Custom Pet Gifts from Etsy

I love the idea of giving custom pet gifts. Heck, I love giving pet gifts overall.

In fact, when writing about housewarming and hostess gifts, I’ll often suggest bringing gifts for the dogs and cats of the house rather than a boring old bottle of wine.

Before Etsy I might have just gotten some toys and treats from the supermarket. However, these days you can find all kinds of custom gifts for fur babies on the site.

And when I say “custom” they can be made custom made with a name on them or custom created based on the size of the pet.

Custom Pet Gifts from Etsy

This holiday season you can check out the Editor’s Picks page on Etsy for all the best Gifts for Pets. However, I’ve gone through it for you and have picked out some of my favorite presents for pets. 

Because I am a dog lover, I’ve highlighted custom gifts for dogs only. Since I’m not a cat owner, I don’t feel qualified to make gift suggestions for felines.

I’ve started a dog blog called Your Home Dog. I hope you’ll check it out.

Etsy Custom Dog Gifts

This round up of gift ideas is for dog lovers, dog owners and, in some instances, the dogs themselves. I think you’ll love these personalized gift ideas.

Custom Gifts for Dogs Owners

When it comes to gifts for dog owners, you’re likely looking at something that memorializes a pet–past or present.

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Or, you’re giving them a gift that allows them to enjoy spending time with their dog. 

I’ve always said that as a crazy dog lady, if you gave me any gift that would let me have fun with my pups, that would be the perfect, personalized gift for me.

So here I’ve outlined those personalized gifts that are literally pet portraits or photo gifts.

After that, I’ve suggested ideas for the owner to help them enjoy spending time with their dog.

Pet Portraits

When it comes to custom pet portraits, Etsy has a range of options. This includes:

  • Photos
  • Digital prints
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Canvas prints

Some of these pet portraits are the traditional kind you frame. Others are pet portraits depicted in 3D on a piece of jewelry.

They really do run the gamut. 

For instance, I saw a custom pet portrait photo that reminded me of those awkward family photos that were viral a few years ago. One is a human with his dog, both wearing matching vests. Um, OK.

But for a dog lover with a great sense of humor, this funny custom gift could be a home run.

One of my favorite places to buy personalized gifts is Etsy, whether it be for dog lovers or Peloton aficianados.

From time to time, Etsy offers coupon codes for savings. So, when that happens, I’ll post information right here.

Custom pet portraits and photo gifts

Custom pet gifts for owners

I spied on Etsy some really fun custom gifts for dog owners that aren’t portraits like the gift ideas above. For example, one Etsy artisan sells matching hoodies for dogs and humans. How cute is that?

Other personalized gifts include socks with your dog’s face on them or pajama pants featuring your dog’s portrait. Looking for matching holiday pajamas for the whole family? Yeah, Etsy can do that, too.

Here’s more about cute matching holiday PJs.

Here are some of those custom clothing pet gifts for owners. Some of these are super adorable photo gifts.

Finally, you can consider creating custom animal calendars.

Custom clothing gifts for owners

Custom dog mom and dog dad gifts

Etsy is chock full of custom dog mom and dog dad gifts. Here are few to consider.

What to keep in mind when buying custom dog gifts

If the gift you end up getting is truly personalized, you really need to shop sooner rather than later. 

Because the Etsy shops will likely be getting lots of orders and they need sufficient turnaround time to make and deliver those gifts.

So whenever you’re reading this article, I would click through the shopping links I’ve provided, and make your gift buying decisions today. 

I’d hate to see you hesitate and miss out on getting a gift that you can give on time for the dog lover in your life.

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