Converse Shoe Size Chart

I decided to write this article about the Converse shoe size chart after I discovered that Chuck Taylors are sized differently than other shoes in the brand. I discovered this when my daughters were begging me to get them “Chucks” to wear to school. All of their friends were wearing them and well, keeping up with the Jones’ and all.

Normally, I wouldn’t encourage this behavior but we’re talking Converse shoes, not a Corvette car. Also, many of my readers wanted to know how to convert shoe sizes for another reason. That is, parents like me who had children with big feet wondered what size in women’s shoes they might wear.

Or, there are women with small feet who like to save money by buying children’s shoes. All good reasons to want to know how to convert Converse shoe sizes. Here’s what I discovered.

Converting Converse sizes

With most shoe brands, when you convert from youth to women, you’re adding or subtracting two sizes.

However, that’s not the case with Converse — and especially the Chuck Taylor high top sneakers.

Chuck Taylor sizes

In fact, before you can convert Converse shoe sizes for youth to women or women to youth, there’s one thing you have to understand: Chuck Taylor shoes run large.

Therefore, because of this Converse sizing anomaly, they recommend that you size down a half size to account for this.

So, for example, let’s say you wear a women’s size 8. Then, based on Converse sizing, you would need a size 7.5 in Chucks.

Converse brand youth to women’s sizes

On the other hand, when it comes to converting youth size shoes in Converse to women’s sizes, there’s an even bigger difference.

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So, for example, a nine-inch long foot in youth sizes for Converse is a size 3.5 youth in Chucks. On the other hand, you would be a size 4 youth in other Converse shoes.

Compare that with a woman’s size for a nine-inch long foot. Then, you’ve got a size 6 in women’s for Chucks. Also, it’s a size 6.5 in women’s for all other Converse shoes.

Therefore, the conversion formula for Converse youth to women’s sizes is actually plus 2.5 (+2.5). And the conversion formula for Youth Chucks to Women’s Chucks is also plus 2.5 (+2.5).

OK, instead of all this math mumbo jumbo, here is a Converse shoes size chart I’ve created.

Converse shoe size chart

Youth or Big Kid Chucks SizeYouth Converse SizesChucks Women’s SizeConverse Women’s Sizes
Convert Converse Youth to Women’s Shoe Sizes

Here are tips to clean Converse sneakers and other shoes.

Final thoughts

My team created a custom-built shoe size calculator that you can use to convert youth to women or men sizes for most brands. You can access that tool in this shoe size article.

Finally, if you’re interested, you can shop for Chuck Taylor high top sneakers here.

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