Under Armour Youth Shoe Sizes

Readers first asked me about the Under Armour youth shoe sizes when I wrote my article about converting youth shoe sizes to women’s. That’s specifically for footwear.

It was then that I discovered that Under Armour does not follow traditional rules, if you will, of translating a kids shoe size into a woman’s shoe size or vice versa.

Converting Under Armour youth shoe sizes

Despite not following those rules, Under Armour makes it fairly easy to convert youth shoe sizes to women’s shoe sizes.

That’s if you know which formula to use.

On the brand’s website, you can choose Under Armour size charts based on many criteria.

Not only based on the buyer — men, women, boys, girls — but also what you’re buying.

Nonetheless, we’re focusing on shoes here.

Shoe measurements

A Brannock Device is a device to measure foot sizes

So, when choosing footwear, you’ll get measurements so you can convert across the various sizes.

Therefore, by visiting the sit and fit guide page on the Under Armour website, I learned that a foot measuring 9 1/2 inches was the following in Under Armour sizes:

  • Women’s size 8
  • Boy’s size 6.5
  • Girl’s size 6.5
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Unfortunately, men’s shoes do not come that small so I cannot compare them. The smallest foot measurement in men’s shoes is the oddly specific 9 11/16 inches.

Formula for converting shoe size

Most shoe brands use a plus two/minus two formula for conversions.

Or +2/-2 when going from a youth to women’s size or women’s size to a youth.

However, given the numbers above, you can use the plus 1.5 (+1.5) formula for converting Under Armour sizes from youth to women’s sizes.

Under Armour youth shoe size chart

Given the most common sizes of women’s sizes and youth shoe sizes, I’ve created this Under Armour-specific chart.

It will help you figure out what size shoes you might need for your child.

Or for a woman who has a really small foot and wants to buy children’s shoes that Under Armour makes.

Youth or Big Kid SizeWomen’s Shoe Size
Convert Under Armour Youth to Women’s Shoe Sizes

Under Armour size chart

If you’re looking for size charts on everything that Under Armour sells, this link to Under Armour size charts should help.

Finally, Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell is an Under Armour ambassador, if you’d like to check out some of the clothing she wears.

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