple.

Sadly, there wasn’t a purple option.

Also, she doesn’t like lighter color leggings because they can be see through.

So, she ended up opting for the blues and grays.

Body type

Next, Fabletics ask about her body type.

The body type descriptions were:

  • Petite
  • Lean
  • Curvy
  • Athletic
  • I’m one of a kind

As a varsity athlete and fitness junkie, her answer was easy–athletic.

Finally, Fabletics asked for her specific clothing sizes in the following items:

  • Bottom
  • Top
  • Sports Bra

FYI, Fabletics offers leggings and other clothing in its subscription box in sizes XXS to 3X.

There was also a drop down menu to choose her sports bra support preference (low, medium or high).

Then she just had to add in a few more personal details like her zip code, provide her email, create a password and she was signed up.

What you get with a Fabletics subscription box

Annie has to provide her credit card to sign up as a Fabletics VIP.

Then, for $49.95 per month, she would get a complete workout outfit sent to her.

She does have the option to skip a month.

This is allowed as long as she notifies Fabletics in advance.

Fabletics clothing comes with a 30-day guarantee.

So far, though, she has loved everything she has received.

She’s been really impressed with the quality of the leggings.Despite her concern about light colors being see through, that has not been an issue at all.

The Fabletics leggings material is thick yet not restrictive.

She says they wash up wonderfully–on the gentle cycle in the washing machine.

Then she hangs them up to dry.

Even after regular use and washing, the leggings haven’t pilled.

Annie would recommend anyone who loves athleisure to sign up for the VIP membership with Fabletics.Finally, Fabletics’ exclusive carries Yitty by Lizzo plus size leggings and more.

yitty fabletics lizzo best plus size leggings activewear pin

Stretch Scrubs from Fabletics

If you have to wear a scrubs uniform to work and have always wanted them to stretch and feel as good as your workout clothes, you’re in luck.

Fabletics now has stretch scrubs made with MotionTech. That’s a performance-grade fabric that’s meant to move with you.

Fabletics stretch scrubs come in a variety of sizes, from XXS to 4XL.

Plus, you can choose from these categories:

  • Scrub tops
  • Scrub pants
  • Underscrubs
  • Scrub jackets

Again, all are stretch scrubs. Plus, they have plenty of pockets.

What colors does Fabletics stock in stretch scrubs?

  • Wine
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Heather grey
  • Light blue

And, when you sign up for Fabletics as a VIP, you’ll get your first stretch scrub set for just $29.

Here is my review of the most popular subscription boxes by state.

Stitch Fix Workout Clothes Review

I’m calling this a Stitch Fix workout clothes review.

You can get your Stitch Fix shipment as often or as infrequently as you like.

Stitch Fix can send you clothes monthly, quarterly or annually.

As a long-time Stitch Fix customer, I never knew that Stitch Fix offered a workout clothing option.

How I requested my Stitch Fix workout clothes

So, I shared this desire with my Stitch Fix personal stylist online by logging into my Stitch Fix account and leaving her a note.

You can also leave a note by using the Stitch Fix app.

Usually, you get an email or notification before your next Fix is about to be styled and sent.

This would be a great time to ask for a workout clothing box.

If this is your first time using Stitch Fix, you’ll need to sign up and go through the fun Stitch Fix style profile. It will ask you questions about your likes and dislikes, etc. The profile quiz takes maybe five minutes.

As soon as you sign up for Stitch Fix, I recommend scheduling your first fix.

It sometimes takes a little long for that first Fix to arrive.

I’d hate to see you waiting around for your awesome clothing.

Stitch Fix workout clothes brands

In the past my Stitch Fix boxes have included Stitch Fix-exclusive brands.

Not so with Stitch Fix workout clothes.

Here is an alphabetical list of a few of the workout-related or activewear brands that Stitch Fix offers these days:

  • Adidas
  • Alternative Apparel
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Nike
  • The North Face
stitch fix workout clothes subscription box

My Stitch Fix workout clothing box

I was so excited when my Stitch Fix workout clothing box arrived.

Since getting our Peloton bike, I’ve been going through workout clothing like crazy.

Meaning I always need a clean sports bra, pair of leggings and top for my daily exercise session. I

‘d rather be working out daily than doing laundry daily, if you know what I mean.

Four of the five items in my workout clothing box were from Nike.

They were:

  1. Dry tank in a reddish pink
  2. Zip-up, long sleeve pullover
  3. Nike Swoosh sports bra
  4. Sport leggings

The fifth item was an MPG Sport zip-up performance jacket.

What I thought of the Stitch Fix workout clothing

All of the pieces were great looking and terrific quality. However, it seems like everything from Nike runs small or slimmer than I like my workout clothes to fit.

So even though Stitch Fix sent me my preferred size (large), nothing fit.

With the fifth item, I didn’t really need a performance jacket since I do most of my exercising indoors.

When I checked out on the Stitch Fix app, I was able to provide feedback on why I was returning everything.

Also, I had the option to exchange the items for a different size.

Sadly, only the dry tank was available in an extra large.

So that’s what I asked for.

My $20 styling fee was applied to the cost of the tank.

I sent all five items back in the prepaid envelope that comes with every Fix.

About a week later I received the tank in a larger size.

Stitch Fix shipped it to me for free.

Thumbs up to Stitch Fix workout clothes

I have since worn that top at least once a week while riding my Peloton.

This includes when I did my milestone ride 900 at the Pittsburgh Peloton store.

See the picture below.

peloton heart rate monitor

I really like the fabric.

It wicks away sweat but doesn’t get soaking wet so it feels gross at the end of the workout.

In fact, it’s become my go-to top for spinning.

I would definitely ask my stylist for a Stitch Fix workout clothes box again in the future.

Also, now you have the option to buy one-off pieces that you like without requesting a Fix.

It’s called Stitch Fix Freestyle.

Here is my Stitch Fix Freestyle review.

It’s important to mention that Stitch Fix Men can send guys workout clothes just like they did for me.

This kind of gym clothes box is definitely not limited to being for women’s fitness only.

Wantable Active Edit Review

I’ve written other Wantable reviews, including a review of my Wantable Style Edit and how it compared with online styling services like Stitch Fix.

During that review I noticed that Wantable offered something called an Active Edit.

I figured it would be a great addition to my post on the best fitness apparel subscription box options.

So I signed up for a Wantable Active Edit so I could add it to my growing list of Wantable reviews.

I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve tried and worn a lot of leggings.

The three pairs of leggings I got in my Wantable Active Edit might just be the nicest and best workout leggings I’ve ever owned.

All three were keepers.

How the Wantable Active Edit works

Getting Wantable workout clothes is just like asking for a Wantable Style Edit.

You take a quiz on your clothing likes and dislikes, color preferences, sizes and more.

FYI, Wantable plus size is a legit option.

Here is my review of the best plus size online styling companies, including Wantable.

Except with the Wantable Active Edit, you are answering based on the kind of workouts you do and how you might be using the Wantable clothing for exercise.

Since I spin and do yoga, but don’t run–unless chased, lol–this was how I answered my Active Edit questions.

wantable fitness edit

How much does Wantable cost

Like the Style Edit, you will be paying a $20 styling fee.

That’s on par with all of the other workout subscription boxes I’ve reviewed here.

Also, like those other services, the $20 will be applied to any purchases that you make from your Active Edit.

That’s the only upfront Wantable cost.

As far as how much the Wantable clothing cost, it depends.

You can let Wantable know how much or how little you want to spend for tops, leggings, sports bras and the like.

I usually keep my price range right in the middle of things.

The Wantable clothing price range is pretty generous–a span of about $50.

How to order a Wantable Active Edit

Just like with the Style Edit, the final step, if you will, in ordering a Wantable Active Edit is heading over to the Wantable Stream.

This is where you can see actual pieces of clothing you can request be added to your Active Edit.

With regards to the Wantable brands, I saw brands I knew and liked, including Onzie and Free People.

Actually, I hadn’t realized that Free People made fitness gear so I added them to my request.

wantable fitness edit

About a week later my Active Edit box arrived.

Wantable sends you seven pieces in your workout clothing subscription box.

It actually sends you the same amount for any box you order.

You then have five days to try everything on and then send it back.

Shipping is free both ways.

Opening my Active Edit box felt a lot like digging through a really delicious bag of trick or treat candy.

With each piece I pulled out, I loved the clothing even more.

It was like getting a KitKat bar with each handful.

If you love KitKat bras like I do, I think you’ll get the analogy.

Review of clothing in my Wantable Active Edit

Just as I’d requested, those Free People workout leggings were in my box.

The tag actually said Free People Movement.

There were two other pairs of leggings from brands I’d never tried before.

The other Wantable brands were Interval and Colosseum.

I’ve got to be honest with you.

As far as Wantable prices go with the Active Edit, the leggings were on par with other styling companies I’ve used.

The Free People brand was the most expensive at $78.

The others were between $50 and $75.

Nice tops but no keepers

My Active edit also included four tops.

One was a long-sleeve pullover that was nice but not something I really needed.

The three other tops were tank tops for working out.

Only one of them was a possible keeper.

The possible keeper was an active muscle tank from Spiritual Gangster.

It was well cut and flattering, and the fabric was light and airy.

The arm holes were wide enough not to restrict my ability to stretch or move.

At the same time the arm holes weren’t so big as to show most of my sports bra.

This was my issue with the other two tops in the Active Edit–one from Interval and the other from Glyder.

They had gigantic arm holes.

In all fairness this style of oversized arm holes is not exclusive to Wantable clothing.

I’ve ordered workout clothing from Peloton that are the same way.

Sent all four tops back

In the end I sent all four tops back.

While the Spiritual Gangster top was lovely on, I just couldn’t justify spending $58 for a workout tank.

I’m excited to get my next Active Edit next month as part of my Wantable subscription.

This time around I think I’ll ask for some sports bras.

If you’re interested in reading reviews of Wantable Style Edit services, please check out my Wantable review here.

Wantable has added men’s fitness edits to the mix.

This aforementioned review includes how my husband used the service to get gear.

Overall Thoughts on Workout Clothing Subscription Boxes

Everyone in our family was really happy with the workout clothing they received in their subscription box or through the monthly service they signed up for.

We are all experienced shoppers with online styling services.

Also, we enjoyed having a new way to think about how you can use an online stylist service.

One of the greatest things we all discovered in getting monthly workout clothes was how convenient it was.

I mean, it guaranteed that we always had clean clothes for hitting the gym (or the Peloton, in my case).

I’m sure there are other workout clothing subscription boxes we could try out in the future.

If I discover others, I’ll write a new review or update this one.

On the other hand, if you know of a service you’ve wanted to try out, post a comment here.

I’d be happy to be your workout clothes subscription guinea pig.